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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty , as is well known by anyone who has read the source material or seen a trailer for the new movie adaptation out Dec. Mitty imagines himself in outlandish and heroic situations while his real life is as bland as can be. Viewers of the upcoming movie may think that one new element of the Mitty tale is particularly fantastical: his eHarmony customer-service experience, in which a representative of the online-dating service regularly calls him on the phone to talk about his romantic problems and offer advice. It turns out, however, that the eHarmony plotline is less an example of typical Mitty-ish fantasy and more an example of a new model for the cinematic product tie-in business. In reality, most users fill out a profile, find matches and go on dates, all without ever encountering an eHarmony employee; in the movie, the interactions between that company rep, played by Patton Oswalt, and the protagonist are central to the plot. That potential customers would see the movie, try to sign up for the hand-holding-heavy service seen on screen, and leave disappointed.

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Others say it makes sense to combine a matchmaker with a dating site. Dating sites need to sell extra services to the lawyer and banker, and remain affordable to the love-starved, starving artist, Thomas say.

Dec 11,   Throughout the new Fox Film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Ben Stiller's daydreaming adventurer character takes phone calls from his personal counselor at eHarmony, the online dating site . Dec 24,   But, despite a positive experience with eH+ and Walter Mitty, don't expect the next unrealistic-dating-experience movie to lead to another real-world change, at least not at eHarmony. "This is a brand that is pretty choosy about its associations.

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Premium eHarmony service will pre-screen prospective dates for you

Are you dreaming of a love life and adventures in your head but never moving beyond them? Have you abandoned dreams you once held?

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Here are three rules to get your online dating buzzing like a bullet out of shotgun. This is rule one! If looking at your online dating profile and feeling like you have nothing to add to it, add to your life and start there.

Input modes are where and how you take things in. These are things like reading, observing, watching TV and imagining.

Quality inputs help to create quality outputs. Input mode also prevents burnout from excessively outputting. But you need both. What you output is what makes people take interest in you.

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Start listing what you output and from there comes the roots of your expansive online dating profile. Walter was a champion skateboarder as a younger man. He also once had dreams of backpacking through Europe.

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Thurber opposed this production. Ben Stiller directed and starred in a adaptation of the Walter Mitty story.

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Dec 28,   In the new movie "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," Ben Stiller's character says he paid $ for an eHarmony personal dating counselor. In reality, it costs $5, a year for such a service. I'm here to meet girls 35 to 60 years old for dating, friendship, serious relationship and networking. About me I'm a computer nerd by profession, just a regular guy. I travel pretty extensively for work, about 75of the time. I'm looking for friends and maybe more, both local and around the world. Online dating offers a mirror to take inventory of your life. For Walter Mitty, he was bummed at what he saw. His life had never paralleled his imaginations. If looking at your online dating profile and feeling like you have nothing to add to it, add to your life and start there. Which brings us to:Author: Gina Stewart.

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