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Meeting and dating a total stranger is not an easy decision to make. And neither is dating your best friend that you have known for years. But some people would rather date a childhood friend because they think it would have a happier ending. However, the truth is that dating a childhood friend is not as easy as it seems. Like every other relationship, it has its pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Dating a Childhood Friend

Acceptance: Introducing your new relationship to your family and friends would be easy. High risk of losing your friendship: Agreeing to date your childhood friend is very tricky because the relationship can end either positively or negatively.

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And the truth is that once the relationship ends, you can never go back to being the friends you used to be. Since there is no guarantee that your relationship will lead to marriage, you are at risk of losing your close friend.

Dating a childhood family friend

Of course, you can still maintain some level of friendship, but the deep connection you once had with that person is gone forever. High possibility of losing mutual friends: The fact that you have been best of friends for several years means that you would have mutual friends. And as soon as your mutual friends know that you are now an item, they begin to see you two differently.

Tom Holland DATING Family Friend Olivia Bolton!

So if a break up happens, your mutual friends will start to feel awkward in your presence. And even you would not feel comfortable around them anymore. And before you realize what is happening, you would have withdrawn from your mutual friends and vice versa.

Apr 05,   I think I qualify for this question. Before I get into the details of our marriage, let me tell you how we actually ended up getting married. I first 'met' my wife when she was 1 day old. That's right. I was 4 days short of 1 year and my mom took. Dating a childhood friend can lead to a comfortable, long-lasting romance. When the great psychologist Carl Rogers first announced that he would marry childhood friend Helen Elliot, his mother objected.

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View Singles Near You. Warning Before you take the final step of revealing your feelings, do some soul-searching and do your best to be ready for anything.

Aug 27,   I had the pleasure of dating my childhood crush. It is too bad that after all these years of growing up I wasn't quite ready to be in a commited relationship. I am not sure she was either because she was just out of a divorce herself, But if I kn. Mar 29,   Jr. high was when it all started again, we were inseparable and many thought we were dating. This time he was the one who had the biggest crush on me and I was the jerk. He became my best friend, the friend I would tell everything to; relationships, school, family, Estefani Del Villar. Jan 19,   Cons of dating a childhood friend Several people only think about the advantages of dating their childhood friends. But they forget that there would be some disadvantages to it. Before you make your decision, read below some of the cons of .

Romantic attraction is a mysterious and deep-rooted emotion; if your friend doesn't share your attraction it is not a judgment on you. Resources The Cheers Magazine: Dating a friend. About the Author.

Accessed 05 May Pyburn, Anne. How to Date a Childhood Friend. Dating Tips - Match.

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Note: Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. He still didn't ask me out for a long time, and yes we went through that talking stage even though we knew what one felt for the other.

Now after almost two years of dating I can say he still is my best friend.

We have gone through some very tough times, and there are times we shouldn't have gone through but we have found a way to get through it all.

He hasn't stopped listening, caring, having his arms open for me to cry in, or stopped putting a smile on my face. I think if he would of asked me out any time sooner things wouldn't have worked out.

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Now I just want to tell him, thank you. Thank you for loving me the way you do, for being there for me in my darkest times, for being one of my 1 fans, for pushing me past my limits and fears, thank you for still being my childhood best friend.

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I also want to apologize for those hard times I made us go through, for hurting you at times with my actions and words, and for anything else. I can truly say I am in love with you!

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Dating My Childhood Best Friend.

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