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Andy Thompson talks frankly about the way he reacted to a dating profile explaining that a potential match was HIV positive. If people are open and honest with one another, and their sexual relations are safe and consensual, then to my mind all is well. The specific scenario that led to this questioning was disclosure of HIV-positive status. I received a notification on a dating site that someone liked me, and I clicked to check out his profile. There in the first line of his self-summary, he stated that he was HIV positive.

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This way the disclosure allows potential suitors to become self-selecting, and thereby instantly weeds out the close-minded from dating consideration. It is a dilemma, and it is not one that I have the answer to. With complete openness, a segment of the potential dating pool will be instantly dismissive -. Full disclosure dating - Want to meet eligible single man who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, relations can provide. If you are a middle-aged man looking to have a good time dating man half your age, this advertisement is . Aug 19,   The gear is loaded into the back seat of my Honda: buoyancy compensator, mask, fins, breathing tube, regulator, wetsuit. I booked the pool for two hours. This coming February I am going to be scuba Author: Julia E Hubbel.

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Free digital copy of the special first edition! Printed copy of our first edition delivered to your door! Ships to Anywhere in the world. I guess the only one that knows would be the loser she had the affair with, but I just cant bring myself to asking him. Just thinking about it makes me so angry.

This went on for months, and as time went on I would find out more and more. The constant lies is what did me in. She was so selfish that she only told me things that would suffice at the time. She never had the respect for me to tell me the truth. I had enough. I left. I look back on it and I have no regrets.

Well perhaps one. So when it comes to details. Your damn right I want them and so should you. This is really a timely article for me. Funny how just the right topic is covered at the right time. Amazing how that works. I was just thinking this week that everything I know about the two Emotional Affairs 15years apart I stumbled on. And oddly enough, I know this sounds a little spooky both times I had a strange premonition of sorts, the night before the information came to me.

If there is more information such as. I would like that information NOW. The thought of slugging through all this pain and rebuilding our relationship only to find there was more is unthinkable. This post has made me realize that this is a topic that must be brought up again. All the cards need to be laid out on the table in order to move forward.

I need to go on record about that. I agree with Sarah. One thing my husband the last 6 weeks he is trying says I do that makes his defensive protect his self image pop up is he lies and I hit the lie on the head so to speak. He tells me he get mad at himself because he knows he really messed up by tt gaslighting omission defense and denial and he has a hard time acknowledging the harmful abusive immature man he was. Betrayal makes you doubt yourself just know we never chose to lie deceive or cheat.

You have every reason to believe in you. I was thinking about my situation and the fact that the OW worked for him for practically 4 years. Not counting the hours they were together at work!!! They are very good at compartmentalizing, at least my husband is.

Who knows. I do know should he start up another relationship I will know. That naivety is gone forever so my red flags will be valid. I try very hard to recognize that my need for more details is irrelevant. I know all I need to know. He cheated. Nothing will change that fact. No detail will negate it so I move on emotionally but remain aware. If it needs to come out it will.

With our joint business interest he needs me. The well being of his company and subsequent financing of it is de dent on our marriage. He knows it too. He sees how others treat him. He is I found out a week before we were to leave on vacation to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. I have been continually frustrated because he continues to piecemeal details. He says he is sorry for the affair and will never hurt me like that again.

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I believe he is sorry. But he is still struggling being completely honest with me. Plus he only spoke to them when I was at work. He never hid his phone but I never thought he was texting texts in one month because he never text them in front of me. It is like he lived three lives, talking to each one of us about very different things. I find our conversations awkward because I am trying to speak to him about different things than before.

They just want the questions to stop. I told him that he hid things from me for almost 2 years so I get that long to deal with it. I think I am still in shock that he was able to hide things from me for that long. I knew he was stressed with work but he never changed his dress, hid his phone, started arguments to leave the house, or many of the red flags.

Plus I know I would have stopped him from talking to another woman but it started with his cousin. I had no idea they were texting every day. I thought she sent him too many pictures but I thought it was just a new thing and would die down later and I thought it had only he was just doing it behind my back.

He has lots of excuses, he was stupid, he has OCD, he was stressed, he was worried about his health. He says he knows now that he can ask me anything but he always could. Like after 20 years of marriage he did not know that. He stopped talking to his best friend too. Probably because he knew his best friend would not approve.

Thanks for the blog.

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Reading that my emotions are normal helps a lot. I just wish there were not so many people who have gone through this. My wife separated from me 6 years ago4 months later we reconciled and everything was and had been great. I had some suspicions about a guy one of my best friendsbut I brushed them off as I was so happy to have her back and things were very good.

I was skeptical but I believed it, and moved on. Fast forward to this summer past, we had a small high school reunion party. It all seemed innocent and they were having lots of fun and laughs.

So, because of my suspicions I decided to sit down in a dark area where I would have full view of their returning to the party just to see what happened. As they returned, laughter turned to whispers and my wife pulled my friend into a corner where she thought nobody could see them.

My wife immediately denied she was going to do anything. As she approached me quite surprised by the fact I was there, my friend was behind her and scurried back into the house his wife was in there. Leaving my wife with me and I was utterly heartbroken. I immediately asked her about the hotel incident and she continued to deny she was with him. I had to initially accept this because again, I loved her so much and she was continuing to show me so much love and affection.

Fast forward 8 weeks later just two weeks ago as i type this message. I had continued to press for answers, never believing nothing happened at the hotel come on, it was a hotel. I continued to hound him as well, asking very pointed questions and putting on lots of pressure. Then one day I created a fake email address with his name, I switched two letters in the address and composed an email to me, from him admitting everything about the hotel. I was very careful to use similar language and grammar he did and even used sentences from some of his previous emails.

When she read it, she got very emotional, there was much crying and she admitted to meeting for sex that night, in the hotel, 6 years ago. I then asked for details of other incidents I knew of and she admitted it all to me.

These were incidents she denied and downplayed prior. I have never experienced so much passion before in the months since the incident this summer past. She tells me she loves me. It has been great! She has show a good amount of genuine remorse. She tells me that I now know everything and that her holding everything back was to not hurt me.

remarkable message

She tells me the incident at that party was a stupid, drunken mistake she made with the excitement of all the fun being had. Same with the New Years encounter a couple years ago. She insists there was never another sexual encounter after the hotel 6 yrs ago and insists she never kissed him in secret at any other time.

She explained why she broke up with me in and how she was in a completely different frame of mind back then. She even admits there was probably nothing I could have ever done back then to have stopped it. She now says it was a mistake and horrible decision.

If she had her time back nothing would have happened. While there is a part of me that is very excited about going forward with this renewed passion and love, I still cannot come to grips with the fact she slowly trickled information out to me that she lied about first, and only when i asked her about it. She has still never voluntarily told me anything about these incidents and it concerns me.

I even showed her this article she understands completely but says she has told me everything, there is nothing. I love my wife very much. She is an otherwise incredible person. I am eventually going to forgive once the sting and pain of everything subsides. I am willing to work on it and she says she is too. And her behaviour now seems to indicate that. She has stated she will never talk to him again and that it is completely over.

I am still on the fence. While I love the new found us and new found passion that has resulted from all this, I am stuck on the fact all info was only trickle-delivered to me and perhaps due to the lack of trust i now have in her due to the discovery and revelationsI still feel like there is something else she is not telling me.

She maintains there is nothing else to tell. She tells me she loves me, wants to be with me forever and says she will never hurt me again, nothing will ever happen again and I have nothing to worry about. Should I be? I have come to realize that no matter what if the full truth is not disclosed, then there is absolutely no way I would be able to trust that person again.

Allow me to correct myself. They think they are protecting their partner by not telling them. Unfortunately I know too many people that have been cheated on. One of them was caught by their partner reading through their emails and Facebook and text messages. They had no choice but to own up to it, after all they were the one who wrote it, but I wonder if the other person in this affair was truthful in disclosing details or continues to lie their way through it, as if one day it will be completely forgotten about.

I hear from many people that they would never tell someone to confront the other cheater. I agree with that to a point.

Full disclosure dating

Probably the only reason would be to compare their stories, you know, when did it start, how often did they meet, what did they do etcand maybe this will suffice for some. But when it all comes down to the end Cheating is NOT a mistake. I hear from people that they stay in a relationship for the sake of the children or financial reasons. But houses can be sold, and studies show children are better off from parents divorcing then staying together and watching them hating each other.

But your PRIDE is forever and obviously people who engage in affairs have to be able to deal with the consequences no matter what. Remember if they loved you.

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Once they cheated, they chose to end the relationship. Most of the stories I read advocate for keeping stuff from your partner, that too much information will only hurt them even more. I think these articles are written by the people who WERE the actual cheaters. I can see that if your in a relationship for twenty or thirty years, then there may be beneficial to come clean and see if the relationship is salvageable. Divide up your possessions and move on. So I am pretty sure if you ended up with a cheater.

I am with my partner for 15 years. I started to notice some strange and distant behavior. I never would have thought about her cheating on me. Then one day I found pics on her phone. We have children so initially I thought we should try to work it out. I am not going to lie, the first few months were the hardest. Then once as I thought things were starting to get better, I discover that she has continued to remain in contact with him.

What a mistake that lasted for how many monthssneaking around behind my back. Well I lost it. I wont say all the things I said to her and I will spare the details of what actions I took. Fast forward a few more months.

not clear

My wife is still differentI cant help but think she is still not happy and perhaps I should let her go. Am I doing her a favor by staying married or a disservice by not letting her go.

Full Disclosure Dating

I know she is keeping things from me. I want to know but at the same time that means more heartacheBut I deserve to know.

There are 4 types of cards you will encounter in Full Disclosure the Dating Game: 3 double-sided instructional cards. 20 sets of Answer Cards (A through D) 20 Discussion Cards (Double Standards, Gender Wars, Scenarios). Many couples find that after affair recovery, their marriage thrives. Thriving marriages begins with the truth, so full disclosure after an affair is a must. Jun 16,   It depends on how long you are dating for. If you're on your first few dates, you really shouldn't have to disclose anything too personal unless, of course, you want to. When you feel that things are becoming serious then you must disclose things that will have a direct effect on your partner if the relationship progresses.

I need to get the strength to tell her I cant be with her anymore. Now if the truth is what you wantthen you should get itand I would do whatever it takes to get it. I would go to the other partner if there is one and ask them how they feel if they are getting the whole truth Or what was their story I would do Everything in my power to find out.

Simply put. Then perhaps work on it. But the trust is gone. The younger they start. If your with someone you have caught in a lie, then your with a person who is extremely selfish. Swallow your pride and if your partner cheats, you need to let them free.

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I was in 15 years and I have endured an experience that has changed me and will haunt me forever. I got out and I cant tell you how good it feels to be able to breathe again. Find someone who loves you and would not cheat Everyone deserves that. When you stay with a cheater, you are only hurting yourself.

mine very interesting

I am in the midst of trying to recover from my husband who is a repeat cheater and keeps making excuses as to why he cannot comply with my request for details. The scant details he supplies keep changing in small ways, e-mails to the OW or maybe it was a phone call. I have been giving serious consideration to confronting the OW but cannot do so in person, short of hopping on a plane and going overseas.

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