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In reality, the majority of us judge potential dating partners at least somewhat by their appearances. We like our partners to be attractive to us both inside and out. What about you? Does a bald or balding man decrease his attractiveness at all? Can bald be sexy? Are you less likely to be interested in someone if he is bald or balding? If you are young and dating someone, do you try to figure out if he will be bald in the future based on familial patterns?

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HairLossTalk Forums. Dismiss Notice Forum ate: Aug Feedback for the Admin? Upgrade coming: Click Here. Boondock Senior Member. Some interesting notes from this discussion. This is really the front line in the reality of baldness. These are true facts. People have no reason to lie online. Unless you're in the minority of men who look good bald, your fate is a terrible one. You will repulse most of the opposite sex. I refuse to let that happen to myself. How do people who say 'baldness doesn't matter, bro' deal with the fact that women actually say things like "I would never even consider dating a bald man"?

It completely flies in the face of the sly bald mantra, and vindicates the theories users like UCMan have been saying all along.

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This is why I'm wigging it up in a few months! Assemblage23 likes this. Oknow Experienced Member My Regimen.

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Ori83 Experienced Member. Nothing new under the sun, females say one thing to come out politically correct, but basically they lie, to themselves and us. I should also give some props to Dudemon in this thread. People called Dudemon crazy for suggesting his wife left him over hair. Well guess what, we have here documented evidence of a woman contemplating leaving her husband just because he's losing his hair. We have several other examples of women contemplating leaving long-term partners over hair loss.

This is a serious business, and anyone who says "it's all in your head" needs to take a serious reality check. There are things we can do to fight this, but the first step is acknowledging how big a deal it is. For me, I basically face the option of fighting this or living a life as a hermit like Dudemon does - forever. I'm not prepared to do that and neither should you be. More female responses My take on it: it's OK for them to be superficial. They can no more help being superficial than we can help losing our hair.

In case it does I have plenty of wigs, though! If I were looking for someone to date now, since I am middle-aged, I would certainly not eliminate anyone because of baldness. Baldness is not a problem.

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Its fine by me, like loubylou44, I prefer shaved off. In the past, I had always been attracted to men with hair. However, I recently met a guy and I liked him so much that it took me a while until it even registered that his hair was thinning. My hair line is receding and I hate it.

I do think this is inescapable, but that some people are more flexible and more able to refine that initial judgment when more information is presented such as a personality. Sex is an important part of relationships, and being physically attracted to your mate is important. And being on birth control apparently messes up that selection process, causing women to be attracted to the odor of men whose immune systems are more like their own.

AlfredaPrufrock I think the fact that this question was asked at all is proof that what you said is not entirely true. I like bald guys - I married one but we are divorced now - not am issue - not having soh is an issue. Oh, give it a rest, galileogirl. I think Larry David is kinda cute. I can handle this minor flaw I possess in preferring to associate with thinner people.

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Get over it. Fieryspoonthe question was asked because younger people tend to be more superficial about attraction to people. As for the post about women using odor as a selection, that is entirely true on a biological level.

Aug 30,   OKCupid Chat: Girl Considers Dumping Balding Boyfriend. bro' deal with the fact that women actually say things like "I would never even consider dating a bald man"? Going bald is like a sexual death sentence. Goes to also show how SHALLOW some women are. #5 Oknow, Aug 30,

My point in posting it is that what we think we are attracted to is not necessarily the selection mechanism that we really are intended to use. I know that it does. It probably bothers him a lot more and we often joke around about it to make it less of an issue.

Do I like glorious ringlets of hair? One of my friends says she would never date a bald guy. I know several very attractive bald men. Some people are bald simply because their heads are shaped funny and they actually look better with no hair.

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My bf says that when you have a big head, you have to either have a lot of hair or none at all. He has a lot! Not much but enough for a crippled old woman. Either have all your hair, or shave it bald, dont have the bald in the center, hair on the sides thing. Even if the kid has a tiny head, it still has shoulders.

I think if he has a really nice face or interesting features, lack of hair sometimes brings it out more. But the whole comb over thing is not for me.

I think one guy I sort of dated was balding, he shaved his head though. Hugs n Kisses. My hubby has a ton of hair, but it would not bother me if he were bald. There are a ton of hotties out there with no hair, whether by choice or nature. It is all in the shape of the scalp for me. Wildman ; Does she have to be so bold? I imagine the question is directed to women or homosexual men. Since I am neither I should have not responded at all,but because I have a weird sense of humor I responded as a hetero,who has considered dating a bold women hairless as opposed to aggresive.

I have been married for 25 years, and I know my wife would prefer my not losing my hair over the last 10 years. Would I date a bald woman?

The girl from the first Star Trek movie? Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta? Oh, hell yes! And not Britanny Spears. No problem with bald gentlemen. I am a bald man And, I am smart, beautiful as a person. And, one nice piece of ass. Come rub some oil on my noggin. I love bald men. I mean really. If shallowness wins out, then he deserves better. Sorry if that sounded rude, but attraction should be based on personality, not on looks alone.

My man is going bald at a young age, I might ad but that has never made me feel even slightly less attracted to him. Baldness happens, but so what? I would never date a man of any sort! Meribast ask it in a new q. Not bothered. I think bald guys are sexy as all get out!

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BUT after having a few too many cocktails, I have been known to rub bald guys heads. I worked with a coworker who said she likes bald men, so it made me think actually, there are a lot of females that dont mind hairloss!

My boyfriend may lose his hair. I also bought him Bumble and bumble Treatment line called Density. It helps regrow clogged hair folicles but will not re-grow hair where the folicles are dead. It has improved his volume and the thinning areas have thickened. I also notice thin hairs fall out over our pillowcase, so in the middle of the night i will give him scalp massages to stimulate his head.

I hate when programmes clash, there is nothing but rubbish on most of the time and then when anything decent comes along there are 2 or 3 programmes on at the same time on different channels. So Mitch is in it? You can watch Sons of Anarchy online here. I was hoping he would become a regular character. Too bad. Fringe should take him on. Odd that they can develop warp drive and teleportation in the future but not viable hair replacement. The man I recently started dating gets his head shaved every 2 weeks.

His hairline is a little receded, but not bad at all for mids. Ugh - My 2nd marriage was to a bald man - Army guy. It does not matter to me. If he is nice and gently and worthy of my time, i would. A man can be short and dumpy and getting bald but if he has fire, women will like him. I think when you go bald has a lot to do with how you handle it. I started going bald at about 25 and was not a big deal to me. I had classmates in college who were almost completely bald. I never ever did the combover thing.

But ya gotta have the head for it and the coloring. Good genes help. Mine is of the Yul Brynner variety. So, bottom line, I love it. Have never had anything but positive remarks about it.

I love his short hair and also when he shaves everything off and is bald for a while. For some people, the bald look works. Like Peter Furler example. Bald can definitely be sexy, if the guy has the head for it. You will be surprised in your lifetime the type of people you find yourself drawn to.

Nov 13,   Which one is the biggest death sentence. salludon is pakistani ancestry. like I said that type of coloring and facial structure is super rare but the facial structures of many Indians are close to mogging or on par with these bones in some areas. Jul 15,   Male pattern baldness is not a death sentence, cancer, profound disability, etc. And, as the post I'm replying to points out, it's got nothing to do with character or virtue. It isn't even ugliness. It need not be consequential, unless you decide to believe that it is. Jul 19,   I think it's due to genetics since my uncle started going bald around the same age. Anways, I was wondering about how big of a deal balding is for a younger guy. I've seen some people who say that balding is a death sentence when it comes to dating (altough I suspect that their biggest issue isn't the balding but the attitude they have towards it).

Of course you feel like this now, but when you find someone with that trait attractive, not only will it not matter, you might specifically like that thing about him! If I want to run my fingers through a mans hair, I want it to be on his chest. I love bald men with a hairy chest.

May we all find the perfect mate. Just once in this whole thread. Have any of you not heard of the phrase solar sex panel. Bald Men Have More Testosterone and therefore stronger sex drives. You know like when the hair on their head is buzzed in a U shape Blah! No matter how ugly you are, theres at least one person in this oviously freaky world that wants to nominate you to be sexiest man alive!

Charlie Sheen? Not hot. Is he famous? Like anything else, it depends on the guy. I was absolutely crazy about a man who was losing his hair once. But his sexiness came from inside; it was about who he was, how he carried himself, how he treated me and interacted with me, and his tallness and his shoulders, I like my men tall with great shoulders :-not about his hair or lack of hair.

All that rejection will fly back at you like an asteroid. Here we are almost three years after first posting this question. I remember it well - it was a great headline. Sadly, with my lack of success in the romance department, I regret I must declare that I am seriously now considering dating bald men as well. Good luck Zen. I hope it works out for you.

Due to my lack of success in the romance department I have recently started to consider dating incarcerated felons, if such a relationship can even be referred to as dating. They seem to be very appreciative. I think I might start with just a pen pal kind of relationship and see how it goes from there. Yes, I like the idea of conjugal visits very much. Sounds idyllic. Let me know, I might try it myself. That is, get incarcerated and have you visit me.

Oh, that goes without saying. You know, their bitch.

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Yes, the latter part of what you said is bonus and kind of built in. And his being misunderstood? A given; he is innocent. They all are - so they are automatically misunderstood. I think you should do it. Let me look up some emails of some candidates for you.

How do you feel about dating a bald man?

Just the murderers? Thank you. I have one of those. Just saying. I just realized something; this is in General. The question is almost 3 years old; how can it hurt at this point?

Balding dating death sentence

Anyway, Zen and I have gotten each other into this kind of trouble before, with off topic chatter. And soon I may have connections in the prison system. Someone will look out for us, though it may cost me. Oh goody jonsblond wants to play prison visit with us.

Oct 28,   It's amazing how past a certain point of balding, it's like casting "invisibility to pussy". I'm mid 30, front hairline receding since 28, was a good tier normie due to height i still look like i'm in late 20s for everything EXCEPT for this single death sentence, what a waste. In reality, the majority of us judge potential dating partners at least somewhat by their appearances. We like our partners to be attractive to us both inside and out. If you're like most of us, and you care, at least to some extent, about the appearance of your partner, then I ask: How do you feel about dating a bald man? Got the impression that balding is a death sentence when it comes to dating females that are 5+ Let me explain, I am not the most handsome bloke around the block. In fact I am already somewhat overweight and definitely don't have an easy time with women.

I was kind of hoping no one would notice us here. If the wardens get wind of this it could be trouble.

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I guess that will have to do. Solar sex panel, more testosterone, longer duration! Hm, the last two guys I have been interested in have been bald with shaved heads Perhaps I am establishing a type for myself.

Some clippers that I brought 3 nights a go broke and left where patches, so I had my head shaved bald with the metal blades on the clippers, ever since then woman have been telling me that I look good bald. I once went out with a bald man. He turned out to be the most interesting man that I had dated in a long time. His other attributes outshaun his baldness.

Look past that. We parted for other reasons. Brief encounter, but memorable person. Not see bald men at Japan except priests shave heads. If I like man and he is nice not matter if he have, not have hair. But sometimes you fall in love with someone first and only after notice their physical faults.

I also would be afraid my children get the bald gene. It is natural to have these feelings. It is part of being human. We all have visions of how we want our offspring to look like. I think women are pretty judgemental seeing how ugly almost ALL of them are without makeup.

Baldnot for me as I always considered bald men to have small penises and I like a little meat on mine! I judge a person by more than surface appearance though. If a bald man has a nice personality, I would consider dating him.

Barstool Sports Presents: The Bald Wingman "Speed Dating Event"

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