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Loving a guarded woman is not easy, but if you break through to her, she may be a keeper. However, one day you see her talking to a group of people and you go over to join the conversation, but when you do, she walks away. You ponder every scenario, but the fact is she is a guarded woman. Being emotionally guarded, every move is a calculated step to put distance between her and anything or anyone who will interrupt her life and bring disappointment and grief to the peaceful existence. This is called self-preservation, my friend.

But the treasure, baby, is totally worth it.

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When you see this woman, you may think a lot of things about her. You might wonder if she really likes you or even if you like her for that matter.

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She will open up when you establish a level of trust. But at the end of the day, she wants love.

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She wants to give love as well as receive it. The guarded woman wants you to go hard and break down her heart guard.

Sep 09,   When a woman has been hurt enough, she will put up a brick wall. While you may believe she's coy, she's really not. Being emotionally guarded, she's a woman protecting her heart. The guarded woman won't sleep with you on the first night or even the second Mikki Donaldson. The 5 Stages of Dating a Guarded Girl. by Stacie. Enjoy And Share ; Shows and movies about love seem to portray women in the same sort of fashion; even novels will have the main woman pouring her heart and soul out to a man on the first date. The men in these stories tend to be seemingly receptive to these gestures, and over a short period of. Which brings us to the central meaning of this article: how to love someone with a guarded heart. Here are the main points that someone in this situation must understand. How to Love Your Partner When They Have A Guarded Heart 1. It will not be easy.

But, sadly, most men give up pursuing a guarded woman and she suffers yet another disappointment. Man has failed her again. The new relationship will be on her terms.

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She will not want to repeat the heartbreak again. Can you blame her?

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As you are getting to know the guarded woman, ask about her past relationships. Find out what went wrong and protect her from the monsters in her closet.

Dating guarded woman

Again, pursuing a guarded woman is not going to be like dating a submissive female. She will challenge you.

DON'T Date Women With These RED FLAGS

Remember, you represent pain and misery. Trust me, she wants to feel loved as much as she wants to love- it just takes a bit more patience, but the end result will be more than worth it.

Her walls will be high.

Dating Girls Guarded Girls Heart Heart Catalog Insensitive Love Loving A Guarded Girl Women You Are Not Alone and when you need comfort, or want to bring a smile to someone's face, we created this collection to get you through. Dating the guarded girl can seem like a challenge at first. You might think she's beyond repair or that it's not worth the added stress when it should seem so simple, but to her the simplicity lies within security, and once she gets to know you, she'll open up unlike anyone else you've been with before.

She may have been hurt previously or fear letting anyone get close to her reality. She will play it cool and pretend as if you are getting to know her by shining a friendly smile and engaging in small talk. She questions you, and herself.

Before letting anyone penetrate her wall, she has to feel a certain level of comfort. If she feels as if you are genuine and trustworthy, she may start to let you see a little more of the real her.

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She may tell you more personal details of her life, but still nothing of significant meaning. She is trying to figure you out, and the way you make her feel when you are with her will be your secret love weapon.


The ebb and flow. If you have made it this far, know by this point, she has thought about running and she has questioned staying. She has one moment of warmth followed by a few cool moments.

Jun 06,   Dating a Guarded Woman. When you see this woman, you may think a lot of things about her. You might wonder if she really likes you or even if you like her for that matter. There's a lot of confusion [signs she is guarded] but it's going to be much easier once you understand the . Mar 17,   Studio Firma. Here are 12 benefits you only get from dating the guarded girl: 1. She's cautious and smart with her decisions. 2. She doesn't freak out and jump ship when things go Alexa Mellardo. What To Expect When Dating The Guarded Girl - Bolde.

Right now is where her mind and heart are fighting, and this is where her level of fear rises if she is starting to feel a deeper connection with you. Continue being genuine and showing your support and patience- I promise it will pay off.

15 Things To Know About Dating Someone Who's Guarded

At this stage she also may be introducing you to a couple of her friends, seeing how you interact with them and what they think of you. She will also want to meet your friends to gauge how you are in public as opposed to private- try to remain consistent and stable.

More warmth than coldness in her demeanor and you can feel her starting to relax.

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