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Let's say you met an over-educated, underemployed, thirty-something man who seemed incapable of holding down a relationship, and who was known to date up to half-a-dozen women at a time after meeting them online. If you had to come up with a single theory to explain his desultory love life, what would it be? Dan Slater thinks you should blame the Internet. Of course, online dating has been around for a while now. But Slater doesn't offer up much hard evidence that monogamy is actually becoming passe in this country, other than to point out that divorce rates have increased - an oversimplification of what's happened in the past few decades.

That doesn't matter. Women still got to pick who was allowed to send messages to them. Tinder's less effort than OKC. With OKC you have you go through a whole set-up process and monitor it more like you would Facebook. You assume women are just interested in getting "a boyfriend" rather than seeking a certain type of man. OkCupid had many analyzes about demographics and activity of their users. You can't just look at raw percentages without looking at their composition: how in-demand are the users on Tinder vs.

What makes you think that i women don't frequently use both, if they're interested in online dating and ii the Tinder profiles aren't at least as skewed male-wards? This is actually much better than OkC. There's oxytocin effect after intercourse which literally helps to build the relationship between two intercourse partners, so they have a point.

There is always a discrepancy between what people say they want and what their actions show they want.

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When looking at technology adoption, women prefer the mobile phone. Computers are still predominantly masculine and mobile phones due to their communicative nature a lot more feminine.

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That's what feminist academic literature I've read says anyways. MrBuddyCasino on Aug 28, Women use Tinder for sex, not to find a spouse.


For some guys it seems hard to face the fact that many women just like sex, a lot. Source: several women I've talked to. Birger fails to see the salient point here. Everyone knows what Tinder is. It's a hookup app. Want a serious relationship? Don't use Tinder and don't sleep with someone 30 minutes into getting to know them. This is an oversimplification of both men and women. THe truth is most people are looking for "I don't know" or "it depends", just like in real life.

When most people see a girl and ask them out, it would be absurd to think it's as calculated as "for sure hookup" or "definitely to marry", it's just "this person seems worth getting to know".

Tinder is one of the few apps that mirrors that reality by not asking you ridiculous things like "what are you looking for? Same as in real life: plenty of long term relationships start in bars, and that's OK. We all go to bars, sometimes you meet the right person there.

I am bewildered by why tinder is so hard to understand: it's essentially just a bar, a slightly better bar actually since you know everyone there is single. No, it's not an oversimplification of anyone or anything.

7 Early Signs of A Toxic Relationship

I will say your bar analogy is pretty good, though. If you go home with someone from a bar that you met that nightthe general expectation is that it won't be something serious. I mean, come on, it's not that hard to see the overarching point here.

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Even pop culture portrays it this way see Knocked Up, Trainwreck, etc. And general expectations overrule mutual agreements by two adults?

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Let's stop expecting things and expressing them openly. I know several women that have used Tinder to get into serious relationships, as that was their goal from the beginning. I'm sure the vast majority use it for hookups, but you can't generalize everyone. By definition a generalization is an average of. On average, Tinder is used for hooking up way way more than it's used for serious relationships.

I was referring to the fact that there was no attempt to generalize or say "on average". The people I was responding to were saying "Women use Tinder for sex" implying everyoneand "Everyone knows what Tinder is.

KerrickStaley on Aug 28, Different people come into Tinder with different expectations. I'm not sure what your point is here. That the sky is blue? Most men and women use Tinder for hooking up. It's my experience that even women that say they are interested in a "serious relationship" are actually quite interested in the opposite.

Because there's probably some stigma associated with women simply enjoying casual sex. On a meta level, I find it worth noting that you, as somebody who talks about women as "women" gets quite different, and seemingly more honest, answers from them than the other poster who calls them "girls".

It's almost as if treating people with respect mattered. What about "for sex to find a spouse"?

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Having lived in Brazil, this often happens there, though 'spouse' can just mean boyfriend in this case. The more I hear about hookup culture, the more I think the rest of the world is becoming like Brazil.

Sorry, ladies, there really is a man shortage

Sleeping on the first few dates makes a perfect spouse material. It did for me I'm guessing you meant to be sarcastic though. I have yet to see such an article without men-bashing.

People ask me why I, a software developer, don't move to Silicon Valley where salaries are high and venture capital is easy to get. As an Asian-American male, I have a hard enough time getting a date. Going to the valley seems like the odds would be double stacked against me. But according to the article, you should move to Manhattan. That's what I did. And dating here is definately easier than random medium sized American city.

Of course, that might just come from being in a large metropolitan city. Silicon Valley is more of a suburb than metropolis.

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Though SF is probably similar to NY with respect to dating prospects. Smart move, good on you! The problem for men in such an environment, is that a lot of women start to accept the sex object treatment they get, and hence aren't really the people you would want to be with for a long term.

Generalising a gender as only driven by dumb sex is sexist, even if that gender is male.

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Your being unhappy with a generalization as being 'sexist' is your own problem. The rest of the world just doesn't care that you feel this way. If you want others to actually listen to your view and not dismiss as meaningless, you have to present data that contradict the premise you are contending - especially when your view flies in the face of anecdotal evidence all of us already possess.

I don't posses your anecdotal evidence. Especially, when you yourself don't even bother to illustrate them. For bonus points, you could try and prove why one would need evidence in this particular case to prove that sweeping gender generalizations are sexist?

I don't give a shit what you think is sexist. It's a meaningless claptrap that tries to substitute truth for political correctness. I care about facts being true or false. PS My dad's name is Yevgeni :. It's like talking to an undergrad who just read Witgenstein.

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You aren't defending the truth, but a simplistic model that can be used as an excuse to be condescending and rude, where you take one assumptions as true in all cases and troll on the internet. It's simple predicate logic and is only accidentaly related to politness not political correctness. Saying "all heterosexual men are driven by sex" is false when tested empirically.

Jan 25,   China has a growing gender imbalance with millions more men than women; RELATED TOPICS China's Internet dating market was already estimated to be worth $ million in . Aug 26,   Hookup culture isn't the real problem facing singles today. It's math. Apps like Tinder are a symptom of gender imbalance in the dating market. Aug 25,   For example, some 20 years ago a recent college-grad female confronted a dating market that had recent college-grad men for every women.

You can leave a million links in the comments, but that statement will still not be true excluding some trivial cases, like non-existence of heterosexual men.

Even statements like "all men have a penis" or "all men are born men" will fail. On the other hand, statements "some men are driven by sex", or even "most men are driven by sex" will not fail. Interestingly, these statements wouldn't be considered sexist by most. Which might suggest that sexism and stupidity don't only go hand in hand, but are strongly related.

The article's wording is however absolute: "sexual nirvana for heterosexual men" - no quantifiers that might suggest any kind of relativity - and therefore sexist and stupid. Asking for empirical evidence for my opinion is like asking for empirical evidence of the fact that the set of all integers is infinite.

If it helps you feel in control in a discussion, then please, be my guest. But don't spout that self-righteous BS about "truth". Not surprized about your dad, considering your Pelevin inspired nickname. My initial angry reply had mostly to do with the perception that you were saying 'Saying that men are more interested in sex than women is sexist and should, therefore, be not mentioned'. That is my pet peeve - current climate of PC whereby certain things that are true should not be mentioned, lest they perpetuate the sad in the eyes of the speaker status quo.

Now that you have clarified your position, it seems that you're mostly unhappy with absence of the words 'in general' before the generalization.

This is a different type of issue - I don't mind people obsessed with semantics identity politicers are a different matter. While being technically true it misses the fact that any statement concerning large sets of anything can have excptions.

The question is whether these exceptions are singular or sufficiently numerous to render the generalization false. Others may feel differently - for example note that the author already went out of his way to accommodate gays by talking about 'heterosexual men' as opposed to 'men'. Overall - I don't think you've made a case why the author is wrong to generalize that men are more interested in casual sex than women.

We don't focus on the mass general public.

Aug 28,   The imbalance in dating apps are huge. Women are getting messages daily and they are just overwhelmed. Therefore I would suggest you guys to quit this "attention festival" and focus on approaching women in real life. It's really not so difficult to learn it. Know the signs that it may be time to end the relationship with these 10 dating deal-breakers. Dating & Marriage one person always or never paying is a red flag for imbalance in the Author: Marianne Wait. Jan 12,   Forget Online Dating: Here's Something That Might Really Hurt Monogamy. Jordan Weissmann. January 12, that's created an enormous imbalance in the national dating pool. In .

Golden Bachelor says it has 5 million registered members and employs psychologists and special matchmaking consultants to personally assist multi-millionaires in their pursuit of romance. And then there also are the so-called "love hunters" - staff who travel around the country in search of China's most beautiful bachelorettes to bring to the lavish matchmaking parties the company throws. The last one was on December 20 in Beijing in a luxury hotel. Ladies took part in a wedding gown show and also sang, danced, even cooked for their moneyed suitors during a talent program.

Eighty percent of those who came found a date, according to the company. Behind Golden Bachelor's extravagance is a telling trend of what the future of finding love in China could look like. In a society where 24 million Chinese men will find themselves lacking wives by because of the country's gender imbalance, according to a recent study by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, it could get highly competitive.

These are the women who are highly educated and have high career ambitions. They will be competing for men at the top of the social hierarchy.

Dating imbalance

Rapid urbanization is eroding more traditional ways of finding partners through relatives and friends and is pressing young people to seek out new avenues for romance. In a society that is increasingly living life on the Internet, online services are poised to capitalize on the looming scarcity of love matches. It is definitely extremely important. While small compared to the U. Li, who is also known as "Dr.

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Feb 14,   The Marriage Market May Be More Imbalanced Than You Think. It also means that when we want to estimate what the marriage and dating . The gender balance, or rather imbalance in this case, plays a large role in not only the number of available partners, but the dating habits of people as well. Balance and Behaviors. Sep 14,   There's a power imbalance. Dating is about working together to support one another in equal measure, says dating coach James Preece. Being in a .

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