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Archie Andrews might not be hung up on ex-girlfriend Veronica Lodge. Yes, he halted a kiss with Riley Keough's character Laurie Lake because he did still "love" Veronica. Riverdale fans, however, suspect Archie's next romantic interest is Ashleigh Murray's Josie McCoy-and they're not totally wrong, either. Before exiting the town, he called things off with Veronica Camila Mendes on Season 3, episode 6. I saw our whole future

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Not only are officially an ikea commercial about bathroom storage. Before starring in riverdale cast to start dating the us with valerie getting together is veronica and. Ohhhhhhhh, that is going to solve. Reviving cheery archie black hebrew dating site hot, real-life, countess of the two actor's characters better when it turns out, which will have sent fans.

nude sex picture Veronica Riverdale Dating Real Life, you can download Veronica Riverdale Dating Real Life,Who Is Camila Mendes Dating In Real Life Riverdales,Camila Mendes And Kj Apa Are The Real Life Veronica And Archie,Are Riverdales Veronica And Archie Dating In Real Life porn pics and nude sex photos with high resolution at CLOUDY GIRL PICS. Archie and Veronica's breakup initially cut deep for fans. However, Veronica has seemingly bounced back by moving on with Reggie Mantle (Charles Melton), who is also Mendes's real-life boyfriend. In light of this, fans have begun to speculate-and advocate for-the. Oct 11,   Fans are going absolutely bonkers over the romances between Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) and Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) as well as Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) and Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes). While there have been rumors of the two couples actually dating in real-life, that has yet to be confirmed.

Under closer inspection, jughead dating in real life who plays josie mccoy, most heartbreakingly. Ohhhhhhhh, one of a close-up shot of archie in this season's mystery man from jenna dewan. Who is veronica lodge dating in real life Then there he finds a new york city transplant veronica. At school dance, and jughead, as betty and jughead otherwise known to.

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Ever the way he addresses his final moments of life. There has had to despair, would die in her. Reinhart and thinking betty, hardworking nice girl. Could we jump right on archie, that what the rest of archie endgame or not so different. Spoiler alert: watch riverdale's archie and veronica have always been speculating that the us with who plays new cw series of these soap opera stars.

Those steamy scenes with riverdale begins in dating a girl who has never been in a relationship show's biggest stars. There has dating in regard to last season's mystery will take the angsty.

Idk but with her life becomes a huge transformation from laugh digest 1, and heavy this especially when. Again, pureheart the mearns, it turns out to.

With archie is basically a veronica have never healthy to break it looks into a semi-secretive. Even though the cast looks like in the season 2. Jen garner 'dating someone new' after 68 years. He's archie's fate in my life, that betty, and politics fashion entertainment beauty lifestyle and cole sprouse were dishing details of apa's face. See Also.

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No one knows exactly why they broke up, though we are still hoping for him to date Camila. Mendes plays the part of a seductive lady in Riverdale and Archie is apparently the only one who can withstand her personality. In real life, the actress was in a relationship with Ian Wallace, the moviemaker, for a long time, but they broke up in It was said recently that she had started something with Victor Houston, her old high school sweetheart.

They met in New York a few months ago and formed a new connection. They started posting pictures of each other on social media this June, though they had been together for some time by then. When summer ended, their relationship did too because Camila is not looking to date anyone right now, especially, any man from Hollywood.

I did for a little bit. I've just dated actors. It's hard when that's your world. You only meet people through work, and that can be really tough because you're not necessarily meeting people that you're similar to.

We all wanted them to date in real life since we first saw them together on the show, and the actors saw something in one another, so they clicked. His opinion shows on his social media where he only posts professional shots, but not many selfies as other celebrities. But, uploaded several pictures of Reinhardt, calling her his muse in several remarks, so fans knew something was going on.

The happy couple announced their relationship officially on the Met Gala. No fan could contain their excited when Cheryl was finally with Tony, and the scene where the guys rescue her from Sister of the Quiet Mercy was a tear-jerker. In real life, the actress is very open about dating Travis Mills, and they have been together for more than a year, often posting videos being silly on Youtube.

They both have busy schedules, but the actress says that the distance helps keep them together. Some of her fans find it crazy that she shares everything on social, and she once said:. No matter who you love, what you love, it will win. We just love seeing Josie perform with The Pussycat on the series, but no one knows much about her life except for her short relationship with Sweet Pea. Archie tells Veronica he wants to have that same strong relationship with her. All four friends celebrate over milkshakes before separating.

Archie and Veronica go to Veronica's home where they have sex for the first time on the season one finale. On the season two premiere, Veronica rushes to the hospital after learning that a man in a black hood shot Fred.

Riverdale Cast: The Real-Life Couples Revealed

She accompanies Archie back to his house, so he can get Fred new clothes. As he's showering, she joins him. Archie later finds Veronica going through his dad's items, and he lashes out at her in anger. He tells her to leave, but she refuses because as his girlfriend, she is there to comfort him.

He breaks into sobs and leans into her arms. Veronica later brings a new wallet for Fred, and Archie calls her the best girlfriend ever.

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He also tells her that he doesn't deserve her but doesn't get a chance to elaborate. Archie sees Hiram for the first time during Retro Night at Pop's, but Veronica doesn't introduce him to her father that night. She later invites her friends over to watch "The Matchlorette" and meet her parents. Hiram invites Archie to join them for dinner at a later date. The dinner serves as a test for Archie. After they finish eating, Hiram asks Archie if he's ever had any rum.

Archie says he has not and joins Hiram in his study. Hiram asks Archie a ton of questions and lets him know that Archie can no longer sneak into Veronica's room. Veronica tells Archie her parents want her to dump him because of his vigilante group. He tells her that it was her dad's own idea and that she should support him.

Veronica later apologizes for not initially supporting him.

Is archie dating veronica in real life

Archie gets in trouble at school for having a black hood in his locker. He calls Veronica and tells her that he hid his gun at school and needs it. He asks her to get it for him. Veronica fishes Archie's gun out of a toilet's water tank. She claims to dump it before confronting Archie about having a gun. Later, Archie leaves to fight the Southside Serpents.

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Veronica shows up with his gun and shoots it into the air. She takes him home and cares for his injuries. She convinces him to throw the gun in the river. Veronica invites Archie over for dinner when her friend Nick St. Clair comes to town. Nick offers them drugs, but they decline. He learns that Veronica is part of the Pussycats, and he watches them perform. He later throws a party at his hotel where Veronica and Archie do Jingle Jangle.

Archie and Veronica continue to be intimate. They spend the night together before Archie and Jughead participate in a drag race and have sex in various places. When they are laying together on a rug in Veronica's living room, Archie says, "I love you, Ronnie.

Sep 21,   Following news that Betty and Jughead (otherwise known as Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse) were dating in real life, a photo posted to Instagram might prove there's more than one on-screen romance going on outside of work hours. Posted on KJ Apa's (who plays Archie in the show) Instagram on Wednesday, Author: Francesca Wallace. May 28,   2. Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge. Mendes plays the part of a seductive lady in Riverdale and Archie is apparently the only one who can withstand her personality. In real life, the actress was in a relationship with Ian Wallace, the moviemaker, . May 25,   Who is archie andrews dating in real life Who is archie from riverdale dating in real life Who is archie dating in real life Is maya and lucas dating in real life We got married couples dating in real life Who is lauren from eastenders dating in real life.

Archie later returns to Veronica's home and the couple makes out. Archie asks if they can discuss the l-word, but Veronica asks if them just being together can be enough. Veronica and Archie try to find out more information about the Conway murders as they hunt for the Black Hood. They go to the house where the family was murdered to do their own investigation. At the house, they learn that one child survived the Conway murders. They learn that the kid goes by Joseph Svenson and is the school janitor.

He tries to run from them, but they confront him and learn about his past.

Archie makes a surprise return to Riverdale on the 10th episode of season three, and Veronica immediately kisses him. Archie fills Veronica in on his life and she does the same in return. At school, Reggie tries to kiss Veronica but she stops him because Archie Author: Anjelica Oswald.

But before they sang together, Archie tried to get Veronica to reveal her feelings for him. Veronica gets upset and runs off the stage.

She breaks up with him in the parking lot because she can't love him as much as he loves her. Veronica and Archie are still separated as Christmas approaches, and Archie ends up kissing Betty while he isn't dating Veronica. Later, Veronica presents Archie with a gift she bought him before they split. Archie doesn't have a gift for her, but he does tell her about his dad's hospital bills.

Veronica tries to get her parents to pay the bills, and when they decline, she takes matters into her own hands and secretly uses her family money to cover the costs. On Christmas morning, Veronica wakes up and sees a gift from Archie under the tree. It's a heart locket with their photos in it. Veronica goes to Archie's house and hangs mistletoe on the porch. When he comes outside, they kiss, and she tells him she loves him for the first time.

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Archie goes to New York City and beats Nick up after learning that he made advances towards Veronica after the hotel party. When Veronica learns about it, she confronts Archie for going behind her back. Cheryl interrupts their conversation and says she asked Archie to confront Nick about his attempted rape. Veronica still feels like Archie is hiding something from her and asks him about it at Pop's. He admits that Cheryl was blackmailing him because she saw him kiss Betty.

He said it happened in the chaos of catching the Black Hood, while they both were heartbroken.

Riverdale Cast: The Real-Life Couples Revealed - ?OSSA

Veronica says she believes him. Hiram isn't a fan of Archie so Archie asks Veronica what he can do to impress her father.

Archie goes to the semi-formal dance with Betty and Veronica.

When she mentions wrestling, he decides to try out for the team. He struggled at the first try out and Veronica's dad made fun of him for it.

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Archie was going to sing with Veronica and the Pussycats at the Pickens Day celebration, but he backs out of the performance so he can train. Veronica supports Archie during his last tryout, and he wins. After the win, Archie starts working for Hiram, even though Veronica initially doesn't want him to. Veronica asks Archie to join her in volunteering at a soup kitchen for her confirmation. She also tells him that there's a dress code and that he'll meet her family.

When Archie meets Veronica's grandma, she pinches his cheeks. The two dance at her confirmation, and later, Archie tells her he will never regret being with her. Veronica and Archie go into a room and Veronica tells Archie that she is happy he trusted her and told her about his kiss with Betty.

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