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Patti Feinstein honed her talents as a dating coach by working for a matchmaking business. Taking a vested interest in singles, Patti coaches her clients with authenticity and a wicked sense of humor, confident in her ability to bring out the best in those who need it the most. She saw an opportunity to go in depth with clients, not just matching them with people but really giving them the tools to succeed at dating anyone they desire. It kind of happened by accident, like most things in life. Everyone is still looking for respect and affection. She may focus on healthier ways to communicate or she may offer strategies for meeting new people.

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Porterfield recommends replacing that inner dialogue with positive self talk. If you tell yourself 'dating is fun. I can make a new friend,' that's a whole lot different than 'there's nobody out there. All the good people are taken. Porterfield has her clients write a list of what they want in a mate.

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In many cases, her clients have several pages of traits, from physical to spiritual to what type of job they have. She has them narrow that list down to their top five characteristics and ultimately to their top three. She says it's easier to keep those things top of mind when the list is whittled down.

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What kind of person do you want? What's important to you?

Feb 13,   Four tips on finding love from two dating coaches from the East and West Coasts. America's Dating Coach- Patti Feinstein. likes 6 talking about this. National dating coach is here to help with all of your dating needs. treasuresforthesoul.comlowers: Patti Feinstein is responsible for helping thousands of people improve their dating life and meet their perfect partner. She has been on the front lines of the dating coaching phenomenom since Patti has an honest and authentic approach to helping each and every client she takes on.

We talk about core values. Porterfield cautions that some clients use their lists to build up walls and prevent intimacy. She says that's often due to fear from failed relationships and heartbreak.

So, she says, clients need to really strip away the layers. Moore says she still sees women who think finding a mate isn't romantic unless it's spontaneous.

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This is not rational. Beyond the very basic level, the routine-based approach narrowly focused on sex delivers drastically diminishing returns and you need to embrace a more spontaneous, genuine and authentic strategy. I like this it is honest it does feel good to be told you can have anyone and half good to think it, what i mean is this might make some ppl overly confident cocky i guess some girls might like that?

Your dating coach article is the most honest I have read. Many dating coaches want you to spend tons of money on their techniques and and offer nothing you can count on. I hate the fact that many of dating coaches want you to play games with women to attract their attention. Kezia is the world's leading female dating coach. for men. Published author of the best selling book 'The Noble Art Of Seducing Women' she has helped over 1 million men from across the globe to achieve success in their overall lifestyle and find love. Honesty Is Always The Best Policy In Dating, No Matter How Awkward It Makes Things. When you're honest in online dating, you don't come off as a creep. You immediately connect with an awesome coach on text or over the phone in minutes.

There some people who is making opinion about dating coaches in general without to have a clear picture of what they are speaking about. I agree some dating coach are shit, and some of the staff mentioned which and some work can sound sexist and misogynist, but thats no mean do not work.

I think the problem is that many of them cannot express their abilities and the market is quite over sexualise, because the client who look for this service demand that. I believe that men and women are different and I consider myself feminist, but I understand for that equal opportunities and not that we are the same. I have some probes based scientifically on this.

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I believe the majority of the people who is against dating coaches it is because they do not understand them, or they had bad experience with bad dating coaches.

Also some psychologist who think because they have some skills, the rest is rubbish.

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I am happy has been to be a dating researcher and lastly dating coaching and answer all your questions. My interest is not commercial except if someone is start to be more interested deeply, my only purpose its remove bad information.

Thanks for such an honest post.

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I am also a dating coach, but still agree with your 1 point that girls are really sensitive to choice their life partner. So sometime we need to change their mind also. But this is also not always right that dating coach never help to get out a frustrated man from anxiety.

Americas honest dating coach

Your dating coach article is the most honest I have read. Many dating coaches want you to spend tons of money on their techniques and and offer nothing you can count on.

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I hate the fact that many of dating coaches want you to play games with women to attract their attention. Really i got a shit ass advice from a friend to start sending flowers and chocolates to a girl whom a barely knew and it backfired on me. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

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Dec 01,   Patti Feinstein, America's Dating Coach gives tips on how to find love. For more information, visit her website at Jul 25,   Sick of trying to navigate the dating world on your own? Renowned dating expert shares her top 5 best dating coaches for your consideration. Patti is "America's Dating Coach," offering dating coaching, Internet profile management, and even some matchmaking for particular clients. Her goal is to give honest, unflinching advice to individuals and help them pinpoint their dating flaws so that they may find romantic success in the future.

Click Here To Learn More! So why do I consider myself a different kind of dating coach? Embrace rejection for it leads to success. That said. This is not an overnight process Anyone who promises otherwise is lying. Which is why Coaching bootcamps are not a good value for your money Will you get some benefit out of paying for a crash course weekend in dating? Get The Manual. Dhruv Bhagat on May 10, Yeah, seriously. Socialkenny on May 10, Nick Notas on May 11, Hey Kenny, I would slightly disagree.

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Thanks for the comment! Mickey McConnell on February 21, Tony D on March 27, Introverted Playboy on June 17, But back to my point i like the honesty and straight forwardness of you thanks. Juan M Armas on March 14, Most guys are alright with my past history, but some legitimately freak out. When you lie by omission, or when you fib about something in the dating world, it will eventually come out.

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It makes you accept yourself more. Chances are, you might end up feeling the same way once you get used to it. Being open and honest nips drama and suspicion in the bud. If you have guy friends but make it seem like you only hang out with your girls, your man will become suspicious once the truth comes out. Lying about your whereabouts will only lead to relationship disaster.

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Honesty upfront makes tough discussions easier to deal with. Did you ever notice how stressful walking on eggshells can be?

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