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You have to dress up to meet your boyfriend, what color is your outfit? But he will definitely doing his best to impress his girlfriend. I guess Shownu is more practical then romantic type when it comes to dating issue. I got minhyuk 2 times even tho I chose a different answer for both. I got leader Shownu when my bias is Wonho. I got Hyungwon and my bias is Hyungwon! Same personality; Lazy.

Going out then playing video games. Watching a movie together. Take a romantic stroll holding hands. Nothing's better than shopping, especially if he'd pay for it. Hanging out and dancing. Listening to music together. What's his personality? Quiet and reliable. Talkative and loud. Friendly and surprising. Protective and easily jealous.

Confident and kind. Sophisticated and lovable. Quiet and warm. Funny and caring. Share the quiz to show your results! Just tell us who you are to view your results! Share your results Facebook.

Which Member Of NCT Will Date You? Are you superhuman? by Clarissa Cuellar. Community Contributor. What is your favorite subject in . Most Played Published Quizzes. 2 K-pop Songs, 1 Missing Word. Some of these groups have so many members that it's hard to tell if anyone's missing. Click the NCT Members. We're not entirely sure if listening to the music while taking the quiz should be considered cheating. Word Ladder: NCT Songs. Can you name the four-letter words in this NCT. Nov 01,   Renjun is so innocent, it'll make you question when you went wrong! This won't stop him from coming for your life like any other middle schooler, however. Last time I made a quiz, I called him 'Actual Angel'. Despite reported threats to fight his fellow band members, I keep to this statement! Stan NCT China!

You may also like. Got Kihyun! Never expected it! So Happy! Potato Mushroom. M ma baby! I got Wonho! He is my bias yay! Milata Aliyata. Monique Meijer. I got kihyun one of my wreckers and my bias is hyungwon.

Nur-janah Mingka. I got wonho!! Ultimate Fangirl. I got Shownu. Kookie for lifeu. Carolaynne Pereira. Loren Grace Guaves. Doreen Baloca. Mianhefc here. You Got No Jams. Min Yoongi. Yay my boyfriend is Kihyun. M And Omg I love it! HeeDo Y-Shirt. Omg I got Hyungwon!! My bias!! His the laziest but cutest boyfriend ever!

Yass I got my biasss hyungwon. I got my bias Minhyuk!! I got Shownu who is my bias wrecker. TRYNA creep up my list everyday. Sophie Woitalla. Jenna Silvey. Sophia Wang. Supuni Hansani. Qendresa Zhuta. I got wonho. Claris Conte. Makayla Simmons. Cristine Ann Castillo. Ellina L.

Alex Carter. Got my bias I. M Changkyunnie. Park yeona. Moon JungHee. I got Hyungwon My Utt. I got wonho yess. Intan Yeojanya Taehyung. Belle Maire. Cinnamon Caspar. Cutie Kyunie. My bias is i. I got my bias Kihyun!! I pick chicken because he love chicken. Angelina Rwaka.

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I got my changkyun from the first time. Is it a simple coincidence? I dont think so. I got my bias, daddy Shownu!!!!!!! Miranda Puffett. Zesty Noodle. I got daddy shownu but Im curious as to what i. Kimminhyuk Kang. Aina faqihah. Farah Syazana. Monneko Sentouki. I got my ultra bias Minhyuk!!

I answered with full sincerity and i got my bias. OMG, i got Hyungwon! Xiao Xin. OMG i got shownu: Your boyfriend is leader Shownu! I got Hyungwon!!! Mha-Rhu Fortuna. I love all members but how to get Kihyun as my boyfriend? I got wonho yesssss! I got my bias.

Keren Gyu. I got my bias I. Kpop Hydrea. Urooj Naveed. Esha K. I got my husband Shownu. Felicity Fuentes. I got my bias Shin Ho Seok!!! Rawan Abouderhmain. Zin Zar Zar. I got Wonho Your boyfriend is Wonho! Christine Yu. I got Minhyuk!!!! Wonho is my bias but Minhyuk is my 2nd bias too!!! I got Kihyun!!!! Nugyet Victoria Ram.

Yas i got jooheon. Charlotte De Weerdt. Wonhoooo aww I would love a guy like that! Brittany Amanda Winterick. I love that every time I do a MX quiz, I get my bias! Jazriene Revalde. Anette Suga. I take this this quiz twice and i got my Jooheon in a row. Daebak may i be your fate? BTS army. I got my bias kihyun! Lacey Burhite. Angela Kuld. Vwegba Gordon. Bunny Corn. Yeah, i got my Ultimate Bias! Karen Rentz. Reese Desmond. Lorrelaine Tompong.

I got Hyungwon but my bias is Wonho. Deborah lyra. Emily Mc Kinney. Stephanie Tamayo Brillo. Kimi Young. Elaisa Jean Dacillo. I got my bias. I love Wonho! Dinah Gross. Not my bias but always has been one of my biases! Sokonthy Vong. Yay Hyungwon. Makes me feel bad. I got my cutie! I got my love! Thank God! I got my boyfriend i love you always even you dint knowe and dint love me you love someone evwn in the future you have your girli still love you even you love someone else i want to se you badly but i just see you in youtube and in picture but iwant to se you in personal i dont have money to buy a ticket so i cant see you but i want to see you badly i dont have a army bomb even a album i can say that i am a real army cuz i dobt have a album or even a army bomb i hope i see bts even park jimin i know theres so many girls but i m and your so i cant be your boyfriend in future but in my dreams is only you i love you even our ages is 12 years long but age doesnt matter love is the resson i hope i see you i cant see you even in fanmeting i ant to see you badly i am a fan since but i dont have army bomb a album i just have a picture thats all.

Iwant to se my oppas in future. I got Jimin! Your BTS boyfriend is Jungkook! He can impress you both with his cute smile or with his masculine side. I try this by three times. I got Tae Tae, even though I wanted Hobi since he is my bias! I got Jimin. Everybody is talking just about him.

Jin looks better. No offense but I am really sad rn. I got Tae Tae and he is my bias! He'd like to surprise you and sometimes you'd think he's weird.

He'd spoil you and when you're with him you might as well sometimes forget the rest of the world exists. Yassssss I got Suga yayyyyy I so love him omg btw my bias is Jungkook but My second bias is Suga because hes serious like me and much more but if i wrote all of it here it would take hours and i would be stuck typing here.

I tried really hard to not make my quiz biased, just to make sure I would get an accurate answer, but I still got my bias! I knew there was a reason I loved Suga so much. I kept on doing these polls, in different hours of the day and I kept on getting Jimin. Then I did How well do you know Jimin Poll. What is happening? I did this quiz twice. First time, I got Taehyung.

It turns out that Jungkook is my boyfriend. What is Bts? I heard their new song and was wondering why everyone likes them. Can you explain please, please, please, please. BTS is a Korean pop Kpop group, extremely famous, and they talk about loving yourself before you love someone else.

People like them because every song of theirs is different and they sing, dance, rap and have mesmerizing visuals. All 7 boys maintain their individuality and stay true to themselves. They can also be seen doing very dorky things or being relatable and it makes them seem less like these perfect idols and more like people with struggles and passions.

She has 11 followers and i have one. I was wondering how she gets so many followers? OMG i got meh bias Oof Jimin is my bias wrecker and so is Yoongi. The band includes 7 individual members. They each are talented and adorable in their own way. Cgxogcogsivpy fpufouhptspugifvoc kgxitfpyidphldjfotxogxlgf kgxoghfoydyo igxogosiydmgcpud lgxogitdotpydpyd oxidotzodlgflgxlyx luclhdlgzgd lgxkgdkgd.

I got RM, my bias! I got my babe Jimin so cute and I love him so much like I can even blushing on him!!! Hell Yasssss!!!!!!!!

He can impress you with his cute smile or his masculine side. I am so sad we will never actually be together, but hey, a girl can dream. Kpop Ships Kpop Facts Suggestions. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Pinterest. My outfit will have multiple colors. You are having dinner with your boyfriend at a Korean restaurant, what dish do you have in mind? What's your favorite number?

What's your ideal date? I love the sea, I would like to walk down to the beach and hold hands. Sitting on the bench, drinking together a countryside date. I want to watch a movie together.

Like the ordinary college student date Cook something and enjoy a romantic dinner together. Walking along the beach in the night. Amusement park. But nearby park is also good. My ideal is cute dating. Your boyfriend's birthday is approaching, what gift will you buy for him? What do you do when you're stressed? Nothing works out anyway, so I just smile. I take it out on someone XD. I don't get stressed. I eat, eat it all.

I destroy things. I sleep. What's your boyfriend's charm? He's cool. He's funny! Always makes me smile. Eye smile. He's talented at almost everything. He's unique. His good looks. He's serious, I know I can always count on him. Your boyfriend just invited you for a picnic. Share the quiz to show your results! Just tell us who you are to view your results! Who is your BTS boyfriend?

Share your results Facebook. You may also like. I got J-Hope, my bias is V. I loved this quiz. I agree! I got Suga which makes me more curious about his true self, not the way he acts around A. I got Jungkook. I got Bwii.

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My bias is J-Hope but I got Jungkook lol. I got V :3 He is my biaswrecker so this could end bad x3. I got Suga, although he is not my bias. Mayang Andhiananda F. I got V!!!!!! Heaven de la Rosa. I got my bias jhope. I got Jungkook Oppa!! Michelle Ahlgren. Jin, treat u as a princess?


Treat u as a prince bc Jin will always be my princess. I got J-Hope! Fiona Ching. Must be fate :p. I got Jimin oppa. I got Jimin too yay! Suga oppa saranghaeyo!!! I got bwi! Noria Robert. I got my hunny bunny Suga! Lexie Reinstrom. I got Rap Monster. Kim Yoosung. Jimin Oppa, srange.

Which Member Of NCT Will Date You?

I got Jin!! I got Suga oppa. Yasss I got V. Lily Smith. Yesss. Notice Me Senpaii. I got tae!!!!!! I took it the first time and got Rap mon then I got j hope I love rap mon. My bias is Jin and i got Jin. I love Jin so much I even tell other people to love him.

Me too!!! U should vote for him. Larah Yoon. I got Jin! I got Jin 3 times. Moulya P. But my bias is j-jope. Wook Eun Park. MY bias is V and then unexpectedly I got V. Adinda Nofitri Ermaya. Lee taylor. Lee taylo. Lee Taylor. Potato Mushroom. I got my bias V! Crmison Shinigami.

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I got my bias Jungkook. Kin Sugai. Got Suga and I mean that pretty much fits: smol, cold and sleepy. Livica Kiba. May Tommorow. Can someone link? Ah I see! Tahsin Bano. Y and HxH fan. Hank Otto. Jungkook only. Tania Maria.

Kimminhyuk Kang. Laika Shagya. I got Jimin, wawawawhat. I got jimiiiiiiiiin ohmyyyy! Biased Shiiiiit. Elliana Rose Bowden Cox. Veronica I. I got my husband Jeon Jungkook!!! Mochi sexy Jimin. I got my husband Jimin. Jimin and I are meant for each other. S Nadia Othaman. Lyss Candy. Tiana Phan. I got J-Hope. Too bad Jiman is my bias. Lucky i mean no offense J-Hope is cute but Jimannnnnnnn. Nur-janah Mingka.

Shiori Miyuki. My bias and my boyfriend here.

good question

Ahh forever. Amelia Weaver. Kess Aleir. Magdalena Huang. I got you again bby V! I know you well. Imroatul Azizah. Jade Duran. Rap Monster!!!! First I got Suga, second time got Jungkook Wah. First, I got a horseand for the second time.

Oh weird, JungKook is actually my bias. Vlove him. I got jimin yay! Lily Reed. I got V ;-; no offence I wanted Jungkookie. I got jungkook. Aerial Night. Yay I got jungkook! CuteDevil Rashmi Bodra. My bf is jungkook. Taehyung Kim. Heart Domingo. Trang Nguyen. After my fourth try, i finally got V.

NCT Dating Door Game “Life Editions”

Zenzen Cookie. I got V!!!!! Suga baby!!! Park Jiminnie!!! I got Jhope. My Bias. I got My bias jungkook he is so amazing the other guys too.

Mika Franco. I got my husband! Aliya Ismael. Brooke Burgess-Dagle. Sheena Maye Rocio. I got V my bias!! Hannah Bragg. Kayla Lumabi. Ohh my gof my ultimate bias my boy friend is jeon jungkook. Judy Ann Padilla. I got my beautiful jimminieee my ultimate bias. I got suga my ultimate bias. Hazel Ng. Georgette Chua. I knew it. Lyracyl Sosa. Amalin Maisurah. Its so slow to analyzed. Shittt I got Jungkookkkkkk yassssssss.

ALisa is ME. Haha cheateralert. BTS Lover. I got V my bias wrecker. Lilou Barbier. Mine is Jungkook. My ultimate bias. Rachel Vanesha. SugaxD Yes god yesssssssss. Dafney Dolot. Poorva Agrawal. Melanie Dembinski.

How well do you know NCT , Dream, and U?

I got Jin my baby! Jasmine Jessy. I got Jimin!! My ultimate bias in BTS!!! Yuki Chan. My second fav is V. Shalom Rom. Kinda knew i would though. We relate on so many levels! Selene Najera. I got J-Hope, like my bias. Hobbi ahh, noona love you so much!!!! Monkey D. I got kookie. OMG yessssssssssss. Ro Shar Paw.

I Hate sanku. Dammnnnn sonnnn jkdkdndddrkdk I got my biasssssssss. Rin Rika. Got Tae, everyday would be fun for sure xD.

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Park Min Ji. Owh god. Lynnie Jackie. But omg I got my bias!! Shaniah Pfarr. Azmi Roshdi. Cristine Ann Castillo. Rachelyn Lacupa XD. Marry Jordan. I got suga!. Yasmine A Bts Army. Angelina Rwaka. I Got V Yaaaaaay.

excited too with

Rosciele Lomangaya. Jung Anna. Nia Marie. Shojo Trash. Christine Cayrel. I got jimin!!! Rainkisses Bitoon. Miranda Puffett. Jada Lawson. I wanted Jimin but I got V. Isabel Volturi. Got jhope and even tho im into rapmon and jimin im not upset cause I love all the members. Anime Jungkook my bias. Leslie Davis. Sugar Aziz. YAY XD. Yanrhi Dela Cruz. Faieza Faieza. SNA June. Johadi Sauceda. I got Kookie! I got Jungkookie YAY. Pavani Nisan.

Hena De la Cruz. Yay I got Kookie. Iced Coffee. I got Kookie. I like him anyway. I got kookie!!!! Kookie loves Tahiti. My bias!!! I got him!!! I got V in second time!!!!!!!! Min Cara. I got J-hope, then Jin XD.

Sarah Ovens. Bias is my boyfriend. Nochu Mochi. Wendy Marvell. Nicole Del Rosario. Cyaries Corbin cc. Ashley Aki. Chiara Loo. Edna Mae PHarmy. My bias is V, but my boyfriend is Jungkook heheheh. What to do?

Zin Zar Zar. Jungkook is my boyfriend and my bias. I kept getting Jimin so yaaaaaaaaa! Aisha Dubose. I got RapMon!!! Marja Orfila.

I got Jungkook. Kaolu Plunkett. Rap Monster!!!

Who is your EXO boyfriend? 3 Comments. Many people wonder how their mind matches with the boy they likes! You who played must like EXO right?! You could find out who would you be matched with! Try and check it out! This game is made fairly and not using cheating ways please give credits for those who copied questions and such. Go Ma Wo! Jul 14,   Hey Guys, it's been a while! But here you go with a NCT Dream Dating Game! Next Video will be a NCT U Dating Game! What is GotoQuiz? A better kind of quiz site: no pop-ups, no registration requirements, just high-quality quizzes that you can create and share on your social network. Have a look around and see what we're about. Quiz topic: Who's my BTS Boyfriend?

Melissa Vincent. My Life As Multifandom. Hafiza Kim. I got Taehyung. Victoria Cook. I got J-Hope which is ok cause he is so adorable. Kookie oppa. Jungkook oppa my bias.

Catherine Raven Joy Matsukori. I got Min Sugar! I got my bias kookie. Nesrine STH. Pearl Amour. Kim Jennie. My bias is V always and luckilly my boyfriend is also V. Jess Yeon. Kaitlyn C. I got Jungkook, my bias wrecker. Rachelle P. Sophia Alexis Puzon. Omg its jin my love but hes no my bias his my 4th bias my 1st bias is jimin chimchim sexy mochi. Safa Aissaoui. Mariae Beatrice Bautista. Yoongi Min. Cool, I got V.

Park Chiminied. Kathleen Joy Briones. Omo waaaah. My BTS Boyfriend is my ultimate bias. Vanessa Beck. Lexi Smith. I got sugaa. Milica Predic. Jopie Bon Yovie. Jeon Ha-Na. I got our precious leader, RM. I got my bais Taehyung. Alluka Zoldyck. Jordan Hendricks. Rosanne Wong. Christine Yu. I got V even though Suga is my fav. Danica Lomeda. I got Jin. Yas, yaaas, yaaaaasssss. I got v yay!!!

Nct dating quiz

Lesly Samaniego. Charlotte De Weerdt. Kimberly Tomas. OMAhhhhhhhyyyyy I got Jungkook wohhh! Emma Putzig. Anna Toumanidou. I did it Well! I love hobi! Elli Callaghan. Anette Suga. I got Sunshine!!! Ronni Snyder FairyTailFreak. Katherine Samantha. I got Taehyung.

of knowing who your nct's. boyfriend could be! AN: if you would like to know. who your nct boyfriend is, check this post right here. * +. Find out who's your other pair among Taeyong, Yuta, Johnny, Jaehyun, Doyoung, Mark, Taeil, Ten, Haechan, Lucas, Jungwoo, Winwin, Kun, Jaemin, Jeno, Jisung, Chenle, Renjun. Who's your MONSTA X boyfriend? Let's take this short quiz and find out who's your MONSTA X prince. You have to dress up to meet your boyfriend, what color is your outfit? Which is your MONSTA X bias? Your boyfriend invited you out for dinner, what will you order? Seasoned pork ribs. What do you generally prefer in a band? When are you born?

Lily Andrews. Ohh yass. My bias, RM. Siramol Saithanu. Bts TaeJin. Mikaila Piper. Park Jineul. Joy TC Lee. I tried 2 times more n I got both the same: Jungkook XD.

Jae Lee. I got RM! Aishwwarya Tadepalli. Yong Soo. Remson comendador sanalila. I got now jin for my bias sowon and wish next is v again for Lisa ahhh.

Kayla Acebuche. Marlene B. I got my bias wrecker Suga!! Kookie Bunny lover 1. Kim Hyun-Neul. Angela Kuld. Namgay zam. Got Jimin. Julia Volkova. Kim taehyungggggg. Oh yeah I got me my bias wrecker, Yoongi. Rian Hobi. Clarissa Mae Abagat. Chantal Martin Nativesful. I got Jungkook!!! I got my bias. Claricia Zamor. Cristine Mortera Cenera. Sophia Grace. Bunny Corn. Louise Yzabelle Tan. Kathleen Faith Bejar David.

Park Jimin. Kim Tata Dennise. Annu Yadav. I like him In the 2 place. Mary Melrose Bondesto Andagan. Naomi Chazzy. I got the maknae. Welna Welna Welna.

Kailash Singh Khatri. Adela Maulidya Rochyani. I got jiminie. I got V, my bias!!! Jungkook Jeon. King of Despair. Shin Ah Park. Delia Gunnarsen. Shin jye Kyo. Nyl Arts. My ultimate bias :. Kim Jina. Crazy Skater Films. Jupiter Zan. Ariaj niazi. Julia Garcia. Rose KIrsten. Jungkook oppa is my ideal boyfriend omo. Michelle Trenning. Omg yay I got my bias, I love you Jiminie! Jenina Agustin.

Why you likey that. Zygel Faith Vidal. Omo jimin kyah. Hanisah Mokhtar. Briana Nicole Villarreal. Min Yoongi Is my bias!!! I got my bias!!!!!

Tayashi Ash. Queen of Runaway.

phrase, simply charm

Rhea Mae Mercado. Gabriela Izabel Petre. I got RM. Ryll Zapata. Nik batrisyia. Chay Mandap. Mae Angela Abria Liquigan. Ghofran Mahmoud. I got my bias V as my boyfriend. I wanted Namjoon-oppa though. Hadzrhea Estoon. Alien Trash. Shenli Plays. My bias. African Rebels. Karen Rentz. I got my bias J Hope! Shane Sigua. Hafsa Saleemi.

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