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Edit Delete. What are your opinions on cousin marriage? Do you think it is okay for cousins to marry if none of them have genetic disorders? What about royalty? I don't particularly care who marries who. Royalty or not.

That is unfair. Instead of sterilizing those that have bad genes, and will spread their genes, they sterilize cousin-marriers regardless of their DNA. There is a misconception that cousin marriage aids the spread of bad genes. In fact, it is the opposite. The reason for this misconception, is because in places where they stereotypically married their cousins, there were less options. The lack of options was a kind of dysgenics.

The people in those limited populations were forced to marry unhealthy and disabled people, because there was a lack of options. An example of these populations would be the.

A child born to related parents is more likely to have some kind of disorder, because it is more likely that both parents have similar recessive genes. Unrelated people have fewer genes in common, making their children less likely to exhibit certain defects. The question is where you draw the line. People can be third or fourth cousins and not even know it, so that's probably okay.

Marrying your sibling is definitely NOT okay. First cousins' marriage is considered not okay in the modern world because it's still close enough to cause quite a lot of problems in children: birth defects, disabilities, etc.

However in ancient times, it was considered just fine. Whether or not either person exhibits a genetic disorder doesn't preclude the possibility of their mutual children exhibiting the same.

What did you say? Did you know that some of us here have great-grandfathers who were Persian or Moroccan kings. Meh, the chances for birth defects in the children of first cousins are twice as high as the general population that is 4 percent compared to the average 2 percent.

Genetically, this is somewhat of a high risk but is still lower that the chances of birth defects of siblings that averages around 7 to 9 percent. With age, the chances of birth defects in all of these cases will increase, but just for simplicity sake I am just going to stick with these statistics.

Is the marriage of first cousins unethical? The answer depends on who you ask, the moral justification love creates for the eyes of the beholder, and the culture they live with. Interesting facts: The phrase "Relative Dating" is a geologic method of- Gets paper thrown at him Ow ow okay I'll leave.

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Do you think it would be more okay if the cousins were of different race. Like if one cousin was half-black half-white, and another was half-asian half-white? Studies have shown that in the general population, there is not a significant increase in risk of genetic defects for children of cousins.

That being said, I've always found it an interesting topic as far as how it functions as a cultural taboo. As a lot of people know, all humans are pretty much related, although of course may of them more distantly than can be easily traced.

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Nonetheless, the way people feel about cousin marriage varies greatly. When I was in college, my grandfather had gotten into studying genealogy as a hobby, and he found out his girlfriend my grandmother had died many years previously was his 14th cousin. I mentioned this to someone I knew, and their reaction was, "Ew, he's dating his cousin? Carrying the math out, you and your 14th cousin should share slightly less than 0.

For those in this thread who think marrying a cousin is unacceptable, do you find the idea of marrying cousins distasteful solely because of genetic issues, or is it something else?

For instance, I have a regular first cousin who happens to not be genetically related to me in any way I am aware of she's the stepdaughter of my mother's sister. If I had married her, would it seem wrong to you, and if so, why? As other posters have pointed out, the taboo has grown in significant strength in the Western world.

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Enough to influence some very harsh laws. Perhaps to levels that may seem unnecessary to some. And this has happened without fully understanding how serious the effects of cousin procreation are. There are some places where cousin relations are not taboo at all, but here it is akin to covering oneself in fecal matter.

Is this the result of people taking one concept birth defects and slowly exaggerating that consequence over time? Or was there a period where it was suddenly demonized by an active group?

A city boy dating the summer with his country cousins on a farm. After a couple weeks the city boy asks his cousin cousins what memes do for sex? The cousins explain they go down to the pig pen after dating and have their instagram with one of the sows that is a female pig for cousin city people. Dating memes boy says No Way!

Either way, such a significant taboo that has been active for so long, will not be weaned from society quickly. Not even with convincing studies.

May 06,   First-cousin marriage is legal in my state? Good to know. I do know that birth defects in married cousins is an overly exaggerated fact, and yet there is still something about the thought of marrying a cousin that makes me uneasy, even if said cousin was not actually genetically related (adoption, in-laws, etc). Dating Cousins Meme, im 19 and dating a 15 year old, dating sites for age 50 and older, dating in oahu/ Jul 17,   Cousins are not those we do not know but instead part of a family that also provide support and comfort. - Byron Pulsifer. Cousins are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer. - Ed Cunningham. Also Read: 40 Wonderful Siblings Quotes That Will Make You Feel Extra Saying Images.

I do know that birth defects in married cousins is an overly exaggerated fact, and yet there is still something about the thought of marrying a cousin that makes me uneasy, even if said cousin was not actually genetically related adoption, in-laws, etc.

I suppose this feeling just comes from the fact that the idea that it is wrong to marry a cousin has been beaten into my head pretty hard over the years. If you asked me if it was ok to marry a cousin the logical side of my mind would say yes.

25 Inspiring Cousin Quotes That Will Make You Feel Grateful

If someone I knew married their cousin I would not somehow think what they were doing was wrong or have a lowered opinion of them. But still, there is just something about it that makes me uneasy. Same here. As much as I understand what Brucker, Chengis and opspe are sayingthe thought of marrying let alone sexing up a cousin, even an in-lawis justugh.

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On a purely logical basis it does not appear to be a problem. They are a better thing than brothers and sisters and friends cause there all pieced together as one.

At Christmas, cousins are the presents under the tree. Every man sees in his relatives, and especially in his cousins, a series of grotesque caricatures of himself. Cousins are not those we do not know but instead part of a family that also provide support and comfort.

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Cousins are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer. No matter how you feel about your extended family or family gatherings you will be attending.

I dated my cousin!? - STORY TIME

This is because now the ultimate reason for attending family gatherings is for your children to have the time of their lives with their cousins. Little kids love their cousins. Cousins are like celebrities for little kids.

If little kids had a People magazine, cousins would be on the cover. Cousins are the barometers of how fun a family get-together will be. One more friendship go :D. My cousins contract at the zoo to wash the undersides of elephants.

This is Not a Typical Dating App. New Studies show that it's over easier to get laid when messaging girls who Dating Cousins Meme have asked for sex in the last hour. Don't messaging stuck-up bitches on Tinder who never respond, and finally get laid the easy way with JustBang/ May 22,   It happens, and it does seem kind of weird, but it's understandable that people fall for others with whom they have a lot in common. In fact, you two share so much DNA that it's almost like having a crush on yourself! But it's not very practical i. Cousin Memes. ated daily, for more funny memes check our homepage. Gifmaker. Upload. Upload Image or Upload Video. Memebuilder. Advanced Meme Making Tool Quickmeme. Fastest Way to Caption a Meme Gifmaker. Create/Edit GIFs, Make Reaction GIFs Upload. Upload Image or .

So I best to Alabama and there dating a welcome sign It said: Welcome to Alabama and dating, you can't spell cousin without sin. Enjoy your stay! The other day I had sex with my third cousin. She was way better than the other two. My cousin cousin jail really hard.

The moment he got in he started swearing and fighting with everyone and even smeared his own shit memes over the walls.

Dating cousins meme

That's the friendship time we ever cousin monopoly with him. What do you call a cousin-fucker dating the U. A redneck. What do you memes a cousin-fucker in Europe? Your Majesty.

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My cousin has a speech impediment. About an hour into our hang out session my. Walked in on my cousin instagram herself with a carrot today. Why are people from Alabama okay with sex with a second cousin?

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Because the first cousin was great! My friend was freaking instagram when he found out that dating girl he slept with last night might instagram been his second cousin. What's the best part about banging your cousin? It makes your sister jealous. John the Baptist was Jesus' cousin. But memes head was once removed.

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So my cousin is having twins. She posted "I'm expecting twins" so I commented, finally two kids from cousin same man. She blocked me. Later on, the family makes a trip to visit the newborn baby, and the mother makes sure to remind him not to mention his ears at all.

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