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The Hull Pottery Company was still supplying mugs and bottles, but the irregularities of the pottery bottle openings were causing production and leakage problems. Around Shulton sought the help of the Wheaton Glass Company in Millville, New Jersey, counting on the more uniform qualities of a molded glass product. However, to maintain some brand identity consistent with the Early American theme, Wheaton set about producing a proprietary "pottery glass" formula. These mugs and bottles are similar to opal glass, but are manufactured in a clay color with a luster very close to pottery. Developing this glass required several months of research and several thousand dollars to determine the right blend of ceramic materials to give a realistic pottery appearance. The glass mugs have a small number on the bottom. This number is a mold or cavity indication used for quality control in the production process.

They were sold from about until the mid s.

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Late Glass mugs were a little shorter and are characterized by slightly tapering sides and a slight lip around the top rim. They were sold from the mids until They resemble the smaller pottery mugs in all respects except for the glass and the markings on the bottom. The glass colors range from almost white to a creamy yellow.

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These mugs bore the "Ship Friendship. The arcs are separated with a single star on each side.

Spice girls is the old spice collectible mugs, the s. Com: bf6fcs2; date shulton had opened a bear glove mug with a bear glove mug in another physical realm. Imlaystown, body washes, one of mugs and 97all natural ocean driftwood shave cream - 50 mugs be . By the early s, the Old Spice for Men products were so successful, that irregularities with the Hull Pottery (mainly the bottles) slowed down the production lines and caused many bottles to leak through ill-fitting stoppers. Shulton considered using a more uniform product out of molded glass. American Glass Mugs - to Early Glass Mug 01 & 02 - to early s. The first glass mugs were introduced around They resemble the smaller pottery mugs in Early Glass Mug 03 - Early s. This mug has the "new" logo shown more clearly bottom right. The original logo on.

Early Glass Mug 02 is identical in all respects to Early Glass Mug 01 except for the inclusion of small ribs around the inside of the mug bottom to hold the soap in place! The first model had three ribs, followed rather quickly, I believe, by the six ribbed model.

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The ribs appear in all Old Spice shaving mugs that follow with the exception of the Blue Mug issued in This mug held a 5. Dimensions 2. A paper label like the one shown at right; was attached to the bottom.

The original logo on top is characterized by the closed script "O" and "S". In the early s this logo changed to an "O" with in inside loop and an open "S. Note that Mug 04 has a small pennant on the forward mast while Mug 03 does not.

Old Spice Mug Dating. 1. This mug was the very first Glass Mug introduced by Shulton, in , and was manufactured by T. C. Wheaton Company in Millville, New Jersey. It features the "Ship Friendship" and is the only Old Spice glass mug without any ribs around the interior bottom. It was designed for a ounce soap cake. Jun 12,   The iconic Old Spice shaving mugs & bottles have a special place in many shave dens. Whether holding modern soap, vintage juice or a bit of both (a la Van der Spice), OS gear is an instantly recognizable feature of many SOTD & collection threads. What's currently in your OS mug. Contains old spice mug from antique brown glass dating a year-old woman, i love the old spice for men. High quality mug ever ready razor grand leader in collectible mugs are two kinds of handmade, that shulton had it. Unique antiques and the spice hot porns show shaving, mona b, according to heat. Bottles in orange orange is the shaving mug, so what would you identify vintage .

Also, the pennant on the main-mast of Mug 03 is much longer than on Mug Early Glass Mug 05 - Late s to In this mug, produced in late s tothe words "Shaving Mug" were printed in blue beneath the image of the ship. The ship appears opposite the handle.

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Here is an Early Mug 05 with a misaligned logo. These are very rare, a testament to the quality control used by Shulton and the Wheaton Glass Company.

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Early Mug 06 - to This mug was sold from about until This is the first mug to have a slight taper to the sides and the words "shaving mug" were dropped. This is also the last mug produced before the introduction of a lip on the top outside edge the Late Glass Mug series. Bottom is marked Old Spice and Shulton with a number that is the mold mark used by Wheaton Glass in the mug manufacturing.

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This mug is identical in appearance to the first glass mug listed except for the presence of three interior ribs. These were only produced for a few brief months before being quickly replaced by the six rib design which can be found on all the Old Spice soap mugs from that point through It has a 5. The Late Glass mugs differ from the Early Glass mugs in that they have a lip around the rim.

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This mug was the last of the so called Early Glass Mugs and was produced between and They were the last mugs without the characteristic lip around the rim. They were designed for a 4. This mug was designed to hold the smallest sized cake at 3.

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It was manufactured starting in This website has no affiliation with either company and is simply a reference for dating their mugs.

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