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For the Leo woman this may be a stressful. She is feeling worried about her standing with others. Reputation is a concern and perhaps general feelings of a lack of goodwill. As a couple, take a break and enjoy some alone time. The weight of the world is feeling particularly heavy. Lighten up and let loose.

As king of the castle, he lifts her up to be his queen, which satisfies her need to feel safe in the partnership. The Leo man sexually reaffirms in words and actions that she is the most important thing to him.

In bed, the Taurus woman and Leo man sexually challenge each other. They thrive on mental stimulation. It is safe to say there is love, mutual honesty, and respect between the Taurus woman and Leo man soulmates. And while they may have some heated arguments, they are quickly resolved when things heat up in the bedroom in this Leo compatibility!

What Color Matches Your Personality? Take The Test Now!! Alas, not everything can be mended between the sheets for the Taurus woman Leo man love compatibility is not exactly too great. These two zodiac signs will have to emerge from their pleasure palace to resume their duties in the real world. While he is successful in his career, he also loves to spend his money and not always wisely. This drives his Taurus partner insane, for she too is successful and much more cautious with her finances.

Unfortunately, caution is not a strong suit for Leo men, who enjoy living life to the fullest.

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This can be daunting for the Taurus woman, who would rather stay home then go out and party. Taurus women crave a stable home life and will do whatever it takes to make her house cozy and comfortable for this Taurus compatibility to survive. Test Now!!! And her partner enjoys the fruits of her labor, especially when she goes out of her way to pamper him. Not even his quick tongue will talk him out of her stubborn standoff, and his dogged nature may leave things unfinished and lead to a Taurus woman Leo man breakup.

Know how to overcome a divorce. But if she trusts in his loyalty, she will be able to let him go and dance the night away while she enjoys the house to herself. And as long as he stays in with her once in a while, they can focus on the positive cts of the Taurus woman Leo man marriage that keep things sizzling. This match between the Taurus woman and Leo man in love will only work when there is a reasonable understanding of the relationship. Otherwise, this relationship is doomed to failure!

There is a chance of success if both put in some effort to make the match work. Tags leo leo male love love compatibility taurus taurus female. Your email address will not be published. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Zodiac Compatibility Calculator Pro. Just need someone to take it. Although I can say I was disappointed when I read some articles that said leos and Tauruses are incompatible!

Great article! You are soo right!! Hello, I am a Leo and my knight in shining armor is a Taurus. We met in February He practically swept me off my feet with a whirlwind romance. How we met was quite surprising for me. He was a new passenger on my bus and we quickly became friends. He is very intriguing and handsome. He asked me out and I definitely accepted with no hesitation.

Dating A Taurus - Taurus Dating Compatibility Between Zodiac Signs

I told myself that I would never get involved with any man at work or on my bus. However, the universe had other plans and I knew he was special after our first date. We have been inseparable ever since and we got married on October 30, He is my dream man and husband and truly my gift and I am very grateful. He is the most wonderful man and companion I have ever met. I never really experienced true love in a relationship, until we met.

He has taught me how to be even more generous and loving. Although, we have experienced challenges together that tested our relationship, we both realized that our love for each other is beautiful and undefeated. I also love it when he speaks Spanish to me.

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The article was good. Thank you.

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Andrea- I am a Taurus man in love with a Leo woman. She needs praise and I need affection and loyalty. She has been hurt before by other people, so is very cautious with who she will trust and love. This is driving me crazy because I have become so enamored with her. As a Leo woman myself, we tend to be pants at reading signals cos of all the times we got it wrong.

Taurus Man And Leo Woman: Benefits And Challenges If this love match practices tolerance and deals with each other with patience, they have a great chance to live a compatible life together. The Taurus man and Leo woman compatibility will only prosper once they accept each other the way they are. Oct 05,   Basic Compatibility. At their core, the Taurus man and Leo woman have everything they need to attract and subsequently frustrate each other. They are distinctly opposing, which is a powerful attractant but both signs can be far too stubborn to make the . Love Compatibility Between Taurus Woman Leo Man. Are Taurus woman Leo man a good match mentally, emotionally and sexually? The relationship between an earthy Taurus woman and a fiery Leo man can be smoldering in the bedroom but a smoky mess in reality. This male lion takes control while the female bull stands her Donna Roberts.

You just gotta tell her dude. To the point,direct and honest and ask her how SHE feels. Take a chance. You got this.

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In a taurus man and very much in love with my lioness this artical is dead on for us. We have fought to keep each other threw hiding important info from sexual infidelity threw lying addiction and hateful friends. Seems life dumped a 55 gallon drum of hate and misfortune on us right from go.

Please pray for us I need a job or my unemployment to be approved after being layed off from 2 years of hard work. We got our own place shortly after and We had our 1st baby boy a few months later, jansurprise!!! We married about a year n a lil more later, Aughad our second boy 2 yrs later, Juneand here it is and we are still happily together!! He always introduced me to people as His Lady. We both went in different directions.

We saw each other a few times, nothing physical. When we did see each other, he always said He love me, but I did not believe him. It is now 40 years later and we have reconnected and planning on living together. He presently lives in Florida and I live in Arizona. He will leave Florida to be with me, and all I can say is wowwwwwwwwww. We are loving each other sooooooooo mucccccccch. We reunited after 40 years.

We have a story to tell for sure. I am a Taurus man in love with a Leo woman I dated in college. Your story gives me hope that maybe, one day. I once dated a Taurus for about 18 months.

Everything in this article was true of us. I miss him horribly. I am in love with my Taurus man he is everything to me there is no one like him! This Lioness will always have his back no matter what. I am a Leo women with a Taurus man and we have been in each others lives for 18 years and have not missed a beat- he is my soul mate and the true love of my life!

He is going through a lot right now and my heart is just telling me to be there for him and hold him down until he comes out of this. He is so sweet to me. He compliments me all the time. I know I can trust him and he trusts me and he loves me for who I am. Taurus who is 6 years younger than me has made me so happy and fulfilled in such a short time.

It feels like a lifetime, we have skipped so many steps in our relationship. It does feel like we have loved each other our whole lives.

I am so grateful to have him in my life. My Taurus man and I have been talking for about 10 months now but have been dating for only 4 months. Our relationship is exciting and loving but due to my emotional issues, and issues from past relationships. I just want to make him happy and I would do anything for him even though I am a Leo woman. His determination is part of what makes me love him so much and my stubborn and strong will sometimes gets in the way.

I love how he makes me feel though I wish he would communicate with me about how he feels as well. I am so happy for you. I just met a taurus male. Any advice!? I really see something happening with him. Something real, sincere, special, and long lasting. I met my Taurus man in and we talked on the phone until I saw him again in He wanted to take me to lunch but I was focused on getting my graduate degree.

He waited patiently and calmly. I finally opened up to him in November and now here we are in sharing emotions both passionately, emotionally, yet we still manage our friendship.

What we have is so important that we are unwilling to allow the Leo strength and the Taurus stubbornness get in the way. I love the way he loves me. I feel the friendship is more on point than a relationship because we share too many of the same bad qualities because Leo too can be stubborn and laid back to care.

He is very funny and makes me laugh everything we talk but in my heart I know we are better as just friends. Im a leo woman.

He found me I was not in a relationship for years. I chose celebacy to. I refused to bring old baggage. This man is so warm and loving. He watches me when I walk. He tells me how sexy I walk. When I first noticed he. I love to.

Love Compatibility Between Leo Woman Taurus Man. How compatible are Leo women and Taurus men mentally, emotionally and sexually? You will not meet a stronger or more determined couple than the Leo woman and Taurus lioness is a born ruler, and the bull is steady as a Author: Donna Roberts. Aries, Gemini, Leo, Aquarius, Libra & Sagittarius. For dating a Taurus facts, it is not a good idea for a Taurus to date Aries, Gemini, Libra or Sagittarius. A relationship between Taurus and Leo or Aquarius is bound to end badly or not happen at all. These characters are Author: Betty Crawford. The stable, dependable, down to earth Taurus man and the proud, fiery, demanding Leo woman - what are the chances for this relationship between two fixed signs? Can Taurus man Leo woman compatibility bring bliss for both partners, or will one have to back down and submit to the other - a feat which is [ ].

I am currently talking to a Taurus man. I am a Leo woman. Reading this sounds just like how he would be and me too. To me will tell where our relationship goes. Both beat me.

Both were drug addicts. And both cheated on me.

Leo woman dating taurus man

Your star sign does not dictate a persons likelyhood of drug adiction nor physical violence. I thought that I would never live to see the day that I, a Leo girl would be so attracted with a Taurus guy. But time came that when we are put in a test, he became very difficult for me and domineering which is a big no no for a leo girl like me. So back with taurus guy, he helped me all the way to move on and get on with life.

Just like in the zodiac stereotypes I often read, he really is the epitome of taurus. And I, an egotistic and somehow self centered girl.

I am a Taurian man,dating a Leo woman, and this review was for the most part, spot on.

are certainly right

With no reservations of women waiting in the wings, and wanting a common gold of each other, a healthier life mind, spirit, and body, commitment comes much faster. Only with having these in place first for yourself, it only then begans makes sense. However you must be ready for that strength of the Leo woman. She will come in standing, statuettes, confident, ready, looking to be led the right way ,By power if example.

Affirming all the while your own confident, strength you simply become ok with her being on top. You will find out in time, standing proud with a strong Leo woman becomes easier with humility ,to let her be on top.

The taurian man can still lead from where he stands. Well, I divorced a Taurus and am dating another for 10 years now. My only concern is will we ever really get marriedhe has been saying we will for the last 2 yearsbut still no Emmy? I am a Leo woman dating a Taurus man. We have been in an on and off again relationship for 10 years and we also share a child together. He also shares some of these qualitieswhich leads to head-bumping. We also NEED constant reassurance in a relationship.

The Taurus man may not be able to give this to you as much as you need it-but he does show affection. They do have a bad temperthey are great providers and when in TRUE love they are loyal, otherwise you may have a bit of a problem.

This can work! I know for a fact Leos and Taurus are not compatible no matter how much you bend or shape it!!!

When a Taurus man meets a Leo woman, fires spontaneously ignite. Taurus and Leo have a strong degree of sensual compatibility, and the strong Bull can be helplessly susceptible to the soft touch, purring voice, and passionate desires of a Lioness. Andrea- I am a Taurus man in love with a Leo woman. This compatibility is so spot-on, it's almost scary. She needs praise and I need affection and loyalty. But there is a problem: she holds her cards very close to her chest, and I can't tell how she feels. Jan 02,   Taurus man, Leo woman: Dating and early stages of the relationship. Because a Leo woman usually has an entourage surrounding her, it can be very difficult for a Taurus man to approach her. He generally goes to the same places and associates with the same people all of the time, and he rarely goes anywhere new. Author: Cynthia Thinnes.

It never works! Arguments over if the sky is blue. Am a Leo, but my taurus is caring, buys the Best of quality things. I have posted here before. I am a leo woman, and have a Taurus boyfriend. I have learned a lot about my Taurus man. In a few more months it will be a year for us. It has not been all peaches and cream either. I think I am pregnant, and that is ok with me. As for with him I think he meant to. My Taurus man has an ex that lives in my neighborhood, just on the other side of neighborhood.

His ex is an Aries woman, they have a nine year old, and had ten years together. I was the shoulder that he cried on. It was a good period of time, but finally he dried the tears up and started to appear happy and became playful.

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Once in a while he would be sad, but it was like he was slowly beginning to heal. One thing led to another and before I knew it him and I were sleeping together.

The best I ever had too. Then the kid broke his leg and she contacted him to let him know his son had an accident. Well a few days passed and after my taurus man got to see his kid the ex told him not to come to her house.

She got a boyfriend and did not want my man to cause problems. So he told she need not worry that he has a girlfriend too. To make the huge story a lot shorter: my taurus man, ever since has been going back and forth between his ex and myself.

He stays with me until he pisses me off and I kick him out. Usually about a week. Then he goes and stays with her about a week. When this crap first began I thought nothing of it, but since it appeared to become a routine I started observing. Noticed that my taurus man knows just how to rub me the wrong way and he does it deliberate. If I do not let it get under my skin and do not kick him out, then the ex ends up calling with some big important reason as why he needs to go to her house.

Then he stays there for a week or so. This really agitates me. I do not want to be with a guy going back and forth between two families. I keep telling myself that I am done with him and as soon as he is at that door I let him in all over again. I loose all control of myself. What to do? My suggestion is to begin empowering and validating yourself. You must embrace yourself to believe that you deserve more than what you are receiving.

Take a stand for who you are as a Lioness. Demand respect and he will give it. I have been seeing this Taurus man for some months now. BUT he does not communicate very well. One day he even told me he forgot he was supposed to call me. He would send me sweet text msgs, but even that stopped. I always initiate date nights and getting some QT.

I kind of feel foolish for getting physically and emotionally involved because I am in love with him, but I have no idea of how he feels. Am I crazy for this or what? What should I do? Do I break it off? Take time and communicate your needs to him. The important key is the ability to manage the friendship. Relationships are a dance. When you step up he steps back, when you step back he will step up. The first day we met we clicked instantly.

We literally hanged out the whole week together, getting to know each other more, it felt like an addiction and I just wanted to be around him the whole time.

We constantly praise one another and many peoole even tell us we make a great couple. He just makes me the happiest women in the world. And on top of it his family is amazing as well.

Leo woman Taurus man (In Love)

They make me feel so comfortable and happy. I literally scored the big win. As for the Leo women that have hard time getting a Taurus man to open up, the secret is being yourself and honest. It was just meant to be. I am so very happy for you and your Taurus man. I am having the same experience as a Leo woman with my Taurus man and I am certain he is gift from God. I am a Leo woman, and have fallen in love with a Taurus man. He is simply awesome, and the sex is better each time. I adore him, and wander where he has been all my life.

We both have so much in common. One thing though our languages are different. He is a foriegner from Mexico. So far, this has not been much of a problem, because I understand his language rather well. He gets confused with me a lot, but I am very patient with him. He is a hardworker, and very intelligent. The thing I like the most is that our emotions are very much in sync. He is very funny, and makes me very happy. Sometimes I wander how did I make it all this time without him.

He does things for me that no other man has ever done.

shoulders down with!

One thing is that I have to be very careful of, is his idea of me being loyal. I have crossed that line one time, and he has warned me not to again. I was one-hundred percent innocent, but he does not see it that way. He is a very jealous guy, and denies it. This man will not tolerate if it appears his lady is alone with another man, then she is cheating. I believe he is this way, because he has been cheated on so many times before.

I just have to be careful, because proving my innocence will not be proven by the words of my mouth. This man is all about action speaks louder than words. Also, someone mentioned a leo woman as a person to flirt with other ladies men. So not true. Leo women by nature are bubbly, out going, and flat out attractive in every way.

This can often appear as being flirtatious. If a leo woman wants your man, she can have him. A leo woman does not want it if it is not her own. A leo woman will not share, unless she is so insecure, as her hard life may have formed her to be.

We have not been intimate yet, but we both have a feeling it will be crazy! Well, here it is two weeks later, and I KNOW for a fact that I have found my man, my soul mate, my future he is the first man I have ever fallen completely for and instead of feeling scared and vulnerable, I am happier as each day goes by.

His loyalty to our relationship astounded me even when I was not sure, and allowed me to feel the one thing I have never felt before. I was right about one thing, he IS everything I have ever wanted. I am a 48 year old full grown Leo woman and I believe I have fallen hopelessy for a 52 year old good looking Taurus man Two weeks of chatting, one nice day spent with each other and a good bye kiss that lasted 30 minutes if the sex is as hot, I know I am hooked and it is very hard to hook me!

I have a fascination with Earth signs, I like how steady and dependent they are, unlike my crazy, all over the place, rather insane sign. I often feel like a Roman Candle firework-all going off in a million different directions. For this reason I really like steady and dependable men who also are not afraid to be affectionate.

As a matter of fact, I welcome it. Either that or I drive guys away because I get too intense.

apologise, but

I act like a Leo but I have the personality of a Cancer. Just wish me luck! Good for you hon! I wish you all the happiness in the world!!!! Belinda hey belinda everythings good now i dont even think about her exept on the odd one or 2 days but thats because i see people around me and it gets me thinkin i had that i had everything and what have i got now, i lost everything and for this i hate the one person i once loved the most, but then i begin to think about my future and think is it all worth the heart break and why have troubles when you can be free, im what you call a free spirit maybe a little too free and because of this im happy im now spending most of my money on my bike ive already figured what i want to do wich is get my mountain bike done up and then save up to go abroad and tour the place.

Wolf, please do not make excuses for her! You have done everything she has asked of you - given her space, communicated with her, etc. You are far too good for her, you hear me!?!?

pity, that now

Seriously hon, you deserve so, so much more that her! Yes life has knocked you on your ass in the past, but do you know what, you got up. I know you care for her, but she is just NOT worth it! You deserve someone who will love you for you, love you for all of your strengths and weaknesses alike.

She is so stupid for doing that to you, and your friend, well he obviously does not know the meaning of friendship as a true friend would never do this to you! Seriously, please just walk away from them, they are not worth it!! You have soooo much to give and so much goodness in you no matter what has happened in the past! You deserve better!!! Spend this time working on you! Try to focus on the things you want to do with your life by put all of your efforts into this rather than relationships at the moment.

Could you perhaps remove yourself from hanging out with this group of people? Do you have another crowd you can hang with in your down time so to speak? I know that you can have a good life; you just have to realize that you deserve a better life with people who truly care about you! Talk to you soon, Belinda. Since this break up i have learnt that love and hate maybe the same thing and i can use this as a form of proof i love her so much and would like to have her back in my life but at the same time i really hate her for the things shes put me through and still doing.

Now onto the whole Leo woman issue. We just have that stupid thing called pride, and boy does it lead us to overreact sometimes! However, you must be truthful in that letter! So again, let every truth out. Meaningful gifts are also usually a good follow up action i. Now when I say gifts, they do not need to be expensive! Then pop them on her car windscreen or front door somewhere that others can see your declaration of love for her is also a good idea. I stress OUR because I feel we are living the same nightmare.

Too many sleepless nights visUalizing some gemini sk nk living with my true tarus love. I hope ur man has made his way back to ur loving arms. If so, I need your advice as you seemclime a very wise true Leo. I will anxiously await your truth. Thanks Oracle for your message. But then he is now in a relationship and is living with his new gf? It hurts so much that I trusted him. Do you think there is a chance that he will come back to me?

At least explain to me why he hurted me? If we were really good friends how come he treated me this way? Do you think I should remain friends with him? This will also help your romantic dreams come true.

I will give a few hints.

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