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So you need to figure out the year of production for your Fender guitar or bass. You're not alone. Fenders rank as the most frequently bought and sold instruments on Reverb , and finding a precise date of manufacture can be key to determining the value and specifics of an instrument. The most important thing to keep in mind when dating a Fender is the highly modular nature of the designs. Like Henry Ford, part of Leo Fender's genius was in optimizing the company's production efficiency. His guitars were built en masse by an entire factory, not a single luthier toiling over one instrument at a time.

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Sep 11,   i was searching for made in Korea Squier Stratocaster dating they also mention made in China, try Squier -, the free encyclopedia C = China, Y = Yako [Taiwan] the dating is a little hard to decipher. i think stratophobic is correct, may be Some Squier IIs were made in India around The head stock is marked "MADE IN INDIA". Made in India Squier IIs seem to follow the made in USA serial numbering scheme. For example, a made in India Squier II serial number would start with N0 plus 5 digits. Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. Learn more about Fender electric basses.

Allroy, you just solved a problem I have had more to times then I can count. I learn something new on here every day. I'm betting it was made in 94, using the common 1 number year of pre 97 numbers, from other factories?

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Squire Strat Bullets (dating unclear) FN(XXXXXX) US made guitars and basses destined for the export market. Some may have stayed in the U.S. or found their way back (Made to Standard Strat specs, dating unclear) I(XXXXXXX) A limited number of . The serial number is generally stamped on the front or back of the headstock,or in some cases on. the neck plate. If you want to know the production year of your Squier guitar,you can decipher it with the serial number decoder, or find it in explanation about the dating system below. Fender-Squier history in short. Nov 18,   Home Forums > Squier Discussion Forums > The Squier Bass Place > Serial Number dating? Discussion in ' The Squier Bass Place ' started by gregomatic, Apr 14,

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Some Squier IIs were made in India around The serial number is printed on a sticker located on the back of the neck, close to where the neck attaches to the body. Because the number was placed on a sticker it is fairly common for the serial number to be missing.

Some more recent Squiers, including the Vintage Modified series serial numbers starting with SHwere introduced in The VM series is marked " Crafted in India " on the rear of the head stock, and the serial numbers are not stickers, but printed and sealed on the rear of the head stock. They were stamped on the back vibrato cover plate early '50s Stratsand on the bridge plate between the pickup and the saddles on some Telecasters.

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But once again, due to the modular nature of Fender's production methods, and the fact that most serial numbers schemes are not sequential and usually overlap from between 2 to 4 years, from the early days of Fender, through to the mid sdating by the serial number is not an exact science.

The following chart details the Fender serial number schemes used from to You will notice that there is quite a bit of overlap of numbers and years.

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The only way to try to narrow the date range of your specific instrument would be to remove the neck and check the butt end of the heel of the neck for a production date, which may be stamped or written there. If you are not comfortable performing this operation, please use an experienced professional guitar tech in your area.

Product Dating Find out exactly when your instrument or amplifier was manufactured. How can I find out when my American-made instrument was manufactured? How can I find out when my Japanese-made instrument was manufactured? How can I find out when my Mexican-made instrument was manufactured?.

The serial numbers do not immediately reflect the change, as CBS continued to make instruments using existing, tooling, parts, and serial number schemes. You will notice that there is quite a bit of overlap of both numbers and years.

L50,s up to L90,s ,s ,s to ,s to ,s ,s to ,s to ,s to ,s to ,s ,s to ,s to ,s to ,s Not all schemes are covered here! Below are some examples of letter prefixes used in recent serial number schemes.

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V : this prefix used for US made "vintage reissue" models, to present. MN : "M" means Mexican made, "N" is the decade s.

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SE : this prefix means a Signature Edition, to present. The following serial numbers are somewhat outside the more, well known Fender serial number schemes.

If you have what you consider to be a somewhat "odd" serial number, please check the following chart to see if you find your serial number configuration here.

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This chart contains. If you are unable to place the approximate year of manufacture of your instrument using the above charts, there are a few great books available, which have invaluable information on the history of Fender instruments.

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If you have serious interest in learning about the history of Fender instruments, or if you just want to try to establish the year of production of your own axe, we would highly recommend that you pick up one or more of the following books. They are detailed reference resources with a wealth of information for helping to either establish the vintage of your guitar or bass or for just learning more about Fender history in general.

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