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Remember Me? What's New? Forum Gunboards. Results 1 to 3 of 3. Thread: How to date your Yugo M70 Zastava 7.

Unfortunately I forgot the site but important thing is, I found out how to date these little pistols up to a certain point. If you look on the bottom grip you will see a four digit number. That number is the two digit month and the two digit year.

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My serial number is 34,XXX and the number on the bottom of the grip is for May of I watched many auctions since these pistols started popping up and it seems that around serial number 92, they stopped dating them for whatever reason so if you have a "early" pistol that can be dated, congrats! Attached Thumbnails. Join Date Apr Posts I just posted photos of the M70 I got a few weeks ago. Now I'm gonna have to go check the bottom of the grip to see when mine was manufactured.

Thanks for the extremely timely information! All times are GMT Though in Qilby's tale, he and his sister Shinonome were king and queen, with Chibi being an inventor and Yugo and Adamai being travelling heroes. He also changed the reason for the Mechasme Genocide, saying that war had come upon the Eliatropes utreasuresforthesoul.comovoked out of greed for their magical technology.

Qilby also said that he would be able to free the remainder of the Eliatrope children from exile in the Mist dimension, but that he would need his and Shinanome's dofus to have the necessary power to do so.

How to Find the Manufacture Date of An SKS by Serial Number

Yugo and Adamai agreed to go and recover it for their kinsman and the Brotherhood, grateful to Yugo for his earlier efforts, decided they would aid him. The Brotherhood continued to face yet more fantastic and sometimes absurd adventures.

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An encounter with the tag team Shushu guardians known as the Justice Knights brought Yugo, Pinpin and Rubilax to the realm of Shukrute. There alongside the bandit Remington Smissethe eliatrope and his friends fought off waves of demons in a gladiator style arena and only narrowly escaped thanks to intervention from Qilby and Adamai.

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Yugo and Amalia were responsible for the lifting of a powerful curse from the Pandawa city of Pandalusia. The group also met Evangelyne's little sister Cleophee during a trip to the Trool Fair.

The boisterous Cra ended up becoming the 6th member of the group during this time, as Adamai had been left in charge of caring for the infant Grougalorogran while Qilby helped Alibert with Chibi.

Managing to charter a small ship from captain Ecrine Noir Black Ink in the english dub and his adopted daughter Elainethe Brotherhood finally made their way to the Crimson Claw islands. What awaited them was a land under siege, as the forces of the New Sufokia Navy attempted to force the mighty dragon Phaeris the Powerful from his lair to mine the Stasis ore below it. Adamant in his duty to guard Shinonome's dofus, the mighty beast refused to abandon his home.

Yugo attempted to convince the Sufokian Prince Adale to cease hostility, but the arrogant prince simply ignored the boy. Further chaos erupted when the forces of Shukrute poured in from the very heavens to join the melee. Qilby, having stolen the Eliacube from the Sadida kingdom, struck a deal with Rushu.

He offered the power of Adamai to the mimic demon lieutenant Anatharalong with his ability to create interdimensional portals in exchange for the Shushu's aid in subduing Phaeris while Qilby recovered his dofus.

The demon king was so happy, he agreed to the terms, not knowing that Qilby would decimate the planet by using his restored power to reawaken the Zinit and resume travelling the Krosmoz. Yugo had traveled to the islands alone, having sensed his brother's distress via emphatic link. He had also left his friends stranded in the ocean away from the fighting, in hopes that only he would be at risk from this venture to everyone else's and especially Amalia's concern and annoyance.

Once shoreside, the eliatrope was thrown into the thick of things. Having intuited Qilby's part in the madness by observing him alongside Rushu, the boy resolved to confront the betrayer. However, the advantage in this fight clearly belonged to Qilby. With the Eliacube strengthening him and his full knowledge of Eliatrope magic, Yugo was hard pressed to do anything but avoid being struck down.

Only Phaeris' intervention kept Yugo from being cut down by the deranged Council member. Phaeris hoped to even the odds however. Phaeris also used his magic to temporarily jumpstart Yugo's more advanced magic, in order to even the field against his old enemy.

Qilby was soon upon them however and though Yugo was able to fight with a Wakfu blade and shield, Qilby still managed to recover his dofus, using it to open a doorway to the Mist Dimension. Yugo refused to allow him to flee and followed his adversary through the gate Their first stop was the Blank Dimension.

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Qilby explained that only the power of the Eliacube allowed exit and entry from this nexus and threatened to abandon Yugo here as a reprisal for his earlier imprisonment, but not before introducing the king to his subjects.

Yugo and Qilby then journeyed to the dimension of Mist.

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In this timeless land of grassy planetoids, the remainder of the Eliatrope race awaited the time they could return to the World of Twelve, watched over by the now ancient and feeble Baltazar.

Qilby announced that his intention was indeed to free the remainder of his people as promised, so that they might resume their journey across the Krosmoz as before. However, the children here were not to be swayed, as they had neither forgotten nor forgiven Qilby for the destruction of their world and the deaths of their families.

Yugo also made his stand here, saying that while Qilby could have left at any point he wanted, he did not wish to go alone which was why he hadn't slain Yugo nor anyone else who might have been able to expose him. He also warned Qilby that while no one would stop him from leaving if he wished, no one would be forced to follow him, nor would he be allowed to endanger the World of Twelve by his departure.

Qilby scoffed at what he perceived as childish threats from a pack of ignorant brats, but the Eliatrope race proved that day that even their young were a force to be reckoned with when crossed. Discarding his hat for the first time, Yugo along with his people revealed their cranial wings and took to flight against their betrayer, pummeling Qilby relentlessly though he still forced them back.

In the end, it was Shinonome who finally stopped her brother by forcibly separating him from the Eliacube stating that while she understood his pain, his plans had already brought too much misery upon his people. Qilby still refused to be dissuaded and as before, Yugo was forced to imprison his former friend in the void. Qilby begged for mercy, but Yugo could not spare him as much as he wanted to, knowing that Qilby was too untrustworthy to be allowed to roam free.

Baltazar and the children then knew then time had come again to bid farewell to their king. Baltazaar advised Yugo not to regret his decision to imprison Qilby again and told him that the Eliacube would now reside in the Mist Dimension, where it could not cause further harm to the World of Twelve.

Clint Found Four Super Interesting SKS Rifles (You Gotta See This Serial Number ??)

Yugo was reluctant to leave his people behind him, but Baltazar assured the king that he would always be in their hearts and that the Eliacube would allow them to watch over him. When the time came that Yugo could again claim the throne, Baltazar and the children would be there, ready to accept his leadership and guidance. Baltazar returned Yugo to the World of Twelve along with baby Grougalorogran who had been Qilby's hostage.

The boy found his friends waiting for him on the beach and though Amalia fumed, when Yugo greeted her with a smile, the princess broke down and embraced him in tears that he was alright. Phaeris then saw the group safely home, where Yugo eventually returned to Emelka with his family to enjoy a few years of peace and quiet.

Six years since the quest of the Crimson Claws Yugo has been shown to have not aged. But the feca demi-god Otomai is sent to his village by the Sadida kingdom to ask for help. Yugo and the rest of the brotherhood go to the Sadida kingdom, where they find out that it is being flooded by Ogest Chaos.

The brotherhood find out only the eliatrope dofus can stop the flooding and Ogest. Joris tells them that the dofus were stolen, but 2 of them are in the hands of Count Harebourg.

The Count promised to give back the dofus if Amalia marry's him. This event depressed Yugo as he wished to be able to court Amalia, but he feared that his child like appearance would hinder any chance of a serious relationship with her.

The brotherhood of tofu decide to escort Amalia to friegfrost, but where they arrive the Count refused to give the dofus. This lead to a fight but Amalia take the Counts side causing the brotherhood to lose. They soon find out that Harebourg wants to destroy the Sadida forests and turn them into fuel. The brotherhood then escape but are defeated again, but Amalia turns the tide by beat the Count down with her vines.

This makes him retreat Amalia tend to an unconscious Yugo who was knocked out by Harebourg showing that she is back to her self. After that Yugo discover that his brother is with a fake Joris AdamaiJoris and Otomai go on a separate quest. Yugo then goes to the ecaflip dimension with the real Joris and his adopted son's. They go to retrieve 2 of the eliatrope dofus there, after they get them they go to the Sadida kingdom.

May 03,   The M48 Yugo mauser was produced well after WW II. As the model designation applies, it was adopted and produced starting in To find an actual date of manufacture, will take a bit of research. Since we know that they starting to produce them in , the next trick would be to figure out their serial number code. The Yugo and Amalia Relationship Dilemma Hi guys, longtime fan of wakfu and I am here to talk to you about Yugo and Amalia relation in short. Ever since the Season 3 has come out many people have said oh the romance between Yugo and Amalia came out of no where but that is not true. Jun 14,   Dating M48's Discussion in 'Mausers' started by gandog56, Jun 13, Jun 13, #1. gandog56 G&G Evangelist. 36, 18, Mobile, Alabama. Is there anywhere to check how old a Yugo Mauser is by serial number? I mean I know generally a date range, but is there anyway to really define the year it was made? Yugo Mauser production.

There they find out that Dally went to fight Ogest alone. The finale showed Yugo is able to utilize the 6 Eliatrope Dofus to attain godly power in an effort to defeat Ogrestbut doing so costs him his brother's friendship. As Adamai wants Yugo not to use the dofus. Yugo finds out that Ad was right and nearly destroys the world. It also shown that during the shows ending Yugo and Amalia have shown a strong desire to be with each other, in spite of the difficulties caused by the difference in their races.

A few months after Adamai's disappearance, Yugo and Ruel go to the ruins where he found two of the Dofus and first met Dame Echo, looking for him. When Yugo is unable to find him, he gets discouraged and is about to give up, but Adamai lets Yugo see through his eyes, and reveals that he is about to kill Dally after he attacks Dally and Eva and kidnaps their children. After seeing this, Ruel and Yugo go to the Sadida kingdom to get help from Amalia. Elely drags her father through the snow until they reach a hollow tree, where it is supposedly safe.

Dally rests there, while Adamai sends Poo a Pandawa demigod who was part of the attacks to go find Dally's daughter. So, Elely goes to fight Poo while Dally recovers. Following many fights, Yugo and Amalia finally defeated Black Bump. Amalia and Yugo then kiss, but Yugo says that he regrets kissing her afterwards. The Tower of Dreams is eventually destroyed when Eva was giving birth to her son, and the Sadlygrove family is reunited, along with the Brotherhood of the Tofu.

It was revealed that Oropo was actually a Eliotrope, a race of people who were created when Yugo used the 6 Eliatrope Dofus.

Apr 10,   While searching for an original trigger for my m70 pistol in , I inadvertently found a site that showed a manual for this thing that explained every single marking on the pistol. Of course it was all in Serbian so I had to sit here and translate every single paragraph using a Google translator. Unfortunately I forgot the site but important thing is, I found out how to date these little. Jul 25,   Dating a Yugo Dating a Yugo. KCJeeves. active member. KCJeeves. Post Jul 22, #1 T How can I tell what year my Yugo M48 was manufactured. I know they only ran for about 3 years, but I'd like to know the specific year my Yugo was born. Anyone know how or where to find this information?-Kc. DATING YOUR SKS. I will try to explain the dating system for the SKS rifle. Most of this information is/was gathered from various forums and from my own observations. I do not guarantee that this is accurate because as we all know, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH THE SKS. ALBANIA.

All of the Eliotropes are different versions of Yugo, and when one Eliotrope dies, their Wakfu is transferred to the next. Oropo is the last Eliotrope. It is also revealed that Oropo was secretly building a bomb using the Eliacube and the six Eliatrope Dofus to destroy Inglorium and all of the Gods.

A battle ensues, where Oropo dominates. Oropo then has to choose between setting off the bomb in Inglorium, and killing his new Demigods as well, or staying in his pocket dimension, and dying with Dame Echo. He chooses to stay with Dame Echo, and the bomb is set off, destroying the dimension.

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The season ends with the Brotherhood and the Demigods in Inglorium, where all, is supposedly, well. Yugo is a hot-headed optimist who never passes up a good challenge. He is a gentle and kind boy, pure of heart and quite mature for his age.

His compassion knows no bounds as he always wants to lend a helping hand even when it seved to waylaying his journeys and adventures.

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He has great drive, having desired to learn of his past and unlock the secrets of his race and his selfless nature protects him from the corruptive words of Qilby.

Yugo can be merciful but knows when someone's actions are unforgivable, as he trapped Qilby back in the Blank Dimension instead of kill him, and even in his past lives he was described to be a compassionate adventurer. Yugo is a young boy with a peach tan, dark blonde hair and dark brown eyes, although he never takes off his long blue hat which hides his horn-like wings.

He has bright brown eyes. Six years after Qilby and Rushu's defeats, Yugo has apparently not aged at all, maintaining his child-like appearance. Portal Creation - Yugo has the ability to summon portals by rotating his hand in a circular motion and throwing them to where he would like them to appear.

An SKS is a self-loading carbine assault rifle used by East European and Asian troops in Russia, Yugoslavia, Romania, Vietnam, East Germany, China, Korea and Albania through the late s. Depending on the rifle's nation of origin, you can usually determine its . Feb 27,   Yugo SKS Date of manufacture and Design evolution *ated* ĞReply #8 on: August 15, , AM withergyld, I have a C series but serial number is listed under '88s.

Yugo uses these to outmaneuver and confuse his opponents in battle, allowing him to shift instantly between all attack ranges. He has also demonstrated the ability to redirect virtually any attack thrown at him, either at his foe, or just to avoid getting hit. Initially he could only conjure a single set of portals at a time and was limited to areas he could see.

However by the time of the Special Episodes, with concentration he was capable of forming dozens of portals beneath the feet of all the guests at Amalia's wedding simultaneously sending them all to a completely separate area.

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When empowered by the 6 Eliatrope Dofus, he was able to conjure an island sized portal across dimensions, a feat previously only matched by an Eliacube empowered Quilby who could only conjure an above average sized inter dimensional portal. Portal Boost - While training with Adamai, it was discovered that by rapidly forming portals successively in front of him, Yugo can achieve a form of high speed movement, appearing as little more than a stream of energy moving midair.

Yugo makes use of this when dealing with midair enemies,and can use himself like a ram in this state. When empowered by the Eliacube, his speed in this state is advanced to the point where a powerful Xelor like Nox was unable to track his movements and resorted to using a time-stop spell.

Portal Blast - An ability which creates a powerful beam of energy. This is done by by overlapping two portals at once.

As the series progresses, Yugo's mastery over this particular power improves greatly, being able to summon the blasts without the same level of time for his portals, as well as adjusting the size and power of his blasts.

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In a shooting match against a group of pirates, he displayed great precision in his shots, being able to blast perfectly centered holes through 4 gold coins thrown upwards before they hit the ground. Wakfu Sensing - By Adamai, Yugo was taught to perceive the Wakfu of the world around him, enabling him a sixth sense that allows for him to see without his eyes by perceiving the Wakfu around him, the Wakfu of living creatures, plants, and how it shapes the environment.

Flight - The Eliatrope people have wings made from pure Wakfu. The wings are attached to their skull, and sprout out of their Cranium. The wings are bioluminescent, and are a turquoise colour. Yugo never uses this ability in the TV series, apart from his battle against Qilby in Emrub.

He along with the remaining Eliatrope children used this ability to keep in pursuit of Qilby. Cooking - Under his adoptive father, Alibert, Yugo became a surprisingly good cook, often helping Alibert cook and serve meals at his inn. He also has enough talent in cooking to be able to grasp the principles of baking in a single day, attaining a level of skill sufficient to allow him to act as the assistant to a master baker in a national bake-off. Physical Skills - Yugo is a young and active boy filled with energy, so he can perform various physical skills and activities, such as running, jumping, climbing, playing Gobbowl, fighting, etc.

Shushu Guardian - Unofficially, Yugo is a Guardian, having chosen to be responsible for Scribble, a minor Shushu entrapped within a map. Scribble's Shushu nature usually encourages him to jerk the adventurers around but he is much more agreeable to Yugo. Wakfu Weapons - Temporarily granted this power by the dragon Phaeris, Yugo was able to form his Wakfu into a sword and shield composed entirely of his energy.

After defeating Qilby, the ability wore off though Phaeris stated Yugo would naturally develop the power when he grew older and matured. Yugo regained his Wakfu Weapons six years later. Upon their first use, the shield proved capable of blocking a Portal Blast from the far more experienced Eliatrope Qilby, while the latter was empowered by the Eliacube though the kinetic force behind the blast was not completely negated, as Yugo still suffered damage. In the battle with Ogrest while empowered by the Eliatrope Dofus the shield proved capable of blocking attacks from the god-like being and the sword was able to pierce through the scales of a dragon.

Longevity - Like all Eliatropes, Yugo ages quite slower than the rest of the characters in the series. Even after 6 years, his appearance is still physically the same. Yugo and Adami do not remember their past lives, and they can continuously undergo reincarnation as long as their Dofus remains intact.

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