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My first Saturn return is coming up at the end of this year. I have this feeling that someone who I had a brief, but intense karmic relationship with ten years ago will be a part of my life again during this time. My intuition is telling me that we will date during this time and that it would bring us each closure and immense healing. I have a bit of astrology knowledge and I think we have some cts that support this. I am so curious for the take of an objective, experienced astrologer on this!

And I starred in a B-movie. So, yeah, lots going on with mine. Thank God I lived through it. My 1st Saturn?

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Glad it is over. My natal Saturn is conjunct Sun and Merc and transiting Saturn went from opposing my Moon immediately to conjuncting Sun and then the rest of the she-bang.

After supporting my fiance through nursing school, I decided to take a year off from working then go back for my degree unknowing that my SR was impending at the time. Once my year was up, I started getting everything together to go back to school and it was delay, delay, delay It seemed that if there was an obstacle I found it. Somewhere during that time we moved to a condo we bought.

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As soon as Saturn started leaving, though, I felt an abrupt lift in my mood. I no longer felt like hiding in the bed all day and my self-esteem bounced mostly back to normal. And I just got notice last week that I got into school.

6 Things I Wish I Knew At 20 - Saturn Return in LIBRA (Saturn 7th House) - Hannah’s Elsewhere

Of course, my Sun getting hit thrice before Saturn finally went direct for the last time may have contributed to all this. Hopefully yours will be better? I love the word feral-brings back find memories. Uh, Saturn is conjunct my Sun in Aries in the first.

Saturn Return

The bastard. Saturn puts the brakes on, shall we call it, my irrational exuberance.

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Wow, looking back at the RV-trip comment I posted brought back a lost memory We were in Cripple Creek ostensibly so I could do research on the book I wanted to do about those who knew Linda Goodman. It occurred to me that I had left an important job undone when she died.

The first thing I ever knew about astrology was my own sun sign. The second thing I ever knew about astrology was transmitted to me as a piece of pop-culture knowledge in the year , when I was 12 and the band No Doubt released the album Return of Saturn.I learned, from magazines and girls at school more sophisticated than I was, that Saturn return was a part of . Dec 08,   I had been happily married, wanting a family, and I was sure I was going to have my first child during my Saturn return. Instead, I ended up getting divorced. Because Saturn went retrograde, it went back and forth over my natal Saturn for about 8 months. The changes that occured took me completely by surprise. I definitely grew up a lot. Nov 21,   Since Saturn rules endings, time, and natural limits, you may experience endings in some area of your life during your Saturn return, whether it be related to a relationship, job, where you live, or some other area. If this happens, it's important to know that this is normal during the Saturn return, even though it may feel hard now.

She was the one who introduced me to astrology when I was just a kid. A really weird kid. I landed a job right after that hippie-impregnation episode at a place where there was an espresso bar in the lobby. It just happened to have been run by the guy who, as a kid, Linda paid to take care of her goats and get them back onto her property, should they get into mischief, which was often.

Whoa, I never even knew L. Years before me, my sister didand still years before us our father did. The Outback is one of the most energetically charged places on earth, I think.

I met a guy, moved in with him, realised I could no longer rely on men to look after me. Moved out. Got a full time job, started uni as well, left uni and then started home study which I picked up again this year.

Most significant change - lived with a girlfriend who had just got divorced and we healed together. I stayed away from men for years and just learned to be self sufficient. Learned that I am really driven by a quest for knowledge in this lifetime and that travel and learning are as necessary as breathing for me.

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I got a new job and bought a condo I also had Pluto exact on my IC. The job turned out to be horrible, I fought with my parents over condo renovations, I had homework for a graduate course I was taking, and a boyfriend who needed attention - all that Saturn squeeze! But the job turned out to be a stepping stone to better things.

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I am 29 and going through mine now. I am in the process of completely redefining myself.

I got married bla bla bla- prob the only times in my life I actually enjoyed it- not so much anymore! As in your rising sign follows your sun sign? Were you wiped out? I have saturn on my sun right now, and will have my return in less than 2 yrs. I also have saturn in the 1st house :.

Dating during saturn return

I am a little anxious about this. Moved thousands and thousands and thousands of miles away, lived in Europe, had a baby. It was not the thrilling Living Abroad experience I envisioned and I was poor as hell, but aside from the poverty I was the happiest I had ever been in my life.

I should never have come back. I got scared I was ranging too far afield from my family and was deeply worried about how I would handle motherhood without any support at all. In my next life, no fear. Keep walking.

My father died during my first Saturn return. Saturn did a little dance for joy between signs around the time my grand-daughter was born in - She also has Saturn in Libra. But my daughter disappeared from my life during the second return and refused communication since. I loved her so much but must not have learned the right lessons. Sep 12,   But, I haven't been able to find anything online about the idea of love or relationships specifically during a Saturn return. I am so curious for the take of an objective, experienced astrologer on this! And then this: Hi, it's Nina, I submitted a question a few days ago involving love/relationship during a Saturn return. 88 rows  Dec 19,   There's a very obvious reason for this name: Saturn takes .

I gave up on my pathetic, so-called acting career, broke up with my pathetic, so-called actor boyfriend, moved in with my parents and stayed in my room and cried for a month. Then I got off my ass and built a new life. I moved from NYC to the midwest to attend graduate school, fell in deep love for the first time, and established a career for myself.

Of course there were other themes and events playing out at the time. My military career was taking off fabulously and Life was good. Still looking. I met the hubs, got married, had my first baby and moved 3times.

When it was out of my first house, I had grown and matured in ways, to make me the responsible person I was meant to be :.

I was in a very emotionally abusive marriage.

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I had gotten him into and through medical school, all the while, he had been doing everything to destroy any self esteem I might have been holding on to. It was hell, and I finally realized that if I were to stay with him, I would have to kill off a part of myself, a very important part of myself.

I finally found the courage, or the inevitability, to face all my fears, and leave him. December 10,I packed up everything that I could fit into my little car, and drove away, leaving him my dogs and cat, and began the journey from Michigan to California, crying most of the way.

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Interesting about this upcoming eclipse on the 10th. It was also the day that my adoptive parents brought me home. I totally need to apply this advice to myself. But well. It could go well. We never know. Time will tell. It is in the 5th house. You could read previous posts sometimes It conjuncts my NN closely, I just can't wait for my destiny to unveil itself I don't know what about you but I'm going to take a space trip with Virgin at that time I'm sooo happy!

Maybe my family gets neglected I can very well see that a happening. I don't actually say babe LOL. I hate that word. Are you suggesting that not having a boyfriend means not living? Your Saturn return won't be awful unless you meet me I'm sooo happy! My cousin got into a bad relationship when she was It ended, she's still in the process of getting it out of her mind. But during this time, she also finished her studies, ditched her old job, got a new, good job and money was flowing in lol.

She's a cap ascendant, Saturn is in libra-8th house. All of this Saturn return stuff has gotten me excited. I found a thread where people talked about half-Saturn return? At this age a human child cannot survive by itself. It will be at least 3 or 4 years after birth before the very smartest of children could survive by itself. Children also start to break away from the tight control of their parents. Most kids gain some independence and a few could survive by themselves well.

The later part of this cycle is when a real sex education should begin, actually the earlier the better. The huge number of Teenage Pregnancies in the United States is utterly ridiculous and a social travesty.

The child normally grows to full adult size during this period and has to adjust to all the hormonal changes it's body is going through including the possibility of becoming a parent. Learning social skills and mental development is what Mother Nature has in mind for this time frame. Unfortunately most adult humans are forever stuck at this age of development, both socially and intellectually.

During this SATURN cycle is the point when a lot of people realize that their life is 1/2 over and if they want something in that LIFE, they had better do it soon or forget it. For men in particular as 40 approaches this has been the time when many seem to go into a second childhood [at least that's what is incorrectly thought by most people]. Saturn Return Meaning and Overview. Like the Mercury Retrograde, Saturn Return is one of the astrological events that a lot of people, whether they are into astrology or not, have some awareness. You're probably familiar with your sun sign, but the planet you should know is Saturn, the best life-coach you've ever people understand, in basic terms, that it's a period . Oct 21,   And that is Saturn Return, loosely defined as the time when Saturn loops back roughly twenty-seven or twenty-eight years later to the place where it started when you were born, making a mess of things. When it comes to Saturn, I'm a total, fervent believer. Because Saturn is real. Not real like the Velveteen Rabbit. Real real. And it will.

The proof of this assertion being the current worldwide social structure which is pretty much based on a Junior High School mentality, i. Insecure and possessive relationships dominated by a clique values. A period when most people should begin their careers after an apprenticeship period.

But instead many human beings are starting a family while they themselves are still too young to be responsible enough. It's really hard for any person to know who they really are until this cycle is over. The keyword is experience and it has many advantages. Age 28 - This SATURN cycle is the time when the majority should begin their family's, after their careers have "come together", the really smart people follow this pattern.

But most actually started a family 10 years earlier. As the end of this cycle approaches some people begin to find a health problem or two. It is also a point in many peoples lives when they begin to realize that they have limitations. Age 35 - For men in particular as 40 approaches this has been the time when many seem to go into a second childhood [at least that's what is incorrectly thought by most people]. This is what your Saturn return can offer you: new clarity, new perspective, and a new steely strength as you move into a new cycle of life.

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