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Doyle, A. Doyle, Arthur Conan. Lit2Go Edition. May 05, I was not surprised. Indeed, my only wonder was that he had not already been mixed up in this extraordinary case, which was the one topic of conversation through the length and breadth of England. For a whole day my companion had rambled about the room with his chin upon his chest and his brows knitted, charging and recharging his pipe with the strongest black tobacco, and absolutely deaf to any of my questions or remarks.

Brown, I am quite at your disposal. It was twenty minutes, and the reds had all faded into grays before Holmes and the trainer reappeared. Never have I seen such a change as had been brought about in Silas Brown in that short time. His face was ashy pale, beads of perspiration shone upon his brow, and his hands shook until the hunting-crop wagged like a branch in the wind.

The other winced as he read the menace in his eyes. It shall be there.

Year Published: Language: English Country of Origin: England Source: Doyle, A. Memoirs of Sherlock, England: George Newnes. Jun 25,   Directed by Jared Winkler. With Laura Denton, Jared Winkler. Silver and Blaze meet at the Shady No-Tell Motel in this Cartoon Hook-Up, Actors: Laura Denton, Jared Winkler.

Should I change it first or not? Holmes thought a little and then burst out laughing.

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Well, you shall hear from me to-morrow. Of course you observed the peculiarly square toes in the impressions, and that his own boots exactly corresponded to them. Again, of course no subordinate would have dared to do such a thing. I described to him how, when according to his custom he was the first down, he perceived a strange horse wandering over the moor.

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How he went out to it, and his astonishment at recognizing, from the white forehead which has given the favorite its name, that chance had put in his power the only horse which could beat the one upon which he had put his money. When I told him every detail he gave it up and thought only of saving his own skin. He knows that his only hope of mercy is to produce it safe. I follow my own methods, and tell as much or as little as I choose.

That is the advantage of being unofficial.

Cartoon Hook-Ups: Silver and Blaze Bloopers

I am inclined now to have a little amusement at his expense. Say nothing to him about the horse. We had only been a few hours in Devonshire, and that he should give up an investigation which he had begun so brilliantly was quite incomprehensible to me.

The Colonel and the Inspector were awaiting us in the parlor. Holmes shrugged his shoulders. Might I ask for a photograph of Mr. John Straker? If I might ask you to wait here for an instant, I have a question which I should like to put to the maid.

As we stepped into the carriage one of the stable-lads held the door open for us. A sudden idea seemed to occur to Holmes, for he leaned forward and touched the lad upon the sleeve. Drive on, coachman! Four days later Holmes and I were again in the train, bound for Winchester to see the race for the Wessex Cup.

Colonel Ross met us by appointment outside the station, and we drove in his drag to the course beyond the town. His face was grave, and his manner was cold in the extreme. The Colonel was very angry.

You could have got fifteen to one yesterday, but the price has become shorter and shorter, until you can hardly get three to one now. As the drag drew up in the enclosure near the grand stand I glanced at the card to see the entries. Wessex Plate [it ran] 50 sovs each h ft with sovs added for four and five year olds. Second, L Third, L New course one mile and five furlongs.

Red cap. Cinnamon jacket. Pink cap. Blue and black jacket. Yellow cap and sleeves. Black cap. Red jacket. Yellow and black stripes. Purple cap. Black sleeves. Silver Blaze favorite? Five to fifteen against Desborough! Five to four on the field! My colors have not passed. As I spoke a powerful bay horse swept out from the weighing enclosure and cantered past us, bearing on its back the well-known black and red of the Colonel.

What is this that you have done, Mr. For a few minutes he gazed through my field-glass. An excellent start! From our drag we had a superb view as they came up the straight. The six horses were so close together that a carpet could have covered them, but half way up the yellow of the Mapleton stable showed to the front.

Let us all go round and have a look at the horse together. The horse looks very fit and well. It never went better in its life. I owe you a thousand apologies for having doubted your ability.

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You have done me a great service by recovering my horse. You would do me a greater still if you could lay your hands on the murderer of John Straker. The Colonel and I stared at him in amazement. Where is he, then? The Colonel flushed angrily. Sherlock Holmes laughed. And it may lessen his guilt if I say that it was done in self-defense, and that John Straker was a man who was entirely unworthy of your confidence. But there goes the bell, and as I stand to win a little on this next race, I shall defer a lengthy explanation until a more fitting time.

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And yet there were indications there, had they not been overlaid by other details which concealed their true import. I went to Devonshire with the conviction that Fitzroy Simpson was the true culprit, although, of course, I saw that the evidence against him was by no means complete. You may remember that I was distrait, and remained sitting after you had all alighted. I was marvelling in my own mind how I could possibly have overlooked so obvious a clue.

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Powdered opium is by no means tasteless. The flavor is not disagreeable, but it is perceptible. Were it mixed with any ordinary dish the eater would undoubtedly detect it, and would probably eat no more.

A curry was exactly the medium which would disguise this taste. That is unthinkable. Therefore Simpson becomes eliminated from the case, and our attention centers upon Straker and his wife, the only two people who could have chosen curried mutton for supper that night.

Silver and blaze hook up

The opium was added after the dish was set aside for the stable-boy, for the others had the same for supper with no ill effects. Which of them, then, had access to that dish without the maid seeing them? The Simpson incident had shown me that a dog was kept in the stables, and yet, though some one had been in and had fetched out a horse, he had not barked enough to arouse the two lads in the loft.

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Obviously the midnight visitor was some one whom the dog knew well. For what purpose? For a dishonest one, obviously, or why should he drug his own stable-boy? And yet I was at a loss to know why. There have been cases before now where trainers have made sure of great sums of money by laying against their own horses, through agents, and then preventing them from winning by fraud.

Sometimes it is a pulling jockey.

"The Adventure of Silver Blaze", one of the 56 Sherlock Holmes short stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is one of 12 in the cycle collected as The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. Doyle ranked "Silver Blaze" 13th in a list of his 19 favourite Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle. Oct 27,   Goku meets Chi Chi at the No-tell motel in this Cartoon Hook-Up. 4. Silver and Blaze Bloopers. This video is currently unavailable. 1min. 13+ Subtitles. Subtitles. English [CC] Audio Languages. Audio Languages. English. A behind the scenes look at Cartoon Hook-Ups: Silver and Blaze. 5. Luigi and Rosalina. This video is currently unavailable. SilverBlaze is an award-winning software innovation, development and consulting firm. Founded in , SilverBlaze provides utility companies with value-focused, highly-customizable web customer portal and smart forms software. The SilverBlaze Utility Customer Portal. Multiple Utility Applications - One Powerful Portal.

Sometimes it is some surer and subtler means. What was it here? I hoped that the contents of his pockets might help me to form a conclusion. It was, as Dr. Watson told us, a form of knife which is used for the most delicate operations known in surgery.

And it was to be used for a delicate operation that night. A horse so treated would develop a slight lameness, which would be put down to a strain in exercise or a touch of rheumatism, but never to foul play.

So spirited a creature would have certainly roused the soundest of sleepers when it felt the prick of the knife. It was absolutely necessary to do it in the open air. But in examining his belongings I was fortunate enough to discover not only the method of the crime, but even its motives. We have most of us quite enough to do to settle our own. I at once concluded that Straker was leading a double life, and keeping a second establishment.

The nature of the bill showed that there was a lady in the case, and one who had expensive tastes.

Liberal as you are with your servants, one can hardly expect that they can buy twenty-guinea walking dresses for their ladies. I questioned Mrs. Straker had led out the horse to a hollow where his light would be invisible.

Once in the hollow, he had got behind the horse and had struck a light; but the creature frightened at the sudden glare, and with the strange instinct of animals feeling that some mischief was intended, had lashed out, and the steel shoe had struck Straker full on the forehead. He had already, in spite of the rain, taken off his overcoat in order to do his delicate task, and so, as he fell, his knife gashed his thigh.

Do I make it clear? You might have been there!

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It struck me that so astute a man as Straker would not undertake this delicate tendon-nicking without a little practice. He visits the milliner's shop in London and determines, using Straker's photograph, that Straker posed as Derbyshire. This establishes his motive: he had a mistress with expensive tastes, and tried to influence the race's outcome to earn himself a large sum of money. The curried mutton was a clue, also; only such a spicy dish could have masked the taste of powdered opium, and it was impossible for Simpson to arrange a highly seasoned meal that evening for his purposes.

Therefore, someone in the household must have conceived the idea-namely, Straker himself. The "curious incident of the dog in the night-time" is easily explained: the dog made no noise, because no stranger was there. As Holmes explains: "I had grd the significance of the silence of the dog, for one true inference invariably suggests others Obviously the midnight visitor was someone whom the dog knew well.

Straker's purpose in doing this was to use the cataract knife to inflict a slight injury upon one of the horse's legs, rendering him temporarily lame in a way that would be undetectable on examination and thus likely put down to strain.

He had thought to use Simpson's cravat which the latter dropped when he was expelled from King's Pyland as a sling to hold the horse's leg to cut it. But instead, Straker was killed when the horse, sensing that something was wrong, panicked and kicked the trainer in the head.

The lame sheep had been used by Straker for practice. Colonel Ross's main concern, of course, is getting his horse back safely. Holmes chooses not to tell Ross where his horse has been although he has known all along until after the Wessex Cup, which is won by Silver Blaze.

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At first the Colonel does not recognize his own horse, since the animal's distinguishing white markings have been covered with dye. The horse had been looked after by one of the Colonel's neighbours, Silas Brown, who had found him wandering the moor and hidden him in his barn. Holmes then explains the details of the case step-by-step to the satisfaction of the Colonel, Watson, and Inspector Gregory.

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Gregory is one of the more competent police detectives Holmes works with in the course of his career. He conducts a thorough investigation of the crime before Holmes's arrival, and gathers all the evidence Holmes needs to solve the case. Holmes notes that Gregory is "an extremely good officer", and observes that the only quality he lacks is imagination-the ability to imagine what might have happened on a given occasion, and act on this intuition.

The film was released in the U. In Elementaryseason 2, episode 7 "The Marchioness", used elements from "Silver Blaze" in the plot. In the episode "Service of All the Dead" of the TV series Inspector MorseMorse asks Sergeant Lewis how well he knows his Sherlock Holmes and starts to quote the passage, then a constable an extra says the punchline to Lewis's further bewilderment.

Without explicitly referencing or quoting the Sherlock Holmes story, the silence of a dog in the night-time is similarly a clue in the crime film Beck - Mannen utan ansikte. Companies that are able to notify customers in real-time As a result, mobile device usage for commercial companies has seen a stratospheric The utility landscape has been changing dramatically over the past few years.

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