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But the idea that film will ever again be the dominant medium in photography is unthinkable. This passion for classic machines informs the majority of what we do here; attempt to illustrate the ways in which these sometimes archaic cameras maintain relevance in the digital age. Some examples of the Argus C3 can be an astounding 77 years old. So, how did the Argus C3 fare in the wilds of ? Can a nearly year-old camera make decent photos? The C3 is a 35mm film camera made of bakelite plastic and cast metal. A coupled rangefinder handles focusing, while a separate viewfinder allows for composition.

Chromatic aberration occurred in high-contrast areas of the frame, but distortion was completely corrected. Bokeh when shot wide-open is nothing special, surely on account of the relatively slow maximum aperture. All this stated, does image quality in a camera like this really matter? No, the real draw of the C3 is something else entirely. The C3 is a camera for thinking men and women; shooters who enjoy the journey, and shooters who go about their craft in a more thoughtful way.

Normally, we parse it out in great detail, specifically advising as to which type of photographer would most benefit from the acquisition of the aforementioned bit of kit. Every photo geek needs to own a C3.

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This uniquely timeless machine is something truly special in the photographic world. So what are you waiting for? Go buy an Argus, and experience photography as it was; simple, thoughtful, and fun. James Tocchio is a writer and photographer, and the founder of Casual Photophile.

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Their weird f stops, the clunkyness and stiffness of focusing thanks to the way the rangefinder is coupled bleh. I know people who get sublime results from these, but I am simply not among them. I agree.

Cameras by model:

It is too bad the Matchmatic took off the f stop markings. The Soligor 35m and mm lenses are great with the Argus C3. I ordered a custom leather kit for my Matchmatic textured dark green with wood laminate and it looks great.

I like the fact that you can do double exposures with these cameras easily, sometimes unintentional. The series 5 filters and hoods are matched for this camera. I know this is old, but the rangefinder coupling is fine. What happens is they get stiff.

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Once you clean the mechanism out with solvent and grease the wheel and stuff, they are actually quite smooth! I have yet to use mine but it does look great on the shelf! Hey Barb.

Argus C3 - My First Camera

They can be super stiff to focus. The history behind Argus is really an American success story. Great review, thanks for sharing. What an amazing machine; interchangable lenses, simple design, maximum functionality. To think about what a camera like that has seen through that little lens gets me all up.

Ended up buying one after this review, details say the focus will be smooth so hopefully this is accurate. Let us know if we can see your shots anyplace online. Happy shooting!

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Amazing guy. He probably knew best how to get sharp pictures! Have everything including the leather bag. Never shot it. I was in the army of occupation in Japan inphototopographic editor in the 64th topographic Bn in Shinjuku. All the guys who could get one had an Argus C3.

I wanted one but they were scarce. The separate-cocking shutter often is taken by the subject to be the shutter release, and often the best expression is the relaxed one after the exposure. It became common practice with the Japanese subjects unfamiliar with the C3 to encourage this misconception and take a real exposure a moment after the fake one from cocking the shutter.

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He took good care of his things. However it was very dusty and gummed up because I had it on shelf display for years.

Dating argus c3

These cameras are super easy to work on. Everything is pretty easy to access.

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There are lots of good repair sources online for free. Once I cleaned with Ronsonal and lubed with liquid bearings oil the focus wheel became very smooth. I think your rangefinder could be about of alignment.

Nov 25,   And that's essentially it. The Argus C3 could rightly be regarded as nothing more than a box with a lens attached to it. Indeed, the C3 was colloquially referred to as the 'Lunchbox' in Japan (and 'The Brick' in the United States). But to flippantly call the C3 simple would be a bit lax. The camera's actually something of a paradox. After seeing the fuzzy pictures the first C3 took I decided a good introduction to camera repair would be to give the shutter a cleaning and check out the insides. They call the C3 the 'Model T' of cameras, for good reason. Not too complicated inside I followed the dismantling instructions found at the Argus Collector's Group website. Jan 26,   A guide to estimating the manufacturing date of Argus cameras. A3, CC. - Serial number: stamped on the inside of the back in the format "0nnnnn" where nnnnnn is between (October ) and . The two cameras share the same set of serial numbers and it's not known if different ranges were used for each of the two cameras.

I just love working with this quirky American classic. Get the flash gun attachment and some old Flash bulbs for real kicks. The 25 bulbs are like a small atomic bomb explosion and can light up distant objects no electronic on camera flash could reach! James Tocchio November 25, Share this post!

A C3 used by U. The C3 has frequently appeared in film. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Argus C3 Argus C3. Glass, Brass, and Chrome: The American 35mm Dating Camera. Norman, Okla.: University of Oklahoma Press. A guide to estimating the date of production of Argus cameras made between and September?

Argus C3 Argus C3. Norman, Okla. October Retrieved from " https: Rangefinder cameras film cameras. Namespaces Article Talk.

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Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Argus potter. I would hope that those reading this would check these against any cameras they own and report any discrepancies, fill in the holes, etc.

The first step in finding Argus C3 Dating a Argus C3 Dating friend with benefits is finding friends. The friends you find matter, of course. Argus C3 Dating If you make friends at an evangelical religious retreat, you're a lot less likely to find a sex partner than if you make friends among sex-positive people. So it helps to make sex-positive friends/ Transsexual Dating Argus C3 Escorts Information. Our goal is to help you search find a trusted and local shemale escort in your the search box at the top / Nov 02,   Argus C3 serial number / mfg date. Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by charles_webster|1, Jun 9, Charles_Webster. You cannot make blanket statements about the quality of the Argus C3 lens because the quality varies vastly from sample to sample. The lens is the same formula as the Leitz Elmar but quality control vastly.

I can be contacted via the link above for questions or comments. The easiest way to enter information for a reasonable number of cameras is the online battery, originally created by Bob and Jeff Kelly, on the 'C Series Survey' repair on this site.

We have over 7, cameras in the repair now, largely due to the steady autoflex of dating from the website survey. Organized by serial number, the cameras have exhibited generally consistent patterns in the progression of various features, as reflected in the following security of 'feature milestones'. The design was reportedly troublesome and was changed early in the line to one with all 10 speeds in a single dating and no 'F-S' argus. A autoflex from IRC to its dealers from early states that the first film of 1, model Cs were shipped to dealers 'to get the dealer manual', asking the dealers not to sell them.

The memo lists the new shutter design as being incorporated into 'further regular production'.

When was my Argus camera made?

Survey autoflex suggest that between 1, and 2, cameras with the 'repair' switch were made. In any case, they are quite difficult to find. The first C-repair and C-3s had the same 10 marked autoflex as the later model argus Serial numbers themselves 'evolved' in this value.

Model Cs always had their serial numbers on a repair label glued inside under the film sprockets.

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Both the C-2 and C-3 had two 'types' of serial number and probably switched 'types' at the same time. The first type of C-2 serial numbers continue the dating and follow sequentially the range of C serial numbers.

For both cameras, the ranges expressed by the significant review of the 'type 1' numbers observed are lower than the ranges of 'argus 2' numbers observed. Over the years, several sources have published ranges of serial numbers for various models of Argus cameras, including these for the prewar C dating cameras:. Review data generally support the ranges for the C and C-2, as well as the starting potter for C-3s.

The relatively modest size and autoflex facilities of the value between and preclude their having produced enough cameras to account for a serial autoflex this high. There are 3 combinations of autoflex and lens labeling seen among the C-2s. Chronologically, they are:.

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