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He later tells her that he is interested in her. At first, Rachel does not want to be with him, since she still sees herself as in a relationship with Finn. She later decides to go on a date with Brody anyway, but they are interrupted by Finn. While Rachel is in the process of letting go of Finn, Brody sleeps with Rachel's arch-nemesis Cassandra , making Rachel very angry. They make up, however, and start spending more time together.

Mash-Up They shake hands after Puck hands Mr. Bad Reputation They are paired together for the song One and Puck holds Rachel very close, which they both seem to like, and Puck also watches Rachel dance, while he smiles. Laryngitis Puck was visibly the angriest member of the Glee Club when Rachel got egged by her ex-boyfriend Jesse and Vocal Adrenaline, gathering up the boys to go beat Jesse because of this.

Duets Finn officially referred to them as "Puckleberry" in this episode, confirming their relationship name. Special Education Rachel talks about wanting Finn back. The Sue Sylvester Shuffle Rachel, at first, looks shocked that Puck was singing to Lauren, but really got into the song he was singing; clapping and dancing along. Comeback Puck calls Rachel, "My hot little Jewish-American princess," and helps to make her party more fun by giving her some advice. Blame It on the Alcohol Puck never put his hand up to go against Rachel's idea of doing original songs and was the first one to get up to hug her when she won the MVP award and presented her heartfelt speech.

Original Song Puck tells Rachel that she shouldn't get a nose job because it makes her seem less hot, and because her nose is a symbol of their Jewish heritage. I Kissed a Girl Rachel hugs him from behind in We Are Youngand he smiles when she sings " My friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the empire state".

Heart When Rachel is walking down the hallway, Puck winks at her. Prom-asaurus Rachel is one of Puck's friends waiting for his Geography test result.

And when the teacher comes out with the paper, Rachel tries to take the test paper to see the result first. New Directions Puck sends Rachel flowers for her opening night. Homecoming Puck stays another week for the first week's assignment, to which Rachel thanks them. Adam-Kurt Relationship.

April-Will Relationship. Artie-Becky Relationship. Artie-Betty Relationship. Artie-Blaine Relationship.

Matthew Morrison starred as Will Schuester, the leader of McKinley's glee club.

Artie-Brittany Relationship. Artie-Finn Relationship. Artie-Kitty Relationship. Artie-Mercedes Relationship. Artie-Mike Relationship. Artie-Puck Relationship. Artie-Quinn Relationship. Artie-Sam Relationship. Artie-Sugar Relationship. Artie-Tina Relationship. Becky-Artie Relationship. Becky-Puck Relationship. Becky-Sue Relationship. Beth-Puck Relationship. Beth-Quinn Relationship. Betty-Artie Relationship. Blaine-Artie Relationship. Blaine-Brittany Relationship. Blaine-Burt Relationship.

Blaine-Cooper Relationship. Blaine-Finn Relationship. Blaine-Kurt Relationship. Blaine-Marley Relationship. Blaine-Rachel Relationship. Blaine-Sam Relationship. Blaine-Santana Relationship. Blaine-Sebastian Relationship. Blaine-Tina Relationship. Bree-Jake Relationship. Bree-Kitty Relationship. Brittany-Artie Relationship. Brittany-Blaine Relationship. Brittany-Finn Relationship.

Brittany-Kitty Relationship. Brittany-Kurt Relationship. Brittany-Marley Relationship. Brittany-Mike Relationship. Brittany-Quinn Relationship. Brittany-Rachel Relationship. Brittany-Rory Relationship.

Brittany-Sam Relationship. Brittany-Santana-Quinn Relationship. Brittany-Tina Relationship. Brody-Cassandra Relationship. Brody-Finn Relationship. Brody-Rachel Relationship.

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Burt-Blaine Relationship. Burt-Carole Relationship. Burt-Kurt Relationship. Carl-Emma Relationship. Carole-Burt Relationship. Cassandra-Brody Relationship. Cassandra-Rachel Relationship.

Chandler-Kurt Relationship. Cooper-Blaine Relationship. Cooter-Shannon Relationship. Cooter-Sue Relationship. Dani-Santana Relationship. Dave-Kurt Relationship. Dave-Santana Relationship. Elliott-Kurt Relationship. Emma-Carl Relationship. Emma-Finn Relationship. Emma-Ken Relationship. Emma-Will Relationship. Figgins-Sue Relationship. Finn-Brittany Relationship. Finn-Artie Relationship.

Glee - Rachel visits Will at Carmel high 6x01

Finn-Blaine Relationship. Finn-Brody Relationship. Finn-Emma Relationship. Finn-Kurt Relationship. Finn-Puck Relationship.

Finn-Quinn Relationship. Finn-Rachel Relationship. Finn-Rory Relationship. Finn-Sam Relationship. Finn-Santana Relationship. Finn-Sue Relationship. Finn-Will Relationship. Holly-Will Relationship. Jacob-Rachel Relationship. Jake-Bree Relationship. Jake-Kitty Relationship. Jake-Marley Relationship.

Jake-Puck Relationship. Jake-Ryder Relationship. Jesse-Rachel Relationship. Joe-Quinn Relationship. Ken-Emma Relationship. Kitty-Artie Relationship. Kitty-Bree Relationship. Kitty-Brittany Relationship. Kitty-Jake Relationship. Kitty-Marley Relationship. Kitty-Puck Relationship. Kitty-Ryder Relationship. Kitty-Tina Relationship.

Kurt-Adam Relationship. Kurt-Blaine Relationship. Kurt-Brittany Relationship. Kurt-Burt Relationship. Kurt-Chandler Relationship. Kurt-David Relationship. Kurt-Elliott Relationship. Kurt-Finn Relationship. Kurt-Mercedes Relationship. Kurt-Puck Relationship. Kurt-Rachel Relationship.

Kurt-Rachel-Santana Relationship. Kurt-Sam Relationship. Kurt-Santana Relationship. Kurt-Sebastian Relationship. Kurt-Sue Relationship. Kurt-Tina Relationship. Lauren-Puck Relationship. Marley-Blaine Relationship. Marley-Brittany Relationship.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: The cast of 'Glee'

Marley-Jake Relationship. Mercedes mentions Rachel when she lists the girls who Sam has been romantically involved with. When Sam and Mercedes say that they are a couple again, Rachel seems to be disappointed. While talking to Mercedes about relationships Rachel says there was a time when she thought she might like him, but feels it was just because she was missing home and he was close to Finn.

However, with many of Rachel's other friends, Sam sings and dances along. The dream ends with Rachel laying on the stage with everyone, including Sam booing her. When Rachel freaks out about "internet trolls" before the opening night of Funny GirlSam attempts to cheer her up with a song on his guitar. However, Rachel is not amused, and cuts the strings of his guitar with scissors. Sam attends the opening night of Rachel's show, which ends up being a success.

Sam, Rachel and many of their friends go to a gay bar to celebrate, and dance the night away. In the morning, Rachel and Sam and the rest of the gang go to a newsstand to see if the reviews have come out for Rachel's show.

Since Rachel is too nervous to read it herself, Sam and the group take turns to read passages of the review out loud, which turns out to be positive. Opening Night. They both, along with Mercedes and Artie come to the shelter. Old Dog, New Tricks. When Rachel returns to McKinley, she learns that Sam now works there as the assistant football coach. Sam isn't treated with much respect by the members of the football team, and Rachel asks him if he is going to tolerate that.

Sam explains that he's just the assistant-coach and he can't just yell at them like Coach Beiste does. They then start discussing the arts, since Sue banned all those programs from the school.

Rachel finds this ridiculous, as she thinks the arts are just as important. Sam agrees with her and suggests she takes it up with Suewhich later in the episode she does.

Everyone Has A Boyfriend From "Glee" - Here's Yours. Tell your boyfriend to stay away from them; who is your favorite Glee girl character? Rachel Berry. Fox. Rachel begins dating Jesse, which upsets New Directions, who want her out of the club if she doesn't break up with him because they think he is dating her to spy on their club for Regionals. She goes to Carmel High School, and asks Jesse if he is doing this for competition, and he denies it. "Glee" premiered on Fox in May and helped launch the careers of the show's young stars, like Lea Michele (who portrayed Rachel Berry). The show lasted for six seasons before ending in Since then, the cast members have gone on to Author: Olivia Singh.

Rachel states how bad it is, Blaine optimistic, but Sam interrupts him saying "it sucks. Loser Like Me. Near the beginning of the episode, Will invited Rachel, Sam, Blaine and Kurt to have dinner with him in his apartment to talk about rules that they have to set on one another which they all happily agree. Sam and Rachel sit next to each other. Later on, in the choir room, Rachel hears a voice, echoing from somewhere. She meets up with Sam, asking him if he hears the voice too.

He misunderstood her and starts talking about the voice he hears in his head. After failing to find the voice, she walks away from Sam, where he thinks Rachel is going a bit insane. Near the end of the episode, Sam starts to whistle, where they all start to perform Homeas they all head to the field: Sam, Kurt and Rachel riding to the field on a golf cart.

In the boys locker room, Sue walks up to Sam, and starts questioning him and then starts to hypnotize him, to which Sam stars at the clock, as it moves side to side. Once he has kissed her, he will not remember anything. She snaps her fingers, and Sam awakens. He says hi to her, believing she just arrived. Sue, astonished by this, walks away, smiling, as Sam continues his routine. Later on Sam and Rachel went to Breadsticks together that night, Rachel and Sam are sitting opposite, eating.

They debate how their lifestyles that they know life, from how they lived in New York, Rachel saying NY was fast-paced. She asks Sam what he does, where he says he blows up glass. Rachel is surprised, yet curious. Sam moves away from the subject, saying they need to be pro-active. He asks her what she always wanted to do.

She says she wanted to always play the piano. Rachel, touched, says thanks. She states how its been a long time since being alone with a guy, saying its not a date but its good to be with someone she felt safe with. Sam agrees how is not a date, and hasn't been with anyone since he and Mercedes broke-up.

They have an awkward silence, to which Rachel looks slightly saddened. In the auditorium, Blaine plays on the piano, as Sam and Rachel look astounded. Rachel thanks him for taking time to help them. Blaine, dumbfounded, starts the lesson, as Rachel and Sam sit. Blaine observes how its very unlike her, taking her smile of her face. He starts to teach them the notes, as Sue comes down from above, from a construction lifter. Sue states how she fell asleep when Blaine talked. She stops, as Becky presses a button.

Rachel states how she has no business there. Sue says how she thought the exact same thing, when Rachel came back.

Blaine decides to reschedule, but Rachel protests. Later in the choir room, Rachel plays on the piano, as Sam comes in. She tells her thank you for being so supportive with her through this and tell her she had it all along.

They then sing Thousand Miles. At the end of the performance, they kiss. The following day, in the hallway, Sam talks to his football students and Rachel walks up to him. She straightway says she needs to ask him something about their kiss.

Sue later on hypnotize Sam again making him steal Will's mail making him saying Rachel told him to do it. The Hurt Locker, Part One. In the auditorium, Sam asks Rachel where Kurt is. Sam dances along to it but Rachel looks annoyed and worried of their performance.

He stares the locker watch once again, being hypnotized again. In the choir room, Rachel sees Sam walk in, with the setlist.

He states how, as her future husband, she needs him to do that, and tries to kiss her. She snaps her fingers, which wakes Sam up. He apologizes to her.

He goes through them, looking confused. He walks out. The Hurt Locker, Part Two. Sam catches up to Rachelin the hallway, with an impression. He tells her its a conversation starter, when she asks if he always does that. He questions her if their date is still, to which they both reply to each other hastily, and decide to move it to that afternoon.

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When she passes Sam, he also begins to sing with her, walking the opposite away. In the courtyard that afternoonin different places, they walk to each other, passing couples dancing, as walk to each other.

They reach other and then look at each other uncomfortably. At the end of the song, they walk away, cancelling their date. The next day, Sam and Rachel both walk up to each other, both apologizing about blowing their date off. Sam states how he does a little feeling for her, but still likes Mercedes. Rachel states that she also likes him, but tells him she has to look after her kids. Sam, remembering, states he has to go, to teach his health class, rushing away, saying he loves her.

She says it too, without thinking. In the staff room, Mercedes talks to Rachel about what's going on with her and Sam. Rachel, surprised that she knows, asks who told her. Mercedes informs her that Kurt did.

Mercedes states that she does love Sam, but their just friends, reminding her of the conversation they had saying she needs to get back into the game but Rachel replies saying she will think about it.

Later on Mercedes tells Sam that she is seeing a guy name Tank and he needs to move on and go out with Rachel telling him she needs him to heal her heart. She thanks him ands calls him very sweet. In the end of the episode, their was a celebration in Will 's house, Sam and Rachel seems to be cozy up with each other flirting and talking about stuff. What the World Needs Now. At the beginning of this episode Rachel finds out her childhood home is being sold.

Later at the school she tells Samhe tries to comfort her but it didn't work. Artie brings out a wheel and Sam whispers, 'not me because I told you I wanna do my duet with Rachel, I can't take any chances'. During Mercedes and Roderick 's performance Sam and Rachel were seen talking about something then seen walking upstairs.

Rachel says how all her best memories are on that wall. She states how she dreamt, as a child, of having photos with all her favorite stars, but says how that meeting them her friendsfilled up the wall with reality. Sam states how they need to get a bigger wall, as an impression. She laugh and touch his hair and then they started kissing, they stopped and went back kissing again ferociously.

They miss Kurt and Blaine 's performance and then they sing Time After Time and Kitty takes a picture of them that goes in Rachel's scrapbooks where her wall of photos go in. Rachel and Sam hold hands when they were trying to put his picture in her scrapbook. During the end of the performance they hug one another while everyone applauded. Later Sam and Rachel go on a double date with Kurt and Walter.

While MercedesRachelSantana and Brittany were trying to plan the seating arangements for Brittany and Santana wedding, Mercedes comments on why Rachel is not next to Sam. A Wedding. In the staff room, Sheldon eats with a big appetite, as RachelSam and Will are engrossed by this. Then Sue later comes in complaining about Myron Muskovitz and tells them that she needs all of them to be the new back up dancers for Myron. Some where hesitant about it especially Sheldon since he said hes not a good dancer but she demands all of them to do it, them Sam was the first to say that he is in.

Later on in the dance room, Will choreographs Rachel, Sam, Sheldon and Sue, he tells Sheldon that hes is doing a good job but tells Sam he is doing it the wrong way. He responds by saying he is doing it the wrong way then Rachel tells Will that she will help him.

Later everyone starting singing Break Free on stage, Rachel and Sam shared a glance at each other when they were singing their parts together. Child Star. In the staff room; BlaineSamMercedes and Rachel sit, discussing about how Carmen Tibideaux told her to get out of the office. She runs outside. Sam tells them that they should support her. Rachel comes back in, and tells them that the audition she did for the show Mercedes recommended for her, was the caller. She states that she got the part, and want her to start in a few weeks.

Mercedes goes to hug her. The next day in the choir room, Rachel goes through outfits that has still to be decided for the competition, asking Sam for help when he walks in, making him wear a Warbler jacket. Rachel states that its just a jacket, and they should be sympathetic to the Warblers, after their school burnt down. Rachel states that Mercedes was right, about being desperate and pathetic to go back. Her phone rings, and she goes to answer, as Sam states that its not pathetic.

She listens to the person on the phone. She states that everyone but him is happy for her. She walks out, saying that going back is not a mistake. Will and Sam walk in. Once seeing Sue, Sam goes out, saying its serious. The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester. Sam meets with Rachel in the auditorium. He gives her a list of performers who finished their college degrees before they started their careers.

He wants to convince Rachel not to give up on her education. However, she has a list of people who dropped out or never went to college, but made it big anyway. Sam was later seen in the audience at Sectionals and then in the choir room, where The New Directions are celebrating their victory. We Built This Glee Club. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video?

Contents [ show ]. Rumours Rachel, Sam, and Mercedes all go to prom together their "prom on a budget". Prom Queen They sit next to each other in a Glee Club meeting, as well as at Jean's funeral when they're singing.

Hold on to Sixteen Sam smiles at Rachel while she sings River in the auditorium. New New York Mercedes mentions Rachel when she lists the girls who Sam has been romantically involved with. Bash While talking to Mercedes about relationships Rachel says there was a time when she thought she might like him, but feels it was just because she was missing home and he was close to Finn.

Opening Night They both, along with Mercedes and Artie come to the shelter. Loser Like Me Near the beginning of the episode, Will invited Rachel, Sam, Blaine and Kurt to have dinner with him in his apartment to talk about rules that they have to set on one another which they all happily agree. Homecoming In the boys locker room, Sue walks up to Sam, and starts questioning him and then starts to hypnotize him, to which Sam stars at the clock, as it moves side to side.

What the World Needs Now At the beginning of this episode Rachel finds out her childhood home is being sold. Transitioning While MercedesRachelSantana and Brittany were trying to plan the seating arangements for Brittany and Santana wedding, Mercedes comments on why Rachel is not next to Sam. New York. Time After Time Transitioning. Adam-Kurt Relationship.

April-Will Relationship. Artie-Becky Relationship. Artie-Betty Relationship. Kurt and Rachel pinkie swear to each other and then do the "gay high five.

Rachel voices her concern about the musical and Will brings in Emma and Coach Beiste who will direct the play in Will's place along with a student director: Artie. She then proceeds to practice for her audition before her mother and suggests she audition with the most challenging song for Maria, Somewhere.

Rachel practices the number alongside Shelby as the scene changes to Rachel's audition. Later, Rachel and Finn discuss the future of their lives as Rachel assists Finn with changing a tire.

They share a kiss. Rachel goes up against Mercedes for the lead role of Maria in the school production of West Side Story. This begins when Emma, Coach Beiste, and Artie get her and Mercedes in for a call back audition because they couldn't decide between the two.

Before her second audition, Finn gives Rachel a small pep talk. Emma tosses a coin to decide who auditions first. Rachel wins and decides for Mercedes go first. Afterwards, Finn tells her that she did amazing, however Rachel responds that Mercedes was better than her. Kurt confronts her on this topic and the two are left in a rather tough situation. Later, Rachel and Mercedes are called back into Emma's office in order to find out which one of them landed the lead in the musical; the final decision was for the two to share the part, but after Mercedes complains about having to share the spotlight with Rachel and quits, Rachel is given the lead role of Maria by default.

Shortly after, Finn meets Rachel at the lockers and she tells him how she got role, but only because Mercedes quit, and Finn urges her to drop running for Senior Class president against his brother. He also tells her that he's not sure who he'll vote for yet. Schuester leading. Rachel is very upset that Sue cut the funding for her musical.

She is seen later sitting with Finn during new member Rory Flanagan 's auditioncalling him "magical.

Jan 09,   Glee Rachel tells Quinn not to tell anyone about Puck and Shelby 3x08 - Duration: Glee Scenes , views.

Finn invites Rachel over to his house, thinking about having sex, as he believes they are ready. She agrees, and after they have dinner, they begin to kiss in front of the fire. When she says she wants to have sex with Finn, he asks her why, and she tells him that she needs to prepare for her role as the sexually awakened Maria in West Side Story. Finn is hurt by this and walks out.

Rachel later calls an emergency meeting with the Glee girls to get advice about whether she should wait to sleep with Finn or not, in which she learns that there is absolutely nothing wrong with having sex with someone you truly love and if you would have no regrets. After their first performance of West Side Story, Rachel goes over to Finn's house, to find that he is deeply upset about Cooter Menkinsthe OSU football recruiter because he did not like him.

Rachel comforts Finn, telling him that they can find new dreams together. She apologizes for what she did earlier, saying that she wanted to have sex with him for all the wrong reasons. However, she realized that she was ready to lose her virginity because she is in love with him, and they finally make love to each other.

This finally makes their relationship sexual, and shows they love each other. Rachel is continuing her campaigning for Senior Class President, which is still upsetting Kurt, to the point where he refuses to talk to her. Knowing that her NYADA application is due very soon, she asks Shelby to sign a letter of recommendation that she already wrote for herself, to which she agrees.

Shelby tells Rachel that she is proud of her, and that she definitely has a good chance of getting into the school, because of all of her credits and impressive resume. Rachel then asks Shelby to write her own version of the letter of recommendation for her as well. After thinking about what Shelby said to her about having credits on her resume, Rachel decides to withdraw from the Class President elections. She apologizes to Kurt, telling him that she should have withdrawn as soon as she got the lead in the musical, and he forgives her, saying it was awfully difficult being mad at her.

She pledges her vote to Kurt and promises that she will do whatever it takes so that he is elected. I Kissed a Girl. Kurt tells her that he sort of wished he could cheat and stuff the ballot box so that he could win, but he admits that it would go against his morals to do so.

Putting her worries aside for a bit, Rachel defends Santana in the hallway along with all of the other girls, when someone is bullying her after the commercial that outed her ran. At the student elections, Rachel supports Kurt the best she can and tells him that he can still win. However, when Kurt wins the election by more votes than possible, Rachel confesses to Finn that she is responsible. He tells her that she has to step forward and come clean or otherwise Kurt will be suspended. She realizes that it is only the right thing for her to do, so she tells the truth about stuffing the ballot box in Kurt's favor, and in turn she receives a suspension on her permanent record and she is banned from competing at Sectionals.

Rachel comes to collect her books from her locker when she runs into Quinn. She tells Rachel about her plan to get Shelby fired, and Rachel replies that even though what Puck and Shelby are doing is wrong, he is of age and what she will be doing if she gets her fired and they take Beth away which will be detrimental to the little girl's life.

Rachel is upset when she watches with New Directions during Sectionals and is shocked to see Harmony as their competition. When Quinn leaves during the Troubletones performance, she reminds Quinn that revealing Shelby and Puck's relationship is going to hurt Beth, but it is also up to her whether she going to go through with it. Outside Principal Figgins' office, Quinn tells Rachel she didn't tell Figgins about the issue and asks Rachel what she thinks about Yale, saying she isn't as talented as her or Kurt, but wants to study Drama.

Rachel offers her to help her with her application and she asks if they're friends to which Quinn replies, "Yeah, we kind of are. Seeing Santana alone while the other girls are pulled back into the group, Rachel walks up to Santana and walks her forward holding hands.

Extraordinary Merry Christmas. Rachel gives Finn a list of fifteen things she wants for Christmas, telling him he only has to get her five of the things. Rachel is extremely excited when Mr. Schue tells them they will be doing a Christmas Special on TV, and she auditions with Riverwhich Artie isn't pleased with, finding it too depressing.

She re-auditions in a duet with Blaine, Extraordinary Merry Christmaswhich Artie finds perfect for the show. Rachel is disappointed with Finn's first gift, hinting that she wants earrings, but when Finn gives her gifts again, she is overwhelmed.

She accepts his first gift again, a deed to a star named Finn Hudson and earrings. She keeps the first two, but decides to sell the others to give the money to charity. She is later seen in Artie's Christmas Special, along with her friends, where she takes part in the song My Favorite Things. Rachel sings with the rest of New Directions in Summer Nights and is happy for Will when he announces he is going to propose to Emma.

She and the rest of New Directions give Artie a 'Beckyvention' because they don't want him to lead her on. Rachel, Kurt, and Finn go out for dinner and Rachel complains about the future. Finn starts to talk about his Dad, and Rachel starts singing Without You to him, after which they share a kiss.

Later, Rachel sings We Found Love with the rest of New Directions and the synchronized swimmers, and at the end of the episode, after a little talk about how much he loves her, Finn proposes to Rachel. Finn asks Rachel about her answer for his proposal. At first she says she doesn't know. Shortly after, Rachel meets Quinn in the girl's bathroom, and Quinn shows Rachel her acceptance letter from Yale.

She then tells Finn that she'll marry him. Later, she joins the rest of the group, singing Black or White for The Warblers. At the end of the episode, however, Rachel suddenly receives the NYADA letter, and she doesn't know what to do since she already accepted Finn's proposal. The Spanish Teacher.

Rachel is with New Directions when Mr. Schue asks where the club thinks they will be into which both Rachel and Kurt reply, "Broadway. She tells Mercedes and Kurt about her engagement to Finn.

They both think that she is rushing things, but she says that Finn is one of her dreams. Rachel is first seen learning how to play drum with Finn, and when Mr.

Schue asks if they want to serenade the classrooms with love songs, everyone say no, except Rachel. Later, Rachel gets a letter that says she must go to the auditorium to meet someone and she comes, meeting Finn, who has received the same letter.

There, they meet Rachel's dads, Hiram and LeRoy who claim to support their impending marriage. In the choir room, she and Finn announce that they're engaged, and some of the group seems happy, but the rest seem to disagree. Finn's and her parents agree that Finn can stay the night so they can get used to sleeping together. However, Rachel and Finn have a fight because Finn wants to use the bathroom but Rachel doesn't let him. Luckily, they make up things and lay in bed together, and then go to Breadstix for Sugar's party.

Before that, they announce to Rachel's dads that they're going to marry in May, after Nationals. Rachel is at Lima Bean with Kurt when Sebastian approaches them and says that he has an engagement present for her. She opens the envelope, and there is an awful, nude photoshopped picture of Finn in it. She is disgusted, and Sebastian threatens to put the photo up online unless she drops out of Regionals. Rachel tells the club, and Finn is mad that she'd rather perform than not have the photo get up online of him.

He walks out of the choir room, she feeling guilty. The next day, they are seen talking at the lockers together and Rachel tells Finn she is sorry, and that she wants to get married right now. They then plan their wedding to be at the court house and announce it to the Glee club, saying that even though not all of them are supportive of their decision, they are all invited. That same day, Sebastian also tells her he won't put the photo up online because of Dave 's suicide attempt.

She is then seen performing at Regionals, and celebrating with Finn and Quinn when they win first place. That afternoon, she is leaving school when she sees Quinn back in her Cheerios uniform and tells her how good she looks, and asks her to be her bridesmaid, which Quinn accepts.

Rachel is seen at the courthouse in her white dress, and refuses to get married until Quinn comes, which drives everyone else insane. She asks Quinn to hurry up and keeps asking where she is, which Quinn receives while she is driving, and while texting Rachel back that she is "on her way," a truck hits Quinn leaving the cliffhanger of whether or not Rachel and Finn got married in this episode. Rachel along with Finn are walking towards her locker when they run into Quinn to whom she is glad to see.

After having a meeting for senior ditch day, Rachel breaks down in empathy to Quinn and regrets that she is being stuck in a wheelchair. She calms down after Quinn reassures her. After taking some master-class with Cooper, she takes note of his acting advices and uses them in a little role-play. Rachel, with her other New Directions friends excluding Quinn, Artie and Blaine head to Six-flags for their senior ditch day.

Saturday Night Glee-ver. Realizing the blind nature of her own ambition, she then helps him plan for college with Emma and Will during a counseling session and is shown to be highly optimistic and happy throughout, but he throws the brochures away the minute he leaves. After being lectured by Will, Finn sings More Than a Woman to her while they dance, and tells her that he wants to go to New York with her, to which she reacts explosively.

Dance with Somebody. Shortly after, she claps and squeals in excitement when Mr. Schuester writes "Whitney" on the whiteboard. Rachel states she is excited to immediately begin practicing Whitney Houston's version of the Star Spangled Banner. Later she approaches Kurt at his locker, telling him that after practicing the song all night, she can't get it. Kurt receives a text from Chandlerbut Rachel assumes it's from Blaine.

She says that Finn regularly sends her cute text messages, usually with puns about her boobs. Rachel questions the innocence of Kurt's texts and admonishes him.

Later, Santana and Rachel sing a fun rendition of So Emotional. Rachel joins the other girls in confronting Quinn that it seemed like she and Joe are more than just singing partners, but she denies it. After that Rachel shows up at Santana's locker, which confuses her. Rachel tells Santana that they wasted three years as enemies when they could have been singing together, and Santana says they hated each other, but then admits that their duet was awesome. Santana says there's plenty of time for another one, but Rachel points out they only have forty-two days until Graduation.

Santana is annoyed when she realizes she's going to miss Rachel. The latter says that even though Santana went out of her way to make her miserable, she still respected her talent and ambition, with which Santana agrees. Rachel asks Santana to put a picture of her in her locker and then gives her a quick hug, and Santana puts the photo up.

In the auditorium Rachel and Finn show up to the optional rehearsal and join in the performance of My Love Is Your Love with the rest of the group. The episode begins with Rachel's inner monologue as she describes how she is a star, her various plans and efforts to stay healthy and fit for her NYADA audition not touching door-knobs, not kissing, her hours spent practicing her Oscar Award Acceptance Speech, etc. She reveals that will indeed be performing Don't Rain on My Parade for her own audition, since she's been belting it from the age of two, and convinces Kurt to play it safe while offering herself as the lead female role in his performance during his audition.

As Kurt takes the stage, she watches anxiously as he changes his mind in front of Carmen and begins to perform Not the Boy Next Door.

After the performance and Carmen's compliments, she is seen in the audience with Blaine, Will and Finn clapping, but looking nervous for herself. Backstage she and Finn exchange a few words before Carmen calls her name. Stepping confidently on the stage, she begins to perform her song, but forgets the lines. Embarrassed, she starts over, but fails again. As she tries to start a third time, Carmen closes the audition, leaving Rachel crying in shock on the stage.

A few days later, she and Kurt exchange words near her locker as she looks visibly traumatized and rebuffs Kurt's consolations, stating that she hasn't slept in two days and really needs to be alone. After Kurt hugs her sadly and walks away, she closes her locker and begins a heart-rendering performance of Cryculminating in her standing grief-stricken on stage, her face covered in tears. Rachel attempts to come to terms with choking her NYADA audition and the death of her lifelong dream.

She takes down all of the photos on her Dream board. She tries to focus on her new smaller dreams: the wedding, winning Nationals, and Prom. She walks in on Becky practicing her wave for when she wins Prom Queen, and when she tries to keep her hopes realistic, Becky tells her she doesn't want to talk with her because she'd catch her faliure.

Finn asks Rachel if she's bummed she didn't get nominated for Prom Queen. She says she wouldn't expect to be nominated, but Finn says he voted for her. He accuses her of being selfish, but Rachel mentions she's having a bad week. She says she can't believe she's going to end high school as it began, with Finn and Quinn getting all of the attention. When they all express their frustration about Prom, they make plans to host an Anti Prom Party.

She tries to sell the idea to the rest of New Directions. Rachel arrives at a hotel room for the anti prom with Kurt, Blaine, Puck, and Becky. She is a little annoyed at Becky's over-enthusiasm. Rachel suggests she could try on her prom dress to show everyone, when Finn arrives at the Anti Prom Party just in time to see Rachel walk out in her prom dress.

He tries to talk all of them into attending the prom. Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine all agree and leave the hotel and enter the prom together. Rachel texts Quinn to meet her in the hallway and apologize for being irrationally angry with her, and Quinn forgives her since she didn't even know it.

Rachel tells Quinn how much she means to her. She still sees her as she was when they first met, but she has learned to become friends with Quinn.

Rachel says she voted for Quinn for Prom Queen. Although in the official vote Quinn beat Santana by one vote, they talk it over before certifying their vote tallies and conspire to make a difference. After Finn is announced Prom King, Figgins says they have another utreasuresforthesoul.comecedented write-in winner, announcing Rachel as the Prom Queen, much to her surprise. Finn and Rachel share their official dance to Take My Breath Away as he reassures her that she is sexy, beautiful, and inspiring to everyone.

Rachel says that if this can happen, maybe anything's possible. She is leaving her fourteenth message to Carmen Tibideaux. After Tina storms out, she goes after her saying that Nationals is very important to her and she puts much effort in it. During Tina's Dream, she turns into Rachel and Rachel turns into her. Later, Tina finds her while she is practicing and offers to drive her to the place where Carmen is taking a master class. Rachel tells Tina she will be the lead vocalist of New Directions next year.

When driving with Tina, she is worried about what Carmen will say. Tina helps her gain her confidence, then asks her if they can sing together, to which Rachel says yes. When they get to Carmen's lesson, she talks to her, but she is denied a chance. Back in the hallways Rachel is seen talking to Finn about how Glee is a group of different kids, who all came together and that's why she loves them.

In the midst of the chaotic situation, she says just because Mercedes is struggling with her food poisoning, they have are no reason to give up on performing at Nationals. Later, Rachel runs into Jesse outside the Chicago hall, who taunts her somehow, by knowing that she's scanning the arriving crowd for Carmen, in hopes that she'll get a second shot at getting into the arts college.

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She points out that they dated long enough to know that when Jesse gets nervous, he can get offensive and shudder. Jesse relents and admits that Vocal Adrenaline's loss at last year's Nationals broke their eight-year winning streak. He's struggling with the new rules, but Rachel reminds him that his past performances Bohemian Rhapsody set the gold standard for show choirs for years.

As Rachel prepares her make up in the Backstage, Finn reveals to Rachel that he's bought a glass mug from Chicago for them to smash during the Jewish portion of their wedding ceremony - he wants it to symbolize the city where everything changed and New Directions went from losers to winners. Rachel spots Tibideaux taking her seat in the audience halfway through the performance. Emboldened, she finishes strong with a smile in her face and the crowd in a frenzy.

While they are waiting for final result, Rachel looks anxious as she holds Finn and Sam hands tightly and is rejoiced when New Directions is placed first at Nationals.

When they return to McKinley, Rachel looks worried as she enters the school hallway and finds herself surrounded by indifferent-looking fellow students. The hockey goons march toward them, slushie cups in their hands. Rachel and the glee kids brace themselves to be slushied, but instead the cups shower them with confetti. She and Finn kiss at the hallways during Tongue Tie background music montage and after the unexpected celebration by the McKinley students, Rachel marches towards the Trophy case in the choir room with the Nationals Trophy in her hands as she places it there.

At Principal Figgins office with Finn, they listen to Figgins request. He wants the Glee Club to perform for the "special event" at the teacher of the year ceremony. Rachel and the other New Directions acknowledge the fact that graduation is near and soon, and that they will have to say goodbye.

Schuester gives them their final assignment: songs related to saying goodbye. Rachel and the other members of New Directions participate in the final choir room songs as they celebrate all the great times they had together. Later, Rachel and Finn are seen speaking to each other in a room about their wedding while they discuss graduation and New York.

After, Rachel and the other seven seniors finally graduate from McKinley. She, Finn, and Kurt make a pact to open each of their acceptance letters at the same time. Nearing the end of the episode, she packs her bag thinking she is about to get married to Finn, but Finn drives her to the train station. As she looks confused, she tells Finn that is isn't funny and they'll be late. But Finn explains the fact that he has cancelled the wedding and engagement and her dads will meet her in New York and he will be joining the army to redeem his father.

At first, she is heartbroken.

Glee rachel dating

Rachel demands that she will not go unless Finn goes with her, but after a Casablanca -style encouragement from Finn, she obliges and goes to the station with Finn as Roots Before Branches is sung by the two. After the train leaves the station, she looks out the window in tears and sees Finn chasing after her and everyone else disappearing from the corner of her eye.

When she can't see them anymore, she continues singing, upset. She walks through streets, crowds and across roads, and finally, finishes off the song as she walks with her pink suitcase into a full crowd as the episode comes to an end. This is the last time we see Rachel in Season Three. Cassandra July welcomes her and other students and asks them to start dancing, since it is the class "Dance Cassandra seems very critical and rude, calling a girl "Muffintop" in front of everyone.

As Rachel walks past, she rolls her eyes and Cassandra stops everyone. Cassandra asks Rachel if she is offended, which Rachel quickly denies. Cassandra then makes an offensive comment about Ohio, making Rachel uncomfortable. The teacher puts the music on and makes everyone dance, continuing to pick on Rachel, shouting "Higher" until Rachel falls.

Cassandra bends down as Rachel tells her she doesn't need her help, but Cassandra shakes her head saying she sucks. Rachel, upset, sighs as the camera cuts to the Glee title card. Rachel says it's happy to know she's missed because growing up can be lonely and that she misses her friends, dads and Finn.

She says she hasn't heard from him in two months and he must be giving her the space she needs to achieve her dreams. Rachel explains that her roommate seems nice, but she hasn't talked to her personally because she always has company she's having sexas Rachel covers her ears.

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Rachel then goes to the bathroom, saying that she takes a 3am shower in the morning when no one is around. Rachel hears someone showering and singing Sister Christianwhich seems to grip her. She takes a peek and sees someone showering. Brody Weston then steps out naked as Rachel stares at him and they both hold a long stare.

She smiles for a second and then hurriedly returns to the sink. Brody comes over and asks Rachel if she's a freshman. Rachel complains about Cassandra, and Brody says that she must be good if she survived a class with her. As Brody talks, Rachel is surprised to know that Brody also has a "moisturizing ritual.

He winks as he departs and leaves Rachel looking happy. Rachel is seen walking on the streets as she's on a phone conversation with Kurt. They talk about Brody. Kurt teases her and asks if she likes him, but she replies saying she will always love Finn. They say how much they miss each other. Rachel is later seen in the dance class with Cassandra coming in, calling her names again and asking if she's continuing her failure.

Rachel replies that she had a rough week. Cassandra picks on her again and says that she better decide what she's feeling, because a lot of people at NYADA will do anything to make it into the business.

After a short argument between them, Rachel says that she can smell alcohol, angering the teacher. Rachel watches the performance, shocked and utterly destroyed by Cassandra's seriousness. Rachel and Brody sit next to each other, and she looks particularly excited. Carmen then calls a female student to sing. Rachel watches intently, but Carmen quickly stops her.

Carmen says she thinks the student needs to practice a little bit more and cuts her. Rachel begins to worry about being cut, but she is suddenly called to be the next to sing. Rachel walks to the performing area with determination. The scene then cuts to Marleywho is auditioning for New Directions at McKinley and is singing the same song. Carmen is satisfied. Rachel impresses Brody, who later compliments her and helps her deal with the lack of communication with Finn. Rachel says she won't turn her back on Finn.

Brody then moves on and tells Rachel she killed her solo. She says while she was singing that song, she never felt so wrong as she felt here. Brody tells her not to worry because the reason she came to New York was because she's changed into this new person and to be that new and improved Rachel.

Brody then takes her phone and Rachel poses as they take a picture. He then offers to walk her to class. The scene cuts to the Dance class. Cassandra asks Rachel to give her best spin, which Rachel does, and Cassandra said it's slightly better. Rachel says she will keep trying until she's best for Cassandra, but she doesn't seem impressed.

Rachel is seen sadly going through the pictures of Finn, looking and clutching her phone while watching people holding hands and in love. She is in tears on another phone call with Kurt, during which she confesses how bad she actually feels.

Kurt suggests that Rachel should find a new roommate, and tells Rachel to turn around, when she sees him. They run to each other and hug and laugh, just as the episode concludes. The scene cuts to the dance class in NYADA, with Cassandra July teaching Tango, but omitting Rachel due to the scarcity of male partners and her 'lack of sex appeal,' which is what the dance is all about.

Though Rachel tries to protest, Cassandra bluntly tells Rachel that she looks ashamed of her sex appeal. Later, Rachel and Kurt are happily riding on bikes in their new apartment. A few hours later, they are sitting together drinking champagne and talking. Kurt says he hasn't heard from Finn. Rachel exclaims that it feels like a long time since they were in the choir room.

Rachel tells Kurt about how much she can't stand Cassandra, and it turns out Kurt has actually heard of her. We flash back to ten years ago when she was in the middle of a performance, which was interrupted by an old man's cellphone, and Cassandra threatened to kick him out, so now her Broadway job is over. Kurt advises Rachel to give Cassandra the sexiness she wants. The scene goes back to Rachel, who has large grin on her face.

In a park, Rachel seeks Brody's assistance while he does sit-ups. She asks him a favour and explains that Cassandra doesn't think Rachel's sexy enough and she wants Brody to dance with her in class.

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Brody quickly says that "Cassie" would not let any Upperclassmen perform in her class. Rachel quickly apologises, but when Brody sees her performance, he changes his mind and agrees, leaving Rachel with a content expression. Rachel comes to class late later, dressed in stripped down clothes. Brody accompanies her as Cassandra asks why Brody is here. Rachel says the only reason why she is dressed up like that is because she wanted to show Cassandra how sexy she actually is to play Evita, Roxy and Charity.

Cassandra asks Rachel to show her what she prepared. Cassandra sits down, looking unsatisfied, but watches anyways. I Did It AgainRachel singing the solo while the others dance.

A lot of sexy moves are included, tables used too.

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Cassandra continually watches unimpressed and a bit jealous. At the end of the performance, Rachel asks what Cassandra thinks and if she's ready to learn the tango. Cassandra tells Rachel that she can remember a routine, which isn't a big thing. Brody then speaks up for Rachel, saying Rachel was incredible, but the teacher things she was only okay. She says that the song was garbage and asks who idea it was to perform it. When Cassandra tells Rachel the levels that are appropriate for Rachel's sex appeal, Rachel bursts out, saying Cassandra is jealous of her.

Brody tries to stop her, but Rachel continues her rant. She talks about how Cassandra's career failed, and that now she is a YouTube joke. Cassandra is speechless at this point, her devilish smile wiped from her face, and tells Rachel to leave her class.

Rachel, shocked, storms out, and Brody goes after her. Cassandra tells Rachel that she is working, and Rachel apologizes for all the things she said to her because they were out of line.


Rachel says she just feels like Cassandra is picking on her for no reason. She then tells Rachel that, like her, Rachel lashed out, but Rachel's rant wasn't recorded and posted on the internet.

Rachel says Miss July was good and Cassandra said that she was great. While Cassandra speaks, Rachel assists her as she does a few stretches.

She says Rachel is not ready yet and if she had a choice, her wouldn't let her back in class because she doesn't believe in second chances. However, the school policy says that Rachel gets a warning. Rachel is relieved. Cassandra tells Rachel that she is on probation, and has to hand wash all of the clothes. Later in the apartment, Rachel stares at her wall with a sodden expression. She painted Finn's name and a green and yellow love heart around it and asks Kurt what he thinks.

Kurt explains once again that Finn hasn't called her cause he loves her, not because he has forgotten about her. Rachel says it's so much freedom all at once that it feels like severe loneliness.

Kurt invites her to eat out, and she gives a squeal and says only if he doesn't mind going out at night. The door then knocks, and Brody stands with a potted orchid. Kurt leaves Rachel and Brody alone. He says how long it took for him to get here which surprises Rachel, as he took that long just to see her. Brody hands the orchid, saying it is good luck in a new place and orchids are kind of sexy.

Before Rachel sends him out, he tells her he thinks she is amazing. Brody says as he leans in to kiss Rachel. Rachel pulls away though, saying she can't. Brody then points at the painting Rachel did and murmurs that Rachel is still in love with Finn. Brody then explains he will respect Rachel's boundaries, but will always thinking of kissing her. He tells her to enjoy the orchid as he leaves. Brody watches her from the outside of class. Back at Rachel's apartment, she looks at her wall where Finn's name is painted.

She grabs a paint brush and paints over it while Kurt watches as the episode ends when the camera goes to the orchard that Brody gave Rachel. Rachel is first seen in the episode as she walks with Kurt down a New York street. Rachel discusses the students in her class and how she tried to approach them nicely, but they were incredibly rude.

One of them insults Rachel about her outfit and the other one which Rachel nicknames "Black Swan" mocks Rachel. The scene then cuts to Rachel and Kurt in their apartment as they eat Pizza and drink. Rachel says she was excited to come to New York because she thought it was a chance for her to start over, but instead she had no idea it would be exactly the same.

Kurt comments that she's only exactly the same cause she's still dressing exactly the same. Rachel then says she doesn't know what Kurt expects her to do because it's not like she can afford an entire wardrobe.

Rachel looks up a bit confused, when Kurt asks her to follow him as he has an "idea.

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Kurt replies by saying that it could change both of their lives. Rachel, still confused, looks at Kurt. Afterwards, a camera is seen watching Kurt and Rachel at Vogue. Rachel is so excited she wants Kurt to snap a picture of her. Rachel prances around as she squeals with Kurt. Kurt uses a card to open a door as they both step through.

Lights open around the room, revealing many clothes.

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Rachel is in awe, Kurt surprised. Isabelle and two bodyguards are there. Kurt questions that he thought Isabelle was out, but she explains they cancelled that. Rachel introduces herself really quickly as Kurt says they were going to do a music video for the Vogue website.

Rachel chimes in saying that Kurt adores Isabelle as Isabelle watches them both. Kurt says they'll do a makeover and Rachel will be the model. Isabelle then smiles and stops them saying, that they had her at makeover.

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