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When Marinette and Adrien arrive late to class without an excuse in sight, the class draws their own conclusions. Adrien is clueless and Marinette canNOT let the class corrupt him with their vulgar teenage minds. So naturally, she tells everyone that she was visiting her boyfriend. One very handsome, very charming, and unabashedly interested in her Luka Couffaine. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Marinette looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll. He tries to subtly win her over both as Adrien and as Chat, resulting in Blushinette or Sassinette. In fact his mumbled threats have Chloe shit scared to come near him or Mari. The good people of Paris may see him and Ladybug as a comforting presence but the bad, evil people know how brutal Chat can be. We exist to show that mercy is a luxury and the consequences that befalls on the people that take advantage of kindness.

Ladybug may turn the other cheek and forgive; we fight fire with with fire. We will take away life if necessary. Adrien was a smitten kitten, full on kissed Marinette that Nino and Alya had to shout their names so that they pulled apart. She pulls him in for a kiss to not only break the spell but also to hide her face. She finds that it makes sense with how extra protective he is over her civilian identity and thanks Adrien for keeping Marinette safe at all times as well as being a worthy partner.

Just look at the last minute of Miracle Queen.

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We don't even get to hear what they are saying but we can see they are talking. The show treated Marinette interacting calmly with Adrien as no big deal.

Not that I take those confirmations all that serously but it's something to consider. As of right now I feel like Ladynoir or maybe Marichat will be healthier ships for the both of them. Marinette is abandoning her feeling for Adrien because she does not want to get hurt and Adrien is doing the same thing because he is tired of getting rejected.

Also, in Weredad, she seems bothers by the fact that Chat has abandoned his feelings for Ladybug. Apparently either Adrienette or Lukanette will win in season 4. Marinette seems like she has a shot of having a stable, sweet relationship with Luka but I still think that the Love Square is endgame. Maybe Adrien will develope feelings for Marinette? But that would get in the. Way of Adrigami.

I agree with a lot of what you said here. I think the biggest problem with adrigami and lukanette is that they wont be able to talk openly with eachother about their superhero alter egoes.

Adriens been harping on that concept since season 1 and we see that he still honestly feels that way in oblivio.

However, Luka sees right thru Marinette and sees she's still in love with Adrien. He rejects her gently. At the end of the season, Adrien, who has actually been broken up with Kagami for a while, will ask Marinette out and her heart can't say no and then we will end season 4 with Adrienette dating but Marinette knowing he is Chat Noir. Apr 04,   Fake Dating Is The Biggest Cliche There Is (But It's The Only One I've Got)by Snugglebuttkitten When Marinette and Adrien arrive late to class without an excuse in sight, the class draws their own conclusions. Adrien is clueless and Marinette canNOT let the class corrupt him with their vulgar teenage minds. So naturally, she tells. Adrienette dating Location: just that made me from this pin and adrienette life as a double date. A sleeping position that adrien and she is the leader in my youtube! Spooning is the actual canon that i never want to leave him.

Marinette conveys the same sort of disenchantment at the end of heart hunter. This is why i think that both ships will likely sink before any secrets can get revealed. This is also why i think LB and CN is the only relationship that could work for those two while they still have to worry about secret identities.

Is it just me or does it sorta feel like Luka and Kagami are both more mature than Adrien and Marinette and would cope better with the idea of dating a superhero. If Marinette found out that Adrien is Chat she would probably go back to being clumsy and mumble in front of him.

The Red Dress (An Adrienette - Marinette almost fainted on the spot, but managed to put out a smile. "Momma, I can't be late! I'm suppose to meet Alya at her house so we can go!" Marinette. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. adrienette - Freeform; LadyNoir - Freeform; Summary. One evening Marinette found out that she broke Chat's heart and having been heartbroken herself by Adrien she decided to help him heal Join the duo on their wild games of matchmaking and love as well as dealing with their issues and trying to build a healthy, trusting relationship:D Enjoy.

I never said it'd happen now, these things were always going to hapoen closer to the end of the show. The movie after season 5 is where i think the writers want to show off the unmasking but we still have 2 full seasons and the rest of season 3 before that happens.

Adrienette dating

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Miraculous ladybug: Adrienette date

And Chat could tell by just looking at her, how bad her day really had been, considering he wasn't supposed to know what had happened. After she'd finished he told her his feelings on the matter, before walking up to her, and placing a quick kiss to her lips and murmuring, "I have something for you.

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He told her to wait there for a moment, before going up to her balcony and retrieving the box he'd hidden there for her. It looked exactly the same as the one she gave him, except instead of being black and green, it was pink and white. She pulled away, to put it on, and then threw her arms around him one more time, though it was apparent she didn't have plans on letting go.

He picked her up, and carried her over to her bed, where they decided to cuddle the rest of the night.

Follow/Fav Secret Dating. By: LovelyLiliana Three nights, Marinette and Chat Noir spend together. For Marichat Week 1 (That happened I think last year, but I've decided to do it now). Sep 24,   "Marinette and Adrien" is the tenth webisode of Miraculous Secrets. Everybody knows that Marinette Dupain-Cheng has a crush on Adrien Agreste! Marinette states that Adrien's birthday will be soon, suggesting that this webisode takes place just before " The Bubbler ". As with several other webisodes, the clips of Marinette writing in her diary. I wanna read a post-reveal fanfic where Adrien and Marinette are dating, and Alya and Nino are passing by Marinette's house and see Chat kissing Mari on her balcony, and they freak out and assume the worst.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Three nights, Marinette and Chat Noir spend together.

Fake Dating is the Biggest Cliche There Is

After he jumped in, she pulled him down for a quick kiss. He loved how she'd get all happy over something as simple as a bouquet of flowers. But it seemed she didn't care. Open it!

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Inside to box, was a black hoodie, with a green paw print in the center. When he didn't answer, she thought that meant he didn't like it, and was ready to take it back. He was too busy thinking about how amazing his girlfriend was. He turned to tell her this, when he saw she wasn't smiling anymore.

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In fact, she was almost frowning. And then he tuned her back in. Is it the color? Did you want a different shade of green? Does she really think I hate it?

adrienette - Freeform

Come on, tell me what's wrong with it! Nothing wrong with it! I thought-" "I didn't say anything because there was nothing to say.

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