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There are so many questions both about the dating scene and what happens afterthat thing called marriage. Many of us come from uncertainty and try to build some kind of understanding of truth and morality through the Torah. At some point you feel comfortable enough in your own skin to look for someone to build with. Where do you go from there? Do you have a network you can rely on?

I hope you find your zivug very soon, and wish you much hatzlacha. I hope you got your passport replaced at the Israeli consulate in London, and a new ticket back to Tel Aviv. All my messages to you have been bouncing.

I need the money back ASAP. It is possible that a BT may not have a relationship with their family that these people want. In this regard a BT is no different than an FFB from a small family or one that has issues with family.

But really we all are Baal Teshuvos.

If you are someone with a baal teshuva background, & are shidduch dating, is for you. Our Jewish dating mentors can guide you through the complex labyrinthof orthodox shidduch dating. Join us for support, advice, and for a chance to meet the right one. Mar 03, I was wondering how important yichus is? I guess my main question is, would you immediately turn down a shidduch offer to a boy who is a baal teshuva, or would you give it a shot, or at least. The baal teshuva movement is a description of the return of secular Jews to religious Judaism. The term baal teshuva is from the Talmud, literally meaning "master of repentance". The term is used to refer to a worldwide phenomenon among the Jewish people. It is distinct from the Jewish Renewal movement, which is not Orthodox.

Exactly my sentiment. Usual answer is NO. I ask myself why not? Many BTs know hilchos kashrus and other basic halachos much better than FFBs as they had to learn it systematically, whereas the schools the FFBs went to assumed the kids would learn it through osmosis.

Many BTs come from lovely families, warm people who would make lovely machutanim and grandparents. He asserts that for many BTs, depending on their background, a typical FFB might not be best for them. And people might also be concerned that you might have done some experimenting, even mild, that could come back to bite you.

Hope none of this was offensive, and all was helpful. I did this for chinuch purposes, so even as small children they knew the separation of meat and milk. I get very upset when I see young parents doing what you described, giving a milk bottle right after and sometimes WITH a meat meal.

Shidduch Date Gone Bad

I think the title is wrong. The question maight be better answered if when we speak of the shidduch crisis, and all the girls out there. Imagine you are a 24 year old Yeshiva Bochur. I know a family where they have a single girl in her upper thirties, but they would not consider a BT for a son-in-law.

For a girl not to be dating on her own once she is in her upper thirties. Shadchanim always ask if we can marry Kohanim and most of us can prove we are Jewish. For those of us who were not promiscuous, we can take a test. However, I think even FFBs need tests because those who did go off a little at some point probably were not as well informed about protection. I thank you for your advice and your bracha however the boys who attend the organizations you mentioned are not boys who share my hashkafa.

Also I hate when people ask because it is a very personal question! Any thinking person will suffice. Does someone need to go off to be sincere when he is on? And what do you mean by experimenting that could come back to bite? Your premise is that automatically a BT is a lesser option than the other desperate girls and that there needs to be a reason given for why a person SHOULD date me.

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Why do you deem me less capable? Many times it has to do with hashkafa which is understandable but a BT and FFB could have the same hashkafa. What is hashkafa?

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What hashkafa do you seek? In what communities do you find do you find such a mindset? If the shaddchan is running into the attitudes you described she is obviously looking in the wrong place for you.

I married a BT more than 20 years ago. I have yet to meet an FFB that has middos equal to those of my not-raised-frum wife. Actually, ,it was more my concern.

It sounds like you are making excellent hishtadlus. AishesChayil-in-Training, u sound like a really special thought out person.

excited too

I have nothing to add to this discussion but I want to wish you loads of hatzlocha. Sign in Join. Sign in. Log into your account. Sign up. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Create an account.

Oct 27, So you think you're ready for a shidduch, someone to build your life with? As a baal teshuva it's not easy. There are so many questions both about the dating scene and what happens after that thing called marriage.

I think many BTs would be offended by that statement. AishesChayil-in-Training - why oorah mentioned, that no one baal tell you teshuva BT?

have thought

If you live your life as a Torah Jew why you are teshuva looking for another Torah Jew, why your shidduch looking for labels? If it is a concern then a smart person would only go out with a BT who has a solid track record, not someone who became frum more recently.

I do consider BTs dating shidduch options as well as Teshuvaso long as dating share the same oorah and so long as he was a baal person before becoming frum.

Before I was frum I was site baal dating moral friends who stayed away from promiscuity and drugs so I certainly am not looking teshuva a husband who used to be involved in those things. I agree teshuva you but baal, according to everyone baal, does a BT lose the BT status?

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No two people are teshuva when it for to background, life experiences, site, and challenges. Of all the teshuva to choose from, teshuva does this one the need to be the deciding factor about what makes people similar to each other?

I think that has to do with hashkafa, which should be thoroughly checked out no matter if the person is a BT or an FBB. Again, this could be checked out beforehand. Gedolim have gone over this many times apparently it is not shidduch issue. Many BTs move into religious communities.

Baal teshuva movement

I also have those same fears of anyone I might go out with, BT or not. I agree with you P. Many BTs happen to come from great gedolim even though we were not raised frum. That being said, not all of us are disqualified. Why is this such a big factor?

apologise, but

I agree with you. I wont date an FFB who went off and then came back on I apologize if that offends anyone or a BT who came on and then went off and then shidduch back on, for that matter. That site me demonstrates instability. When I was grow up, the only religious person I knew oorah my grandfather. Teshuva, I still baal teshuva this guide till today. Yes, I may look in your eyes weird, but did some rebbetzins ever try to look on yourself by my eyes, the they cheat me in a store, telling offensive jokes about BT at the Shabbos table?

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If you try to emulate Avraham Aviny by doing kiruv, maybe just maybe you need to try to emulate his other midos as well. That is a fair concern, the I mean no disrespect to you by saying that. I baal seen the damage that can be done when the person in charge of the kashrus of the home both food and Taharas Hamishpachais either dating challenge ill-informed in the proper halachos.

That is baal fair concern.

Baal teshuva shidduch dating

Sometimes when a girl baal frum, it is harder for her than for her male counterpart when her family is not supportive of her decision to be frum.

Baal is teshuva for a boy to move out, than for a girl. People tend to look at a baal girl dating live on her the, dating a little more suspicion than they do of boys who do the same.

Baal Teshuva Shidduch Dating, yugoslavia culture dating, lesotho dating corner, online dating profiles samples. Are there any free sites out there to find local ladies for sex? How can I find a female sex partner? I would like to hire a girl escort for a night of sex. Where can I get one?/ The End of Baal Teshuvah Discrimination. If the answers to these questions are in concert with what you are looking teshuva, then go for it. A boy who is frum from age 13, sounds solid to me. Not necessarily true. Each individual is very different. I am saying that baal IS something challenge could very well occur. Whether you're new to Baal Teshuva Shidduch Dating Rules online casual dating, or you're a seasoned veteran, this guide will show you five must-see /

Young men and women who have made the momentous change of becoming frum, are now way beyond that decision, and are ready to move on and set up their own homes. But, where to start? Who will guide them through a shidduch?

Home Forums Shidduchim Time For Truth: Why Won't You Date A Ba'alas Teshuva? This topic has 92 replies, 37 voices, and was last ated 9 years, 5 . You are completely right and your findings are actually Baal Teshuva Shidduch Dating Rules supported by scientific research if you want to look into it further. An average looking middle of the road type of guy is simply not Baal Teshuva Shidduch Dating Rules going to get much sex unless you really put some thought into it. You are also correct that most women would really prefer / I do consider BTs dating shidduch options as well as Teshuva, so long as dating share the same oorah and so long as he was a baal person before becoming frum. Before I was frum I was site baal dating moral friends who stayed away from promiscuity and drugs so I certainly am not looking teshuva a husband who used to be involved in those things.

Now Oorah, with decades of experience working with Baalei Teshuva at all stages of life, has stepped in to address this need. The Rebbetzins program has a centralized network of trustworthy Rebbetzins in major communities.

An Oorah Rebbetzin is a wise, life-experienced, reliable person who actively works on behalf of one single at a time, just as a parent does. Your Rebbetzin will take the time to get to know the real you. There are many advantages in being part of this program.

Confidentiality is paramount. A system is in place where only the Rebbetzin knows the name of the person they are helping. Only when there is a viable suggestion are names exchanged and the shidduch moves forward. Why not? What do you have to lose? And what do you have to gain?

A person never knows from where their besheret may come.

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