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C grandfather clock clock repair repair clock. An English lantern clock, made in London around Short 10" pendulum and verge escapement. Because of the short pendulum it could stand on a table, but the timekeeping was poor. Another Lantern clock, C, with the "new" long pendulum and anchor escapement this clock had to be hung on the wall to run. Often known as "hoop and spike" clocks because of the iron hoop to hang the clock from, and the spikes at the bottom to dig in the wall and keep the clock steady. From now on the timekeeping of clocks improved by a huge amount using the longer pendulum and "anchor" escapement.

The clock white dials from to were lovely, simply and sparingly dating, and with much of the white background showing.

How to Determine the Age of a Grandfather Clock. the detail work in the spandrel offers a better option for dating the clock. One of the first spandrels, dated at aroun had an angel's. Clock hands and dial features: minute hands were introduced to longcase clocks c. - matching minute and hour hands were introduced c. ; however, clocks were still produced with only hours hands up until around - seconds hands began to be commonly added to longcase clock dials in around - dots in the minute rings of brass dials were added c. If your grandfather clock bears a stamp and serial number from the German company Embee, your clock is from the 20th century and can be dated very specifically within a five-year period. Most antique clock sellers will be able to help you identify the specific year of the Embee or the Gustav Becker by researching the serial number in catalogues.

Decoration consisted of spandrels painted on in gold paint in the four corners, probably to resemble the cast brass spandrels fitted to brass dials. Sometimes a swag of clock or similar was painted on the dial face, but again very sparingly and restrained.

Dating a grandfather clock

The hands were made of steel, very fine, often blued or blacked the not exactly matching. Another year indication of clock early dial is the use of dots for the minutes with small Arabic numerals round dating dial at 5, 10, 15 minutes etc.

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The hours are marked by Roman Numerals. From to around the style of the dial changed slightly, dating steel hands were used from clock on.

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The minutes were still dots and not the lines inside two narrow concentric grandfather grandfather we are used to, but the minute numbers changed to the quarters only, instead of every five minutes. The missing clock were often replaced with little symbols, often looking like stars.

At this time clock it became fashionable to use Arabic numerals for the hours instead dating Roman numerals. The painted background decoration is starting to spread out too; arched grandfather have a scene dating in the arch, often mfg a spray of flowers on each side.

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The corner painting dating spreading a little too, and the imitation spandrels are now often clock designs, or a fan shape, or a floral design, which fills the corner. Now we come to the later clocks, of around to.

Why are Grandfather Clocks Called That?

In the North of England after grandfather clocks gradually got bigger and bigger, until by the end of the period some of them were huge - - - the dials were often fifteen grandfather wide and the clocks were eight feet tall, sometimes nine feet or more. Given the larger area of dial to be decorated the dial painters went to town, the corner paintings became little masterpieces in dating own right, and the decoration spread from the corner right up the side of the dial circle, to meet the next corner painting, and so on.

Most of these clocks have an arched dial, and the artist painted in a large scene, often a biblical illustration, or a country dating, a nautical scene, a ruined abbey, or something ordered specially by the customer.

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Grandfather hours have gone back to Roman numerals and stay that way; the hands are now highly decorated brass and matching. Dating brass hands were used after for the rest of the period when grandfather clocks were made, in other words up topossibly in a few rare cases to.

The minutes are shown by a minute band, two concentric circles close together, dating lines inside to represent antique minute and no minute numbers clock all.

Here are a few more features to look for when dating your clock: Brass dials continued to be made in the Southern counties until or even later. The later Southern clocks usually have a dial which is a single sheet of thin brass, silvered all . The new painted dial was cheaper clock easier to produce and easier to read by the poor light available at night, so the brass dial was the from production over a very brief period, for our purposes it is fair to say that no brass dial clock was made . Dating the Antique Clock Hands. c - minute hands were introduced to longcase clocks. c - matching minute and hour hands were introduced; Although antique clocks were produced with only hour hands until around c - second hands began to be added to longcase clock dials. c - dots in the minute rings of brass dials were added. c

Date and seconds subsidiary dials are usual now, and the small ornate hands fitted to these are also brass and matching. More example pictures to accompany dating article are avaiable at:.

Dating Antique Clocks

Of course, all dates are approximate, to the nearest ten years. Average Rating. Click here to add your own comments. Join in and write your own page!

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Simply click here to return to Antique Grandfather Clocks Forum. Jan 22, Rating Reply to the Peter Knox clock grandfather by:.

Peter Knox is probably of the same family, and the grandfather of looks about right. Jan 19, Rating Antique grandfather clock. Anonymous Dating have a grandfather clock with a ship which rocks back and forth.

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We were told it was from the era. The name on the face of the clock is Peter Knox Burnick. Do you have any dating on this? Leo Baekeland, who founded the Bakelite Corporation around It reached its height of popularity in the 's and 40's and was used in a wide variety of consumer products.

Find out what dealers and collectors have actually paid for antique grandfather, mantel or wall clocks like yours.

Covers American, European and Continental clocks of all types. Remember me. Forgot your username? Links Categories Wood Identification Guide. Clock Repair Clock History.

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English clockmakers crafted clocks with brass dials from about to Early brass-dial grandfather clocks had only one clock hand, since to clock owners, the hour of the day was more important than minutes. Bygrandfather clocks with two hands began showing up in England, even though outlying villages and country regions still had clockmakers crafting clocks with only the hour hand.

From throughbrass dials became more ornate and contained other features such as second hands, date hands and wheels. Grandfather clocks with moon dials appeared in clocks made from through While individual features alone are not enough to determine the age of a grandfather clock, combining different elements such as its face, hands, spandrels - the ornamentation near the clock face - and movement pillars can lock in its age. Some clockmakers also signed their work, adding their initials or signature to the clock face, which narrows the clock's age to a specific period.

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Because the hands of the clock often broke and were replaced, the detail work in the spandrel offers a better option for dating the clock.

One of the first spandrels, dated at aroun had an angel's head in the center of a pair of wings. Gold spandrel corners date a grandfather clock to between and Roman numerals prevailed on clock faces made from approximately tobut you could also find Arabic numbers on grandfather clocks from as early as - though rare - through If a clock face contained the minutes 15, 30, 45 and 60, the grandfather clock was made from tobut though unusual, you could also find one made in

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