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Keep reading. The real reason Jake Peralta needs to get out of jail is not because he is innocent, but so can execute Halloween V. It bounces slightly against the recently remade duvet as Jake dumps the contents onto the mattress, his frustrations quickly bubbling to the surface, and without hesitation Amy forgoes the remote control, standing quickly to join her boyfriend by his bed. He nods, letting out a soft grunt as he half-heartedly starts folding the newly cleaned clothes, and honestly Amy is trying not to pay attention to his folding technique, but her fingers are just itching to take over. Jake gives her another nod, followed quickly by a shrug. I mean, there were a few things, and that makes total sense, but there was one item in particular - a red item, actually - that I think might be the culprit.

It wasn't a usual morning, because it was the first morning after the countdown had begun. The countdown to his death. Well, everyone's death, technically, considering the fact that the earth was going to be blown up and all.

jake peralta: really hardworking, intense character growth, dating jake peralta would include jake peralta love jake peralta fic jake peralta smut jake peralta angst jake peralta drabble jake peralta fluff jake peralta jake peralta imagine jake peralta gif captain holt rosa diaz masterlist b99 fic b99 brooklyn99 amy santiago charles boyle. Oct 12,   Dating Jake Peralta Would Include A/N: For my gorgeous fans. I love Brooklyn Who doesn't love Brooklyn 99? Taylor Swift. You know Jake has a . HC: Dating Jake Peralta would include Working as a detective in the precinct and not really talking to Jake until you lose a bet with Amy; Switching desks for a whole week leads to easy conversations with him and you both can't ignore the spark.

The apocalypse is coming. Jake couldn't care less, but then his neighbour decides to ruin his life- or what's left of it, anyway. Everyone stared at him curiously, trying to keep up with his head. Penny decided to help him out.

Like a meat fork. Only difference is, with a meat fork it's two-pronged.

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Hence, it is a two-pronged defence. Willing to write anything for any fandom!

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There's more fandoms than those in the tags available, please read the full list in the first chapter! I think he would love to see you instead of me for a change.

Dating jake peralta would include

And it would be nice to surprise him. A trial run for Jake and Amy of a night out without Mac, days before Amy is due to start back at work.

dating jake peralta would include. Page 1 of 5 1 avoid dating alcoholics free dating apps in the world is dating an ex a good idea manica post dating tagged and other dating sites. Welcome At Date A Cougar We are proud to have the biggest collection cougars in your region looking for sex hookups. Most of these hot women looking for guys. Dating jake peralta would include - How to get a good woman. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. Find a woman in my area! Free to join to find a woman and meet a man online who is single and looking for you. Join the leader in mutual relations services and find a date today.

Aka my new fantasy au, this time based on one of my all time favourite Disney films, Sleeping Beauty. Thanks so much to b99peraltiago and bartonstreet for your help and advice on this first chapter - I hope you all enjoy it! When Amy left her first precinct after being assaulted by her captain, she worried she'd never be able to trust or feel safe with anyone from work again.

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These are four times Jake Peralta showed Amy he could be trusted, and the one time she fully believed it. Jake Peralta knew this case would be his big break. All he had to do was enter a mob, gain the trust of a high ranking member, and get back to his apartment before it attracted rats. Smiths office. Daniels and that he was apparently selling drugs to some of the patients. I trust Dr. Many patients are here because they were addicted to drugs and imagine what would happen if the public finds out.

What type of doctor would be that stupid to actually sell drugs at a hospital. But you had no time to think about it and headed straight to the break room where a very tall man with black hair was sitting and eating his tuna sandwich.

Vincenz Hospital? You kind of remind me of someone.

Jake Peralta

Before you could do something Daniels already threw his chair into your direction and blocked your way so that he could run out of the room. I got the drug dealer. The suspect is heading outside! Daniels was pushing everything that was close to him onto your way so that you had to jump like you were trying to run a parkour. Of course he would not stop and with his legs that were almost 2 meters long he was way faster than you but as you saw that he was almost out of the door you saw your chance and ran into a patients room and jumped right though the window, landing on his tall body and pulling him straight to the ground.

Running away from the police and calling me a bitch and having the damn evidence right in your pocket!

Amy & Jake -- The Worst Date List

You pulled out a plastic bag from the Docs coat and as you looked at it you were completely confused because there was a small velvet colored box inside of it.

Your hand moved into the bag to pull out the little box and as you opened it you were even more confused. Jake took the box out of your hand and kneeled down in front of you which caused your eyes to get completely wide due to the shock.

I remember the day we me at for the first time. I immediately fell in love with you. You thought that I was a completely idiot but still caught feelings for me somehow. You said you never wanted one of those romantic proposals everyone expects but something a little bit more crazy. Would you make me the happiest men on earth and marry me? You were still breathing heavily from the running and looked down at your boyfriend who was looking at you with that dorky smile.

jake peralta smut

Was everything you managed to say before you realized that all of your colleagues and friends from the precinct were appearing and looking at the two of you. You mumbled against his lips as he laughed and heard your friends cheering and clapping their hands. Peraltiago, a one-night-stand gone wrong, an acquaintances to friends with benefits fic. She loved getting to test out all of the new equipment and technology.

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There were so many great seminars and presentations for her to see. Beyond that, it was great to meet all sorts of different superiors and colleagues that she could collaborate and exchange stories with. Not that she was ever exactly uninhibite per se, but she was begrudgingly sipping on a water in the corner of the room instead of something stronger this time around.

She rolled her eyes when Rosa had said that, and she was rolling them again now. I originally had it published on wattpad, but not too many people seemed interested and I got no feedback on it, so I lost inspiration and unpublished.

Your friend Jake appeared behind you and as you turned around to look at him you saw that he was fidgeting nervously. Okay not that small actually huge. JavaScript is required to view this site.

Jake Peralta & Amy Santiago. Charles Boyle & Jake Peralta. Alternate Universe - Royalty. The Selection AU. cause i love those books. jake is a prince. my first fic ever. Jake is forced into participating in The Selection, a competition between twenty girls. Their goal? To become his wife and future Queen of Rosemont. But what happens after Jake. Katey Sagal as Karen Peralta, Jake's mother. She is a public school art teacher who worked hard to raise Jake as a single mother after Roger left the family. Despite their past, Karen eventually begins dating Roger again much to Jake's discomfort. Martin Mull as Admiral Walter Peralta, Jake's grandfather on his father's side. A retired United Created by: Michael Schur, Dan Goor. Dating vision would include - Join the leader in footing services and find a date today. Join and search! If you are a middle-aged man looking to have a good time dating man half your age, this advertisement is for you. Is the number one destination for online dating .

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