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Inspired by a previous on-demand restaurant service app he designed, Leor Massachi, one of the co-founders of Dandy, wanted to find a way for dating app users to connect in real life faster than they would traditional dating apps. The Dandy team comprises Massachi, co-founder Daniel Newman, head of marketing Kaitlyn Rassi, two non-USC engineers and creative director Caroline Moore, a senior majoring in computer science and business administration. Both co-founders would be current seniors in the Marshall School of Business, but they left the University this year to pursue Dandy full-time. Rassi said the app is currently targeting local communities and is catered toward college students - but not all of them. We have plans in the future to open it up to the public.

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Users can only access Dandy when they are notified that the app is going live. Each user is then randomly paired with another student who attends the same university.

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According to Newman, the app was not modeled after popular dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, which offer a more passive online dating experience. He said Dandy is more engaging for students because it is only open during certain timeframes.

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Rassi said the app encourages users to go out and meet new people after introducing them for a limited amount of time when the app goes live. Former students launch University-wide dating app.

Mar 28,   Dandy is the first-ever live dating experience that alleviates the demanding time & effort required to find a quality person. We're live for the intelligent & ambitious-those who value their time and aren't willing to spend even an hour on dating apps/5(75). May 04,   It's a good thought, but a true dandy like Des Esseintes would take the concept one step further: "tired of artificial flowers aping real ones, he wanted some natural flowers that would look like fakes." DATING & SEX. Like travel, this isn't something you need to worry about too much as a self-isolating dandy. Aug 31,   Unsatisfied with mainstream dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, Leor Massachi and Daniel Newman, both seniors majoring in real estate development, decided to take matters into their own hands. Together, they co-founded a live speed dating game in a mobile app called Dandy to create an efficient space for meeting romantic partners.

Photo from Instagram. Finding campus romance not stressful or awkward. Couples reflect racial tolerance.

Inspired by a previous on-demand restaurant service app he designed, Leor Massachi, one of the co-founders of Dandy, wanted to find a way for dating app users to connect in real life faster than they would traditional dating apps. The Dating Dandy's Hair is a hair item which was added as a part of the Valentine's Week Trivia. This item can be used with any Level 6 ancestral item to give a . Invite only. Apply for free, early access. The world's first speed dating app.

Santa Monica to get with the times, lift dating services ban. Part of the fun of app is that these live parties occur randomly and with no set schedule.

Jan 16,   The DANDY Makino Haruka Enshiro Hitomi Tutor movie product by Dandy, production, has Dandei Yoshino, actor, with the key search is DANDY

Unlike most dating networks, Dandy is secured within certain communities. The app requires users to provide a university email address and Instagram handle.

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Given this extra precaution, users are free to talk in a safe and verified circle among fellow USC students. In addition to being productive and secure, the team behind the app wanted the game to be inclusive to all university students and create a sense of community, Dandy Chief Marketing Officer Ashley Pakzaban said.

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According to Dandy Chief Growth Officer Daniel Aghachi, the team hopes that the app will provide students with an opportunity to eventually establish genuine, real-life connections with others, making their time at the university more enjoyable. With Dandy, all students will look forward to Dandy going live, whether it be every day or once every week.

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