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In this section you'll find Kenmore water heaters of all types and capacities, with tons of useful features. Our water heaters are available in electric, hybrid, liquid propane, and natural gas powered variants. Each type of heater is beneficial in their own way and well suited for certain homes and needs. Warranties for our Kenmore water heaters and parts range from six to twelve years. This is slightly higher than the average brand warranty of three to twelve years.

How Old is that Water Heater?

After GE no longer provides lighting, home appliances, cooktops, ranges, refrigerators, nor water heaters. Hydraulics encodes the date of manufacture as two digits of week and two of year in positions of the serial number.

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I can see why you ask, Mike, I'm having a heck of a time finding out who manufactures the Norge water heater, finding a Norge water heater manual, or other information. I did find this telephone number for finding a Norge water heater rep in your area: Any idea how old it might be?

Perhaps as old as Else it's probably new heater time. Also send a photo of the whole heater and of its data tags.

I have a leak from the hot water exit pipe around the connection on top of the tank. Can this be replaced or will I have to get a new tank? It is very rusty in the area.

Triton How To: Start Up Sequence

How old is this gas water heater. Richmond water heaters include the water heater's month and year of manufacture in the first four digits of the serial number as in this example.

Style 7: M Every effort is undertaken to offer you correct and concise information to assist you in determining the age or manufacture date of water heating equipment. Anytime anyone is dealing with numbers and letters in determining data, mistakes and misinterpretation are bound to happen. Jul 14, View our InterNACHI Water Heater Dating Chart. Use this chart to determine the age of a water heater tank. Ruud Water Heating is the industry leader for total water heating solutions. In fact, Ruud is the brand with extensive product offerings covering conventional tank-type water heaters, tankless water heaters, replacement parts and accessories for all categories - making us a one-stop solutions provider.

Please use the add image button to show us a photo of the entire heater and then a sharp photo of each data tag and we can help look up that information. I have a Sands no 40"a"double copper coil gas water heater aluminum jacket aluminum burner tank lessI took out of a old house how old is it. Superheat electric water heaters like the one shown here are typically installed in a utility closet where space is so tight that we found it almost impossible to photograph the water heater's data tag.

To take safety measures one step further, our water heaters come with features like a glass-lined tank and foam insulation. These features help a water heater to ward off corrosion and heat loss, ensuring maximum performance. Some of our models, like the Kenmore Smart Electric Water Heater Module, utilizes smartphone integration. Ruud's wide range of electric water heaters offers solutions for both your home and business. Browse our entire electric water heater selection below, then find a Ruud contractor nearby to get it installed quickly and safely. All Gas Water Heaters At Ruud, reliability is our middle name, so why not bring a Ruud Reliable gas water heater into your home or business? Browse our entire gas water heater selection below, then find a Ruud contractor nearby to get it installed quickly and safely.

Details about automatic gas-shutoffs on gas water heaters are. Reply: this looks like you have sent us a heating boiler brand and model number not a domestic water heater. Quoting product literature:.

Water Heater Serial Number Decoder. Manufacturer Brand Serial # Ex. Key. American (Prior to , American was owned by GSW Corporation and manufactured water heaters for nearly 50 different brands. American was acquired by A.O. Smith in and currently only Ruud Rheem/Ruud Richmond Vista Therm Citation Aqua Therm Energy. How old is that water heater and what is the maximum service life an owner can expect? Your clients need to know the answers to these questions and others. Service life varies from place to place and is affected by the quality of the product, minerals/chemicals in water, the amount of maintenance the water heater receives and usage. Orlando Water Heater Guy is on Facebook. To connect with Orlando Water Heater Guy, join Facebook today.

The Weil McLain GV boiler is a high efficiency, gas-fired direct vent water boiler with cast iron sections. Using sealed combustion technology, the boiler reduces energy usage by eliminating air infiltration.

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The GV boiler is easy to install and service, and is useful for a wide variety of applications including residential, light commercial, multiple boilers, indirect-fired water heating, and radiant heating.

This article and comment page are for water heaters.

Water Heaters

Watch out : for other Weil McLain boiler numbers one needs to consult the Guide cited above, as the encoding of serial numbers does not afford a formulaic de-code procedure.

For example Weil McLain boiler serial numbers beginning with 32nnnnn were made beginning in The green LED will blink 2 times per second to indicate that power is applied to the upper heating element and at a faster rate 4 times per second to indicate that the lower heating element is powered.

If a fault is detected by the electronic thermostat, the LED light indicator will use the red LED to indicate the fault detected. The fl ash sequence will be repeated as long as the fault remains.

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Only one fault can be declared at a time. NOTE: the green LED is turned off when a fault code is being displayed, even though the heater may be operating in limp mode with an element on. See diagnostic code chart section in this manual. Home inspectors typically expect a generic water heater to last about ten years. However all of us have found 20 year old models still going strong, while on occasion a newer model fails early.

Details about water heater life expectancy : We have expanded and moved this topic. The manufacturer's warranty is a clue to how long the company expects their water heater tank to last. Typical water heater warranty periods for a water heater installed for use by a single family are 6-years, 9-years, or years. But beware: if the water heater tank leaks and fails before the end of the warranty period, if the system has not been properly installed or maintained the warranty may be void.

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Water heater warranties typically indicate that the tank is warranted against leaks due to rust, corrosion, or chemical action of the water but the warranty will exclude warranty coverage for the geyser or water heater for. Try the search box just below, or if you prefer, post a question or comment in the Comments box below and we will respond promptly.

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Scott C. LeMarr has provided his file of keys to decode Water Heater Age from the data provided on the manufacturer's equipment labels.

Ruud/Rheem Manufacturing defective product, class action suit won in court, still a ripoff company A local plumber furnished and installed a Ruud Hot Water Heater in the house I built for my mom I have recently discovered Dating way back to World War Two yes they were then manufacturing the steel drums used to make Depth. The generally accepted life expectancy of a residential hot water heater or hot water tank is years. There are several factors that can affect the life of a hot water tank, most notably the load that the tank is under, the chemistry of the water being heated and the environment in which the tank is located. The date of production/manufacture or age of Rheem Water Heater(s) can be determined from the serial number. Serial number styles/formats found are: >Style 1: 09 04 B (Serial Number begins with a prefix between one to four letters in length - i.e. R; RN; RNG; RHNG; etc.).

This is the reason many inspectors want to be able to give their clients some idea of how old the device is and when they need to begin considering replacement. How old is that water heater and what is the maximum service life an owner can expect?

Your clients need to know the answers to these questions and others. In other words, there is no set maximum expected service life. In fact, two neighbors with exactly the same brand water heater installed on exactly the same day on the same street in identical houses can have completely different experiences. In some parts of the country it is normal to expect between 10 and 15 years, while in others a homeowner is lucky if the water heater lasts 10 years. The manufacturing date is coded into the serial number of water heaters and, since there are more than different brands of water heaters in this country, trying to memorize every single serial number code at first seems impossible.

This makes the task of memorizing the coding methods far less formidable.

Dating ruud water heater

At the end of the article, there are links to a handy decoding chart at the website Inspectorsjournal. A complete list of brands manufactured by American is contained in the decoder chart linked to this article.

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Smith Corporation UntilA. With this system, the letters A to M, excluding the letter I, are used to designate the months. The letter A for January, B for February etc. In A.

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Smith acquired State Industries, a manufacturer of about two dozen different water heater brands, and moved all manufacturing of residential water heaters under the A. Smith umbrella to the State facility.

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