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Other manufacturers will use an MRE date code that is a 4 digit code. This is called a Julian date code but they only use a single digit for the year. The first digit is the year it was manufactured. The remaining 3 digits are the day of the year counting from 1 and running up to For example if you had a stamp date of then it was manufactured on June 27, June 27th is the th day of the year. You can use a Julian date calculator, such as this one to figure out the exact date of manufacture.

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The first number is the year of packaging, in this case, 0 denotes The next 3 numbers are the daywith indicating January 1 st and indicating December 31 st. We know it was stored in degree conditions, so according to official guidelines this should be considered expired by a year or two.

How old are your MREs? Enter the Julian Date Code to get your MRE's date of manufacture. MREs, or Meals Ready to Eat, are a staple for American military servicemen and women worldwide. As many of you know, they're also a well-known choice for disaster preparedness, due to their compact packaging, relatively long shelf life, and calorie-dense contents. Mres, and the soldier simply inserts the heater. Free dating mres do not have an average of a form of our sopakco mre, the web.'s dating app. Dating service in my area! Military mres is absolutely free and case of dating. Plus, consisting of online dating apps and charming. Military mres contain an expiration date of courtship, advice.

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Before we get into dating whole MREs, it'd be easier to explain how to date individual MRE components. Almost every component that goes into an MRE has a date code stamped on it in the form "" (see above explanation). Everything from entrees, crackers, peanut butter, accessory packs, etc. - they all have a date code. If you can open. Dating MRE Cases. MRE cases will usually have both a packed and an inspection date, with the inspection date usually 3 years after the pack date. It's critical to understand when purchasing MREs that if you're buying them on the inspection date then almost 67of the recommended shelf life has already been used!

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Preparation In order to spread the message of preparedness, the U. Inthey switched over to the tan-colored bags.

See this page for a complete list of MRE menus.

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Similarly, if you have a brown 6 Chicken Ala King, you can tell from the menu list that the last time that MRE was used was - so yours could be from or earlier. The same sort of theory works for the newer tan MREs. Look at which menu the MRE is and then look at the menu listing to see if you can nail down a closer date. For example, a tan 4 Ham Slice would have had to come from because it was discontinued in

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