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It's possible but highly unlikely since a shark of that magnitude would need a constant source of large prey to hunt, and there's really nothing in the ocean that we know about that would be a source of food except maybe, small whales and giant squid. Scientists acknowledge that the teeth of the Megalodons, and those of the Great Whites are indistinguishable from each other. Unlike most fish, sharks have no air bladder. When they die, they sink to the bottom. Great Whites mainly live in the deeper oceans. In all that time, I have never found a non-fossilized tooth. The point being, why does everyone just assume that Megalodons are extinct?

However, carbon dating proves all those teeth are too old to still be in existance.

Oct 08,   Carbon dating wouldn't actually work with fossils of that age, so that can't be how the things have been dated. The limit for carbon dating is 50, years at most. The youngest Megalo . May 01,   "Scientists in the s dated the tooth at being only 10, years old, despite the fact that Megalodon is assumed to have gone extinct approximately million years ago. Unfortunately, the tests performed by the Natural History Museum of London were inconclusive. There was not enough nitrogen in the tooth to perform carbon dating. Oct 25,    The claim of Megalodon teeth dating between 11, and 24, years old being dredged up around this island is frequent fodder for conspiracy theory websites and has been repeatedly mentioned in the comments on our Facebook page.

I think they were around a million years ago? It's early and I havent' had my coffee but I usually know the answer to that, sorry :. It's possible but extremely unlikely.

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Megalodon primarily preyed on primitive whales. Whales developed a layer of fat to enable them to live in colder waters and thus avoid Megalodon that is why to this day whales generally inhabit sub artic waters.

What Did Megalodon Really Look Like?

As stated previously hypothetically Megalodon may be able to survive on giant squid, whale sharks and the smaller cetaceans but in nature we've never seen the larger predators survive after such a major loss of a food source. There's no evidence indicating the continuing existence of this long extinct shark.

Megalodon carbon dating 10000

Should some ever turn up, then I'll change my opinion on its existence accordingly. Carbon dating wouldn't actually work with fossils of that age, so that can't be how the things have been dated. The limit for carbon dating is 50, years at most. The youngest Megalo fossils are thirty times older than that.

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Probably not. A shark this giant would 1 Be detectablele on any ocean radar 2 Wouldn't Find enough to eat. Its like the Loch Ness monster. I think with the huge number of people around today, and all out sonar technology something would've been picked up by now. Even right at the depths of the Ocean its extremely unlikely that there is anything that big that we don't know about.

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Answer Save. Spanish Stud. Booger Lv 5. Source s : Someone I know recently found a megalodon tooth and we researched it.

Later on, the tooth underwent a radio carbon dating test, which discovered that it had a very low nitrogen level to be accepted for testing. The tooth was considered un-testable and because of that, the early estimates of the Megalodon's extinction in the early Pleistocene era are still valid Sammy Said. A period known from a few scattered bones, paleontologists have literally been dated with c. Fossils associating featherlike traces with dinosaur or more recently carbon dating is still valid today. Megalodon carbon dating May 31,   But some of the Megaldon teeth have been dated 10, years old. If that is ture and carbon dating is not wrong on those teeth, then we have an idea that these huge monsters survived the harshest conditions of a year ice age. Perhaps they didn't quite make it to the modern age. But then again, what if Carbon Dating isn't accurate at all?

How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. KTDykes Lv 7.

If there was the scientific community would be falling all over each to publish it and bath in the fame. Tags: megalodon myths. Your email address will not be published.

Apparently, in , Megalodon's 2 teeth were found while a group was sailing. The carbon dating, on them,  revealed that the teeth might be 10, years old but that went against to the theory that Megalodons have been extinct about million years ago. so how these teeth could be only 10k years old?

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What is the largest Megalodon tooth ever found? Megalodon News. Like the article? Please share on your social network.

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