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Keep safe, be healthy, and stay creative. T-shirts, stickers, wall art, home decor, and more featuring designs by independent artists. Find Grave Robber gifts and merchandise printed on quality products that are produced one at a time in socially responsible ways. Sell your art. Grave Robber 78 Results. Tags: phantasm, phantom, grave robber, classic horror films, phantasm , phantasm movie, phantasm film, the tall man, phantasm tall man, grave, graves, horror camp classics, camp classic, camp classic film, horror icon, iconic horror, iconic horror movie, eli roth, grindhouse, classic scifi film, science fiction, scifi horror, cult classic. Phantasm Sticker.

He shared and obtained this collection with other Rush fans from all over the world; some of whom he knew personally, but others he met on Rush message boards back in the days of the early internet, when it more closely resembled the wild west than the corporate-friendly platform it's become. He was not alone in this endeavor.

In the early days of the internet and beforebootlegging was almost like its own little world inside of a world; a subgroup of a subgroup, consisting of people that collected things that weren't readily available or even necessarily sold but given or traded to anyone that had access to them.

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It was almost like a black market, but one that didn't have any rules or guidelines or structure. While I was only ever a childish bystander to this analog black market, I only ever witnessed the most innocent version of it: music fans exchanging their favorite live performances of their favorite band.

This is what I knew, and it wasn't until I got older that I began to realize that there were similar communities all over the world that dealt in pirated media of far different varieties.

The contents of the first video part one of the "Ensuring Your Place In Hell" cinematic universe have never been tracked down and uploaded online, but the second volume is known by many; having been ripped onto the internet, and watched by thousands in the years since. This was a compilation video, made up of four different home movies As you can imagine, Huck didn't use the best ingredients, incorporating things like roadkill into his creations.

This video was later determined to be an art project made by an aspiring filmmaker, who would go on to work in Hollywood on various projects including writing the screenplay for the film "The Last Exorcism," which came out a few years ago. Another video from the compilation, named "Exploding Varmints," is exactly what the name implies: exploding varmints. This was later found to have been created by a company based out of Redding, California, who went on to make an unfortunate follow-up.

The style of the grave house could vary. Logs, milled lumber, field stones, ashlars, and even brick are the potential materials of the grave house. Some grave houses were built without doors. Many abandoned early grave houses would have totally disappeared as the wooden parts rotted away. Grave robbery, tomb robbing, or tomb raiding is the act of uncovering a grave, tomb or crypt to steal matter. It is usually perpetrated to take and profit from valuable artefacts or personal effects. A related act is body snatching, a term denoting the contested or unlawful taking of a body (seldom from a grave), which can be extended to the unlawful taking of organs alone. This article detailed the thenyear-old Casmassima's illicit career as a grave-robber, who had been stealing from tombs and mausoleums throughout the New York area for roughly 15 years (dating back to , when he would have been in his early 20's).

The third video from this compilation was a video titled "Mortuary of the Dead," which is mysterious in its own right. The video takes place in what looks to be a third-world mortuary and features a couple of young men exploring the grounds It's hard to tell whether this video is real or fake, but its bizarre nature and degraded video quality give it an enigmatic, creepy feel that resonates all of these years later.

Then we have the fourth and final video, which is the most mystifying of them all.

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Its ghoulish nature - which endures for nearly 27 minutes - makes you keep watching out of morbid curiosity. It's a video that also makes you wonder who made it The video titled "Grave Robbing for Morons" picks up almost in mid-thought, with the young man in front of the camera seeming to have been in the middle of a sentence when the video begins.

If dating people significantly younger than you is called a "cradle robber", shouldn't a person that dates significantly older than them be a "grave digger"? I was thinking that a grave digger should be a good term for when you date someone 15 years or older. Aug 08, † Grave-robber dug up nine bodies and carried them home on a train in bizarre attempt to create his own cemetery in Poland. Dariusz R stuffed the bodies into plastic bags and carried them past commuters. Graverobber dating a Plus-sized s/o includes: 24 3. by MyFantasticImagines1. by MyFantasticImagines1 Follow. Share. Share via Email Report Story Send. Send to Friend. Share. Share via Email Report Story Requested by: @rayliz Graverobber is a man who has seen first hand the pressures to become perfect in society.

The video quality has been chipped away at with time, having been ripped and recorded from a variety of sources over the years, so it's hard to make out the young man's surroundings. Despite the shoddy production value, we get a clear look throughout the entire video at the individual at the center of the frame: a young man who appears to be in his mid-teens to early 20's at the oldestand seems to be of either Hispanic or Latino origin, who speaks in a New York accent.

He is wearing a black leather jacket, reminiscent of the Fonz from "Happy Days," and has on a red shirt underneath as well as blue jeans. His long, dark, unkempt hair is pulled back into a ponytail, and his large ears stand out as a unique identifier. Throughout the video, this young man will struggle with what seems to be a speech impediment of some kind; a stutter or stammer that often causes him to physically lock-up in mid-sentence.

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As the young man talks, he continues to draw the viewer's focus to the item in his hands: what appears to be a very real-looking human skull. The video begins with him describing the process of cleaning a human skull and preparing it for sale at an illicit black market, but does so in a very non-academic fashion. You almost get the sense that this young man - who is probably no older than 17 or 18 years old - is trying to appear cooler or tougher than he appears.

Despite this, though, you get the sense throughout the video that - while this kid might be attempting to impress those around him - he probably hasn't lived an easy life. The young man in the video then holds up the human skull he has been showing off for several minutes and arranges it in mid-air with a couple of similarly-dirty leg bones.

He then continues to advise the viewer on how to prepare stolen bones for sale, and what to do should you encounter any trouble while grave-robbing.

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In July? I think he likely meant to say January or another cold wintery month and simply got tongue-tied, but let's continue on with the video. So after listening to most of the video, we now have a name we can use to describe the young man seen throughout, Anthony. He seems to begin giving his full name as "Anthony Cas-" before thinking twice and stopping himself from divulging his last name; a decision that we'll get to and explore further in just a few minutes.

High quality Grave Robber gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. To date the significant other of a dead person. grave robber is typically one who has had a long, secret love for the deceased's lover, or has been a former lover. grave robber cold also be like a funeral crasher, who tries to use the grief of the widow/widower as an opportunity to get a piece of ass. Grave robber dating Learn more about the family of jewelry from dark ages. Martinsburg -a man indicted in jesus' miraculous power., a part of egypt since the ground strata where the great salt lake, then you date.

We never hear or see these individuals, so who they are - and their involvement - can only be guessed at. At this point, it's worth mentioning that due to some of the factors seen in the video itself, we can loosely date the production of it. You see, early on in the video, we can see a VHS copy of the film "Evil Dead 2" sitting on a table nearby, and that movie was not published on VHS until So this video was recorded at some point after that date inand everything else in the room seems to match the aesthetic of the late s or early s.

However, because the quality of the film has been so degraded by time, it's almost impossible to determine exactly when or even where this video came from. Or was this a group of teenagers playing pretend?

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Was it a viral video from an era in which nothing went viral? Was this all a big joke? One of the major theories, in this case, is that the entire video is a hoax: a viral video of some sort, which was made by a group of teenagers after a few drinks, who were just having fun or trying to take the piss out of someone.

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Some have theorized that it wasn't even made in the late s or early s as you'd assume from the footage itself but was made in recent times with some outfits, props, and an old camcorder.

This hoax theory is actually backed up by a few solid points. The person in the video who we'll use the name "Anthony" to describe from here on outseems to make up a lot of grave-robbing "facts. Some of his other advice - such as advising against getting drunk before robbing a grave and even promoting "getting laid" ahead of time - seems like stuff a teenager would say to his friends if he wants to sound cool.

However, it is worth noting that until just recently, human skulls were being sold online for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and that brings us to our next point: the argument against this video being a hoax. As I just hinted at, individuals were able to sell real human skulls through websites like up until That's not a joke. On other seedier websites, it's still possible to purchase human skulls - medical and otherwise - to this day.

While this doesn't discredit "Anthony's" belief that "magic shops" would pay hundreds of dollars for a human skull, it does give credence to the notion that there are people out there that would pay for human remains, as they still do to this day.

Another point against this video being a hoax is the production value of it. As I said before, the aesthetic of it is reminiscent of the late s or early s: everything from the VHS copy of "Evil Dead 2" on a nearby table, the degraded quality of the video itself, the clothing that "Anthony" is wearing, etc. It all matches the look of that time period, which would be hard to recreate years or even decades later.

In addition, the human skull itself - which "Anthony" handles for the duration of the video - appears to look incredibly legitimate. If it's not real, then it definitely looks like it It's also worth noting that the skull featured throughout the video has what looks like dental implants that "Anthony" continues to remove and insert back into place numerous times.

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This is something that a couple of punk teenagers wouldn't think about using in a low-budget video with a prop skull, and leads me to believe that the skull did in fact belong to an older individual: someone that likely had dentures implanted before their death. Grave robbers often leave them, being only interested in gold and silver. Grave contexts, ceramics, iron weapons and skeletons are destroyed. In Eastern Europeincluding Southeast Europe and the European part of Russiagrave robbers target all kinds of historically important graves, from pre-historic tombs to World War II graves.

Modern grave robbing in North America also involves long-abandoned or forgotten private Antebellum Period to pre- Great Depression era grave sites. These sites are often desecrated by grave robbers in search of old, hence valuable, jewelry. Affected sites are typically in rural, forested areas where once-prominent, wealthy landowners and their families were interred.

The remote and often undocumented locations of defunct private cemeteries make them particularly susceptible to grave robbery. The practice may be encouraged by default upon the discovery of a previously unknown family cemetery by a new landowner.

One historical incident occurred during the evening of November 7,when a group of counterfeiters tried to abscond with Abraham Lincoln 's mortal remains from his grave in Springfield, Illinoisin order to secure the release of their imprisoned leader, counterfeit engraver Benjamin Boyd.

Grandison Harris: America's Greatest Grave Robber - Random Thursday

However, a secret service agent was present and had notified the police beforehand, so the attempted grave robbers only succeeded in the dislodgment of the lid of his coffin.

As a consequence, when reburied, additional security measures prevented further depredations against Lincoln's body [14] [15]. Grave robbers often sold stolen Aztec or Mayan goods on the black market for an extremely high price. The buyers museum curators, historians, etc. Laws have been enacted in these regions, but due to extreme poverty, these grave robbings continue to grow each year.

African Americans would often bury their dead in a potter's field ; not having the access or money for a proper funeral.

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When buried in potter's fields, the dead were not normally buried very deep. A grave robber could just wait in the distance until everyone left and dig up the body from its shallow grave.

Grave robber dating

Once the railroad was invented and tracks laid-the sale of African American slaves from the South for dissection began; being sent to medical schools in the northern part of the United States.

One Professor of Anatomy in New England reported that, in the s and s, he entered into an arrangement in which he received, twice each semester, a shipment of 12 bodies of southern African Americans. After the Emancipation ActAfrican American Union soldiers that died while serving in the military were dissected by white military surgeons. State laws in Mississippi and North Carolina were passed in the 19th century which allowed medical schools to use the remains of those at the bottom of society's hierarchy-the unclaimed bodies of poor persons, residents of alms houses, and those buried in potter's fields.

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The North Carolina law also provided that the body of whites never be sent to an African American medical college such as the Leonard Medical School. The geography and placement of burial grounds became a deterrent within itself. This is because without the accessibility of the automobile in the early 19th centurythe transportation of bodies was difficult. It was the first rural cemetery inside the United States. The rural location of the cemetery created transportation issues.

In addition, the terrain of and around the cemetery was formidable. Further, Henry Alexander Scammell Dearbornthe designer wanted to leave the natural terrain including ponds and hills within the cemetery. If someone wanted to rob a grave, they would have to maneuver around these obstacles and navigate large stretches of land in the dark.

Note that Mount Auburn Cemetery is over acres. A mortsafe or mort safe was an iron coffin or framework which helped to protect a grave by preventing the body from being dug up and taken away.

Mortsafes were specific for the task of preventing bodies from being stolen for purposes of medical dissections. After the body would decompose to a certain extent, the Mortsafe would be removed. These were not a commodity that were sold and bought; rather, they were rented. A mort house or dead house was used to store bodies until decomposed enough to no longer be targets for grave robbing.

Up to 31 recorded mort houses were scattered throughout Scotland and northern England. Tags: creepy, weird, graphic, graphic design, character design, original character, bone, bones, skeleton, grave, graveyard, grave robber, horror, horror comedy, monster, creature, goofy, cartoon, spooky. Bone Collector! Tri-blend T-Shirt.

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Tags: deadly, waking, walking, blood, costume, halloween, rip, throat, sleepy, sleep, dreaming, dream, funny, fight, fighter, killer, killing, bones, death, grave, grave robber, graves, laugh, joke, joking, office, morning. Creep it REAL! Tags: movies, adventure, frankenstein, monster, funny, parody, whip, indy, indiana, mutt, dr jones, dr, jones, crystal, skul, grave, grave robber, lightning, treasure, quest, mistake, choice, fun, why so serious. Villainous Hero Canvas Print.

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"Grave Robbing for Morons"

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