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You may have heard of the latest dating trend called breadcrumbing aka when you're seeing someone, have gone on a few dates with someone, or have been texting with someone you met online who gives you just enough attention to keep you in the picture but in reality, they're stringing you along via text. Like ghosting, benching, or zombieing, it's pretty much another crappy way to phase out someone you're seeing. But breadcrumbing is nothing new. Jennifer Rhodes, licensed psychologist, relationship expert, and the founder of the bi-costal consultancy, Rapport Relationships , tells Bustle. According to Rhodes there are two ways to handle this behavior. One is to place the person in the category of "non-serious" dating material and don't invest any of your time or energy into reading into his or her behavior. And or two, be direct.

What Is Breadcrumbing?

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Breadcrumbing is when you lead someone on romantically through social media or texting. You might be in contact a lot for a few days, and then a week or even longer can go by before they respond to you again.

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Their messages are ambiguous. They always manage to phrase things in a way that gives you hope without committing themselves to anything.

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You might have deeper conversations now and again, but their messages are normally fairly shallow and generic. They throw breadcrumbs at you through different channels. They booty call you.

Breadcrumbing vs Genuine Interest

Suggest a date. Suggest a date at a specific time and place, like coffee on Sunday afternoon.

We can say that breadcrumbing is a direct path to despondency, apathy, and bitterness. The Difference Between Ghosting and Breadcrumbing. Breadcrumbing and ghosting are two main threats in the world of modern dating. If you at least occasionally use dating applications or dating . You might be on the lookout for clear signs you're being breadcrumbed, like when a guy goes AWOL for a while before circling back around and acting like he never left, but there are other ways you can spot a dude who's trying to keep you on the back are some subtle, surprising signs that you're a victim of breadcrumbing. Jan 30,   The ever-evolving dating world has just introduced us to a new term that perfectly describes an age-old habit: breadcrumbing. This expression has nothing to do with cooking and everything to do Home Country: New York, New York.

If they text you at night, turn off your phone and text them the next day suggesting you meet up. Figure out exactly where they want the limits of the relationship to be, like just keeping it to late-night casual hookups. Get on with your life and make other plans.

It might not be realistic to plan a trip to Harry Potter World with someone you're not in a serious relationship with, but if you're talking to someone who's averse to making any plans at all with you, that's a red flag. According to Hogi, if someone's go-to method of contact is sending "out-of-the-blue texts after long periods of silence without any acknowledgement of their absence," you should be on your guard.

I know that stuff happens and people get busy, but if you notice a pattern where someone frequently ignores your texts, then conveniently pops back into your inbox when they want something like a hookup or sext seshtrust your gut and find someone worthy of your time and attention.


Is there anything in the world more irritating than when someone takes the time to double-tap your Instagram, but can't seem to actually text you back? Social media flirtation is fine if you're both on the same page and, ya know, actually communicate in other waysbut if they're mysteriously AWOL until you post a particularly fire selfie, beware - they might just be sliding into your DMs because they're bored and like the ego boost of digital flirting.

One of the most irksome things about breadcrumbing is that, typically, the person doesn't even bother to see you IRL, instead opting to interact only occasionally via text.

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But breadcrumbing doesn't just exist in cyberspace: someone can hang out with you IRL and still give you the same shitty breadcrumbing feeling. You don't have to have a serious heart-to-heart with someone every week, but if someone seems allergic to expressing how they feel or don't feel about you, it could be a sign that they're just texting you as a way to entertain themselves.

Casual relationships and open communication aren't mutually exclusive; in fact, I'd argue that communicating with a casual hookup is even more important, so everyone is on the same page.

Breadcrumbing is a frustrating modern dating trend - read on to find out exactly what it is, how to spot its warning signs and ultimately how to avoid it. Breadcrumbing is a frustrating modern dating trend - read on to find out exactly what it is, how to spot its warning signs and ultimately how to avoid it. What Is Breadcrumbing in Dating? | POPSUGAR Love & Sex.

Don't let someone convince you that you're in the wrong for wanting to move a conversation past idle chit chat and directionless flirting.

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