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I picked four of my favorites all of which are available on both iOS and Android operating systems and both Czech and English language. So what type of photos should you choose? A harrowing journey across Europe by taxi, train, plane, and bus, is fuelled by human kindness and help from Facebook groups. A number of options exist for ordering English-language titles from local booksellers serving Prague and the Czech Republic. Roma are still discriminated against in the Czech Republic, especially in housing and education, according to a new AI report on human rights in Europe. The 10th LGBT Prague Pride festival will take place between August , though the form of the festival is not yet defined due to anti-coronavirus measures. Whether by take-out, drive-thru, or hand delivery, a district-by-district guide to where to get beer in Prague and support local microbreweries.

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Volumes have been written on the subject, so we will limit ourselves to a brief explanation. First, Mark is the shortest of the three gospels, and in ancient literature modifications tend to produce longer accounts rather than abbreviated accounts.

Second, Mark's sayings are the most "difficult", while in the parallel passages in Matthew and Luke, they read more easily. For example, all three synoptic gospels describe Jesus being rejected in his own home town of Nazareth, but Mark includes the difficult phrase, "He could do no miracle there Matthew softens the statement, making it "And He did not do many miracles there because of their unbelief" Mattand Luke leaves it out completely.

It is more likely that Luke took the simpler Greek from Mark and refined it than that Mark took the advanced Greek of Luke and made it less so. We should now turn our attention to when the book of Mark, as we have it today, was written.

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