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Dark rose valkyrie dating

I'll have to play closer attention as I go. So things are going to be somewhat inconsistent as to when the girls rank up whether we get all the right answers or not. Some girls are simply going to automatically and randomly get a head start. It does look like we can save scum to get the girl we want in the lead though. Unfortunately, that requires fighting the first boss Mad Mantis and 3 spiders each time you want to try for a different girl.

Mandatory missions. Each is randomly assigned to a different girl.

For Dark Rose Valkyrie on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Trying to gather data on the trust system" - Page 2. Dark Rose Valkyrie Complete Deluxe Set / ????????????????? / ??????? $ Dark Rose Valkyrie DLC Bundle / ???????????? / ?????. Jul 02,   Dark Rose Valkyrie - PS4 Review. 2 Jul, in PS4 tagged dark rose valkyrie / dating sim / jrpg / missions / turn-based by Gareth. Most commonly known for their Hyperdimension Neptunia games, Idea Factory and Compile Heart have released Dark Rose Valkyrie which is still a JRPG but is a slight deviation from the norm.

Higher rank missions get more trust. A rank gets best results. After the Cafe: Party in cafeteria - Automatic trust up for whole squad. Requires doing earlier Kengo and Kana events. If Ai got the A rank mission earlier on, she will rank up after the date. If not, she will rank up after the party.

I still haven't determined if every positive answer is worth the same amount of trust, and combined with what mission she gets it may make a difference. Choice 1 in event 2 ended up being my control answer while experimenting and definitely works with both listed choices for event 1. Correct answers are above. I stumbled onto a Yue event at the beginning of chapter 2 not shown on either of the available guides.

It only seems to show up if you do the mandatory Luna shopping date during the daytime. If the date happens at night it won't show up at all. It involves Yue being shaken about what happened at the mall and thinking about peace.

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This makes me wonder if any other events are so extremely time dependent. User Info: Ragnawind. There are also some events that can only be done at certain times of day and some events that are only available for a limited time during the story. Luna ranked up after her date and I've started experimenting with her chapter 1 events. The results have been surprisingly inconclusive.

I've been through about half of her chapter 1 events and I've seen no change regardless of choice. Either the choices in those events tested so far don't matter, or the trust loss from any bad choice isn't significant enough to sabotage her first rank. I can't really tell.

I'm inclined to think that, unlike Ai, the Youtube guide is more or less correct for Luna.

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She's only ranking up one event later than Ai 7 max for Ai, 8 for Luna and both are ranking up around their mandatory date event. With inconsistencies from the randomized missions earlier and any possible effects from the initial interview, I think that's well within the margin of error. There may be room for improvement, but I think that guide puts us within acceptable parameters so far.

Dark Rose Valkyrie

Ragnawind posted I've made note of a few of those, but that Yue event is the only one I've noticed that will only show up when you complete another event at a specific time of day. I'm wondering if this is intentional or of that one event is glitched. I'm now convinced that one Yue event is glitched. It's part of a larger set of events none of which are covered in either Youtube guide talking about the date with Luna.

While the other events in this set appear normally after resting in your room nightime onlyYue 's event will only appear if you spawn on the residential floor, during daytime after the Luna date event.

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It's got to be a bug. If you want to see it, when you go to the Luna date event, leave from the 4th floor exit during the day. Other wise you will miss it. Yue and Amal finally hit rank 1 which has allowed me to confirm a handful of events with both. I was also able to find a few more events that aren't covered on Youtube or are just plain wrong. Coo seems to be a problem so far as she's the only one refusing to rank up.

This is going to make her responses a pain to track down later.

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More topics from this board Mad Mantis? Side Quest 1 Answer Stat and what they means? Build 1 Answer Will it get a western release? General 1 Answer. Ask A Question.

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Dark Rose Valkyrie - PS4 Review

Forgot your username or password? User Info: Leon Leon Topic Creator 2 years ago 11 Hit my first major benchmark as characters started to reach level 1 evaluation. Naoyuki was the first to reach 1 star before the date with Ai in the cafe. At least I can be reasonably certain that I did everything for him perfectly, or as close as possible so far.

Now the question is whether both answers work equally well, or if one raises more points than the other. Kengo and Ai went to rank 1 at the optional squad party right after the date. This definitely confirms that some events raise trust with the entire party, even when choices aren't involved.

I may also have made a bad choice somewhere with Kengo since he and Naoyuki are both on their fifth event including the party and Kengo was one event behind ranking up. The party is actually Ai's seventh event, so either I'm not doing as well with her, or the girls trust works on a different scale. No rank up with Luna, Yue, Amal, or Coo even after doing their next couple of events after the party, so I must have made some bad choices along the way if Ai is any indication.

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See questions and answers. Customer reviews. How does Amazon calculate star ratings? The model takes into account factors including the age of a rating, whether the ratings are from verified purchasers, and factors that establish reviewer trustworthiness.

Date With Yakumo - Dark Rose Valkyrie EP. 6

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Dark Rose Valkyrie is an enjoyable JRPG with typical elements such as character affinity, turn based combat, stat boosting, side missions, and boob jiggling- yes I said it. To start, the graphics are ok and the frame rate is a little crappy at times, but it's understandable due to the studios low budget.

The frame rate issue is primarily in the over world, which is larger than most compile hearts games from what I know.

Rent or buy Dark Rose Valkyrie for PlayStation 4 or get PlayStation 4 critic reviews, user reviews, pictures, screenshots, videos and more! I just can't cringe hard enough at how terrible their attempt at an elite military setting with harem dating sim characters ended up being. Aside from the CO, nobody in that entire outfit belongs (more /10(32). Dark Rose Valkyrie; Can someone post their save (US) for True Ending? User Info: Manabyte The endings are more like a dating sim in this way, in that there is a normal end and True End for each main female character. Unfortunately, mine is saved after getting the True end and it was Coo's True End. User Info: Manabyte Dating famille rose - Men looking for a man - Women looking for a woman. If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating woman half your age, this advertisement is for you. Find a man in my area! Free to join to find a man and meet a man online who is single and hunt for you.

During combat- the frame rate is smooth and so are your character actions, so have no fear. The character design and art look amazing as they brought on some artists from the "Tales of" series. The combat is smooth and is allot of fun, even when grinding. You can boost various stats such as strength, firearms, skill, agility, and etc. Upgrading stats also unlocks skills, which there are a ton of.

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It should be noted that these weapons you wield are huge, similar to god eater weapons. These weapons are cool and can double as guns to hit the enemies long range. Setting up battle formations is important too as you can set the support characters in the back and the attackers in the front. During this, the girls boobs jiggle perfectly. SO if you like that, there ya go.

It should also be mentioned that once your uniform takes so much damage, it will be blown off, thus making you fight in your undies until you get it repaired. This is rare and has not happened to me as I repair my stuff frequently.

As you go along with your team, you will discover a traitor and you will have to discover who it is. This is interesting because most compile hearts games do not have this kind of stuff.

The mystery element really makes this games story allot better, and makes you wonder who you should get close too.

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There is also an affinity scale in which you can tighten your bond with the ladies through interaction. Do not compare this to Persona 5 or you will be let down. But remember this is a much different game with a much lower budget. The voice acting fits the characters very well and did not annoy me at all.

If you can look past that and truly enjoy JRPG's, then pick this game up and give it a chance. Also, there is a ton of free dlc that can help you out allot if you like playing harder modes. I was eagerly awaiting this game and I must say that it's disappointing.

Both the plot and story-building parts of the game come off as weak. The combat system seems interesting at first, but immediately becomes dull and repetitive. I've played plenty of games where you need to grind exp where it never gets boring. This game isn't one of them. It does have its good points. The social interactions between squad members are well done and the characters themselves are generally charming.

Since I can't, I'll give it the benefit of a doubt and round up. I'd recommend picking this up when it goes on sale. This game like a lot of the anime type games come with really good graphics, and characters. I could not get into the storyline. It may be top notch for some, but this one was not for me. Weak story, gameplay does not impress. This is a very solid jrpg told in a still frame novel format.

An alternate history RPG set in the early 20th century. Dark Rose Valkyrie is an enjoyable JRPG with typical elements such as character affinity, turn based combat, stat boosting, side missions, and boob jiggling- yes I said it. To start, the graphics are ok and the frame rate is a little crappy at times, but it's understandable due to the studios low budget/5(20).

The combat is the real draw for the game. It allows insane combos and deep strategy, overall a great experience for a turn based rpg on the new generation of console.

One person found this helpful. Fun but does not excel in any way. It's a mediocre rpg with a decent storyline.

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Interviews were frustrating which is a shame because they had serious potential. This is a great turn based game. The characters are neat and the skills are fun to use. It is getting so very hard to find good turn based games anymore. DRV is a very good and solid game. Marks are hard to get and the costs are way too high early in the game. There is a nice Formation you can get to increase marks and decrease experience. Suggest around level 10 to start using it. Always save before you buy a new formation since they take precious Medals to get.

Use the Triangle button on the controller to access a huge page of information. This is not explained well in the pop up help menus. Unlike other JRPG's you get to train your characters' statistics! Be careful what you train as the stats have different costs in BP. PP power points?

Add on items can be developed. Others are drops from monsters. I was confused on how to get Missile attacks for each character. The lady English voices are really sweet. Not like Star Ocean Last Hope at all. These voices are very anime. Great game! The fighting and story can get a little bit boring, it's a real slow story which makes for a good long game.

I hate really short games. See all reviews from the United States.

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