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Dissipation and disordering of love is our natural course when we are left to our own devices. By the same token, each also contains the seeds of its own unique form of hatred, when it becomes distorted and disordered. All five of these forms of love are different, and all play a critical role in sustaining the marriage relationship. Whenever I think of this form of love, I think of an incident when I was young. Epithumia plays a part in the marriage context, where a physical union is both natural and proper-and dates back to our pre-Fall state:. For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh. And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.

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Apply now Apply as a Man Apply as a Woman. As Seen On. Award-Winning Matchmaking For over ten years, Agape Match has combined an utreasuresforthesoul.comecedented, four-generation family tradition of matchmaking with modern relationship psychology for award-winning results.

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Physical union is commonly seen as just two bodies coming together, without any relationship at all. This impoverished view is evidenced by our language e.

The Five Loves-and the Greatest of These Is Agape

Watch an older film, and almost always, it takes a while for the first kiss, and still more time for the romance to develop. In recent films, by contrast, the first kiss comes in one scene, and in the very next scene the couple-still virtual strangers-are shown in bed together.

Before sin and shame entered the world, epithumiawas part of the good creation; it was part of act one in the divine drama of human history. Interestingly, both Jesus and Paul point to this pre-curse, one-flesh union, quoting Genesis in Matthew -6 and 1 Corinthiansrespectively.

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That we now feel shame physically is a result of the fall. And not coincidentally, many who struggle with lust are also plagued by feelings of shame.

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Even in the context of the marital covenant, epithumia may be absent or minimized; this can be symptomatic of problem areas that need correcting, such as painful experiences of the past or poor communication in the present. Thanks be to God, with Christ, our physical desires can be reordered, purified, and even enlarged beyond what we imagined possible.

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It can be present with or without epithumia. Eros leads to a powerful identification with another person.

Agape love dating

Two lovers experiencing eros are occupied, even preoccupied, with one another. This, of course, is a lie straight from the devil. After months, you better have something richer and more profound than eros.

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This love is one of affection or belonging. In fact, most of us, if given the choice, would not choose to love or be friends with our relatives.

Discover why agape is the highest form of love.

This love offers an emotional refuge from the outside world. This is a rich and powerful form of love, but it can become disordered, when, for example, we take family members for granted, or show them disdain.

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At the same time, throughout His life, He made clear that this form of love can also be a barrier or stumbling block. We may even be forced to choose Him at the expense of our blood relations see Mark and Luke - The next love, phileodoes appear in the New Testament.

What is agape love?

This love is a product of mutuality of interests, time, insights, vision, and experiences. Marriage would not be as God designed it without phileo.

Agape love = the steady intention of the will to another's highest good God is the source of this kind of agape love: "We love, because He first loved us" (1 John ). This love is characterized by unselfishness and giving, even to the point of sacrifice. Agape Match is renowned for its matchmaking, but we also offer other personalized services designed to help clients refine their dating skills and find lasting love. Whichever service you choose, get ready to get re-inspired about your love life. Mar 13, Agape love can be found in the people who dedicate their lives to helping others for the good of humanity. Teachers, nurses, or people who dedicate themselves to others are expressing agape love. Another example of agape love is in the Bible, where God's love for all of humanity is expressed throughout the literature. For people who donate to Author: Jessica Tholmer.

Common interests are often cultivated while dating, but spouses must continue to cultivate them over time to prevent the closeness in the relationship from eroding. Relationships are not unlike the second law of thermodynamics: anything left to itself eventually diminishes; useful energy dissipates into disordered energy.

Agape Chat is a Christian Dating site that is committed to helping born again Christian Singles find their true love. We believe in quality over quantity. Your perfect match is just a search away. Join today and connect with other christian singles from all . Apr 17, Agape love is a Greek term for one of the four types of love in the Bible. Jesus demonstrated this love and commanded his followers to do Jack Zavada.

The only way to overcome this is an intentional infusion of ordered energy. Spouses do not need to share all of the same interests that would be boring! One thing that brought Karen and me together was similar taste a somewhat eclectic one, I admit in music and film. All of these experiences enhance our mutuality, reinforcing every other ct of our relationship.

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This love is characterized by unselfishness and giving, even to the point of sacrifice. Marriage is two people each making an unconditional covenant of commitment to an imperfect person.

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Forgiveness will be necessary, because you will let each other down.

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