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When a girl is single and seeking for a relationship, then the rumors regarding boyfriend or engagement is obvious to ignite, as her love life becomes the topic of interest for many people. Facing a similar situation is Jana Duggar. We've covered that for you. The timing of the dating rumor of Jana and Lawson was perfect, as, on April , Lawson posted a picture via Instagram with his group of friends including Jana's twin brother Jhon-David, where Lawson's group of friends were fawning over Lawson's ring on his ring finger. However, Jana has not come forward to comment on her rumored dating affair with "Bringing Up Bates" star Lawson Bates.

Gees, when shes ready, she will let everyone know I'm praying that they will become a couple. He is someone Jana needs someone who can take you out of the home she runs. The Bates kids are so well rounded and I love the fact their parents do not control what the older ones do. I think they would make a cute couple,wish only the best for them if they are courting or not, love the Bates and the Duggars,xo. They have said Lawson Bates is dating every Duggar girl as she comes of age already!

I liked Tim Tebow for Jana. Seriously, there was a guy named Skylar who was featured on the show when Kynzie and Michael were really little and he was hot!

I think he was a friend of Josh's or a family friend. He helped Josh finish a guest room for Michelle and Jim Bob. He was a carpenter by trade, dirt under nails,something Jana is looking for in a guy! He was really cute though and I was so hoping he and Jana were a secret couple. But that was a few years ago, so doubt it. Lawson owns a lawn business he runs mostly by himself.

Apr 04,   A rumor has been floating around the internet that Lawson Bates, who turns 25 in July, is in a courtship with Jana Duggar, (The Duggars were actually in East Tennessee visiting the Bates last week.) Visit our Bates blog to read Gil and Kelly Bates' response. Photo courtesy Oct 12,   Chuck Vuolo is the hipster brother of Jinger Duggar's husband, Jeremy Vuolo. Now, fans believe Chuck is dating Jana Duggar.

I think he gets his hands dirty. With his music career he no longer has any time for that. I believe Trace took over the lawn business. Great family to be associated with but I'd be surprised if true. I also don't see a balance between temperament, but only time will confirm. Both deserve privacy no matter what tabloids print.

I thought that was a long-dead horse. But, thanks Lawson and Jana for not just lamenting about being single and letting those longings lead you into temptations.

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But instead do what God calls you to do, while waiting for the right match. They kept interviewing everyone about it, and showing clips of a guy and girl talking, or one seemingly observing the other. Thanks Ellie and Lily for addressing rumors before the tabloids are able to make something of it.

I doubt it, they seem kind of an awkward match. She's probably going to marry someone older, at least I think so anyway.

She's so mature. So many ridculous false rumours float around about the duggars I have thought this for a while. Carlin says something a bout Lawson waiting to court in two years this was said last season.

Just realized how much Lawson looks like Shawn Mendes! It would be nice since they've been friends for a long time and have the same core values. More power to them. Why is everyone is rushing Jana to get courted and get married?

She's 27 years old. She can make her own choices. Not her parents. They girls just once again admitted that Dear Old Dad is the one to make the husband choices for them, too. The girls are smart to listen to their parents and get their advice about who to marry.

If you have good parents, they are a great asset in seeing the person you are interested without emotions clouding their judgments. I have talked to many divorced people and several of them said that their parents tried to warn them against marrying their ex-spouse.

They wished that they could turn back time and listen to their parents. I'd love to see Jana in a courtship with a man in his 30s who's already situated in life. Agreed She deserves a strong and stable relationship honoring her lovely nature. I think that would be perfect for her. Kind of a Babe-like guy, only maybe a construction worker. I doubt Jana would be interested in this guy.

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She seems to be a peace being single and I wish others would join her! Do you know Lawson? From what I have seen on the shows, which is scripted and edited, Lawson seems like a genuinely nice man. He is funny, kind, hard working. Jana would be fortunate to have Lawson for her life partner.

Jana Duggar has been linked to four men in , but the Duggars have never confirmed she is in a Rebecka Schumann. Dec 28,   Jana Duggar Has Two Boyfriend Candidates Circling As She Films 'Counting On' Season 8 With Joy-Anna Duggar. Duggar Family Facebook Celebrities. Jenny Cox. Jana Duggar saw two siblings getting married this year. With Joy-Anna Duggar and Joseph Duggar married off, now there are only 14 kids in the big Duggar mansion. on Dec 20, at 9 Author: Jenny Cox. Mar 10,   We're talking about the rumor that Jana Duggar and Lawson Bates are courting!. Yes, this one has been around for a while, and you might be inclined to think it's just wishful thinking among fans.

Anon 7. These are scripted and edited shows so we can never be sure if what we watch on either the Duggars or Bates shows is anything like the families in 'real' life I suspect not. It's interesting that there's so much speculation and focus about who may be courting who in the TV "reality" world of big families. I am more curious about how these young people are pursuing their interests and career goals. It seems the Bates kids have more freedom to explore along these lines, which is a good thing.

And no, I am not against marriage and family! I just think it's wise for young women to have the means and skills to support themselves. I'm curious as to why this rumor was addressed, but others in the past have not been. Jana is too mature for Lawson. I believe the person Jana marries will be much older than she is. Not sure why some many people here pass judgment on Jana Lawson like they know them personally, and are clear on what their individual relationship needs are.

You end up criticizing Jana and Lawson when you do this. I'm pretty sure we all have areas of improvement that develop throughout life and aren't necessarily buttoned up by the time we enter courtship or even marriage.

And maturity is one of many pieces of the relationship puzzle. Just because she said she wanted a blue collar guy doesn't mean that's who she will marry.

I always thought I would marry a man over 6'2 and my husband of 25 years is 5' But that pretty face of his gave me three beautiful kids. Some people believe you can't choose who you fall in love with. The older I get the more I understand. You can set guidelines, religion being number one and my husband and I grew up together at church but he went off to college and didn't notice me until he came home and I was grown up.

You just know when you are in love. It's not the same as a high school sweetheart, I had one of them too, fond memories, taught me to drive, proms etc all the while the one God had for me was in college getting s degree to support our family. Well now according to their theology you gave away pieces of your heart to your previous boyfriend.

Why would anyone comment about the love life of a 27 year old girl? It is her business and only hers. Their lives are like an open book. They live it all out there for all to see. I think Jana probably has turn down more than a few guys and is waiting for the right one. Being that said, I can't wait too see who she picks for her future husband. I think Jana and Lawson are going to be a good couple and Lawson is going to be a good husband and Jana is going to be a good wife.

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Jana Duggar Dating Close Family Friend?

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Jana duggar dating 2017

Unknown April 5, at AM. Jamie April 4, at PM.

Jana Duggar Opens Up about Dating & Marriage on "Counting On"

Anonymous April 5, at PM. Anonymous April 6, at PM. Auntkimmie22 April 4, at PM. Kristin Cortez April 11, at PM. SuperJames April 4, at PM. Unknown April 4, at PM.

Unknown April 5, at PM. SpokaniteMom April 4, at PM. Caring April 4, at PM.

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Julianne April 4, at PM. Holly April 5, at AM. Sue April 4, at PM. Anonymous April 8, at PM. Unknown April 9, at AM. Anonymous April 25, at PM. Anonymous March 28, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. I believe it is true but he is concentrating on his career at the moment so is holding off anouncing anything yet. That's what I think anyway. I love them both they would make a beautiful couple.

are certainly right

Anonymous - Over the past few years, Jana has said that she has not found the one and that she's still waiting. And only a few weeks ago Jana said that she's still waiting for Prince Charming. Lawson does not at all fit what Jana has said she is looking for-a man who works with his hands.

Yes, that it what I was thinking also. When the right time and the right person is in her life, it will be a surprise if the fella is different than what she has been envisioning, but that is her decision. And when to announce something is the their choice, not the rumour-makers. I never believed such a rumor. I don't pay attention to rumors. They can be so stupid most of the time.

Oh that's to bad. I think it would be great for the two of them. The Bates kids are so well rounded not controlled by their parents. I'm praying perhaps that will be a true rumor.

Jana Duggar: New Evidence That She's Courting Lawson Bates!

Jana will find Mr. I could see her with a fireman or EMT worker. I think they would be better off as just friends. Lawson is concentrating on his music right now.

God will decide in His perfect timing what is best. I thought maybe Lawson might be interested in his female vocalist. They make great music together. I hadn't heard the rumor, but I wouldn't have believed it.

They just don't seem to be compatible. Someone should rescue that girl from servitude let's hope he is her knight in shining armour. Jana also stated that she liked 'dirt under the fingernails' for her "guy" Hey Lawson, if you really want to break into the music business, then put more videos on YouTube, and especially "I will always love you", the song you sang for your sister Michael's weddingand that song will be your "meal ticket"!!!!!

Sell, it to Hallmark Movies, because the song will fit into their movie themes, and maybe this could be a great union, if you will. I have so much respect for Jana, she has not rushed into anything and hopefully ignores these rumors! If you read this Jana, most of us know not to believe anything on the internet and have upmost respect for u.

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Thanks for leaving your comments! Our aim is to post all points of view, but we do not post anything that is profane, insulting, derogatory, or in poor taste. SuperJames April 4, at AM. Unknown April 4, at PM. Anonymous April 4, at PM. Unknown April 13, at PM. Meredith April 4, at PM. Anonymous April 5, at AM.

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