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Personality trumped height in this instance. It all naturally led into a fully fledged two-month whirlwind of budding romance. Are you a veteran of L. We want to publish your story. The occasional weed indulgence he admitted to that was actually more like a daily wake-and-bake ritual.

Can you remember anything anyone did to you personally that put you in danger?

True Life: I'm Dating A Drug Dealer

I guess just being mixed up in that crowd, not even just dating a drug dealer, but just being around that lifestyle, things happen. We were at a party and one thing led to another and a guy there got stabbed. I saw a knife pierced into his body-just sticking out of him. The weird part was, after I found out my boyfriend was okay, I ordered McDonalds.

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I just went and ordered a cheeseburger. Like what?! What was I doing? When I sat back down I realized how desensitized I had gotten to all this craziness.

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I started thinking and it really freaked me out. How long was all of this going on for? We dated for a little over two years so for most of that time, I guess. Not to say it was like that all the time. You have no idea, like the way these guys think, and plan, and scheme, and retaliate, I could honestly write a movie.

This is going to sound really weird but these guys were sharp like they knew exactly what they were doing. So you had some sort of respect for these guys? I mean yeah, I guess. And even with my boyfriend, it was hard to separate the person he was with me and with them, you know?

Drug dealer dating

I mean this is the guy who would hold my hand at a movie theater! Yeah, he was a sweet boyfriend but he a terrible person-which should make him a terrible boyfriend too.

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Was that realization what led to you two breaking up? It was a combination of a few things but it started out with my younger brother. My boyfriend used to always be very protective of my younger brother.

He always would like ask him about like what schools he wanted to go to, and what he wanted to be, and made jokes about how he was too smart to ever go down the wrong path.

He like encouraged it, and I was so taken aback and so angry. We got into a lot of fights over that. Like, how could he do that?!

How could he do that? The same kid he said was like his younger brother, who wanted a better life for himself, how could he let him get into the drug life?

What were the other things that led to the breakup?

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I just like smartened up, I guess? No one talks to my girl or me like that. And just I so distinctly remember just feeling so happy and proud to be with him-and I felt so bad for her. And then like two years later, so like in the last few months of me dating my boyfriend, something stupid happened and my boyfriend ended up in the hospital.

And I hated that. That was a big turning point for me.

Apr 16,   10 things to consider BEFORE you date a drug dealer I'm dating a drug dealer, he's such a sweetheart and he shows me that he cares. Whenever I'm with him he'll be getting calls and people will come to pick it up and yeah it sucks at times but that's his lifestyle. He doesn't do the drugs cause he's in trouble with the law but. Jun 15,   Tips for Avoiding Arrest When Dating a Drug Dealer ; Tips for Avoiding Arrest When Dating a Drug Dealer. By Ephrat Livni, Esq. on June 15, AM Love is hard to find and all the gurus tell you to keep an open mind - don't decide who is right for you just based on what they do. So now you are dating a drug dealer and the dates are nice.

So is that when you two broke up? Laughs I wish. What really pushed me over the edge was pauses he just he crossed a line. He changed.

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He got really deep into that world and there was no bringing him back. How was it like after you broke up with him? I mean I was a mess. I loved him and we broke up. And it was really, really hard. And I almost got back together with him a few times. But I remember, like a month or so after we broke up, my first cousin had a baby.

Live PD: Dealing or Dating (Season 2) - A&E

And I just remember seeing her and her husband in the hospital and so happy starting their family-and I wanted that. And I just realized how I would never want my boyfriend to be the father of my children. Pauses I really want to say yes.

I would. No questions asked.

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I will always care for him and want to protect him and I know he would do the same. That kind of stuff scares me though, you know?


He is the love of my life, I know it. You do not want to be present in the event of a drug deal gone bad.

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There is no telling what sort of weapons could be used and also no way to know what the people your partner is dealing with are capable of. You might love your partner with all your heart and trust them with your life, but when it comes to the drug game, anything can happen. No matter how safe, loved and happy you may feel, you are always at risk at all times. It can cause serious anxiety and even emotional turmoil to have to deal with something like this. Ultimately, you will make your own decision in the end, of course, just be mindful and try not to trust anyone with your life too easily.

The Dangers of Dating A Drug Dealer. Sometimes life just throws curveballs at you, one after another, and you will be drowning in copious amounts of debt, not sure how to escape. The very last resort could be to start selling drugs. This is an extremely dangerous game, however, so if you ever find yourself in a situation where you are in a. Have you ever thought about expanding your own crime empire, without the legal and moral consequences? Now you will finally be able to crawl into the dark alleys of the drug dealing business! Become a street business mastermind, or a ruthless gangster - it's up to you! Add to your wishlist and get notified when it becomes available.9/10(K). Her Story: Inside the Life of A Drug Dealer's Girlfriend. What advice do you have to anyone dating a drug dealer? Don't? (laughs) Just don't do it. It's not a life you want for yourself, it's not a happy life to live. You want cute little memories with your boyfriend and do couple-y .

Sure, the money flow will be nice and your kids will be set for life, but consider the consequences. Now, do you see that as being worth it?

Take some time to consider this before pursuing this dealer any further. These are the percentages of drug trafficking offenses that occurred in the United States. Other miscellaneous statistical evidence includes:. Ecstasy, angel dust, LSD, acid, molly all these drugs have the potential to take over your entire life and send you to jail for a few years, depending on how much your partner has either manufactured or sold.

You can travel the world together, buy a huge house and nice cars that everyone covets, and not to mention the unlimited shopping sprees!

Apr 16,   Dated a drug dealer and have something to add - love to hear from you. Are you a drug dealer with points of your own to make? I welcome them, but don't dare tell me you keep good time - I'll be asking for referees to verify. Jan 27,   L.A. Affairs: How I figured out I was dating a drug dealer Things he said stopped adding up, but I didn't want to judge too quickly. Maybe because my boyfriend was a weed dealer. After. True Life: I'm Dating A Drug Dealer. When you date a drug dealer, it's Breaking Bad come to life. Sure it's thrilling and the money is nothing to complain about, but it comes at a price. Your partner could get caught at any time, or worse, hurt on the job. Letting yourself fall for someone with such a dangerous 'profession' isn't for the faint.

You will have the time of your life and feel a type of high from it- even without the drugs. Regular people tend not to tread on drug dealers, under the assumption they all have tons of guns and a trigger-happy finger.

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Your heart may be absolutely dead-set on being with this person- and that is fine! There are a few ways you can be careful in this situation to keep yourself as safe as possible! Just know the facts, the consequences, and most importantly, the dangers it could bring along with it! Disclaimer: Efforts are made to maintain reliable data on all information presented.

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