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Throughout both series, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase have shown many romantic feelings for each other, mainly in The Last Olympian and The Battle of the Labyrinth , though Annabeth shows it more than Percy, and Percy just thinks about it instead. When Percy wakes up, he describes Annabeth as a "pretty girl, her blond hair curled like a princess". During their quest , Annabeth and Percy both feel awkward at stepping into the Tunnel of Love. They eventually go in, which leads to Percy saving Annabeth from the spiders that are part of the trap designed by Hephaestus to catch Ares and Aphrodite. Later, with the help of Ares, the three hop on a truck heading west and Annabeth and Percy talk about the possibility of war between the gods while Grover sleeps.

Historia Percico. Nico di Angelo doesn't know how to deal with feelings. Writing love letters and never sending them seems a lot easier. That is, until he meets Will Solace. After fulfilling the Great Prophecy, Percy finds himself alone and depressed. He stumbles upon some interesting facts from the ancient past, which leads him to find out more about himself.

Percy Jackson Would u rather kiss?

But nothing is easy for the big hero - while trying to accept himself, the Fates have other plans: to change the past and future, they send five demigods and one oracle to Percabeth is mentioned, but that relationship will change: Percy will be with Nico, that's for sure, but there may be others for him - thus the polyamory tag. This year was his second to last reaping and from how things went in the past, Nico di Angelo honestly didn't think he would be a tribute this year.

Unfortunately the odds weren't in his favor and he is brought to the capital with his childhood friend with the slim possibility of both of them surviving. Despite his promise to his sister, his resolve to win and return to his family falters after he meets a sarcastic boy from district 4 with beautiful green eyes.

Percy and reyna dating fanfiction

People make jokes that Percy would never handle domesticity. That he attracts danger like Hazel attracts cursed metals. The moon-landing had changed the course of history when humans made first contact. It opened Earth up to space-travel, exploring the solar system and their now allied planets.

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Chiron Academy is the leading high school training future space explorers. Percy Jackson grew up dreaming of one day traveling the stars. When he gets into the academy, he makes a lot of new friends, among them his new crush, the half-Plutonian Nico. Things change when Nico confides in his friends that he is actually the prince of Pluto - and that Pluto is in the middle of a horrible war.

Together, the two and their close friends, decide to ditch school, steal a space-ship and go out into space alone to help Pluto. Luke's mistake was thinking he could persuade Nico di Angelo to join his side. Nico wasn't interested in roundabout revenge. Whatever revenge he took would be on his own terms. To dream was to hope. Whether it was for the best or for the worst, it was entirely up to Nico to decide.

Reyna Ramirez-Arellano

Alternatively, his time spent in the jar during the Mark of Athena. Chapter 1 : Nico hadn't meant to do it. But can you really blame him?

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Percy had just been sleeping there, all cute and innocent, and really, it wasn't Nico's fault Percy just happened to move his face at the exact wrong moment. Or right, depending on who you're asking. Chapter 2 : Nico's finally accepted that yeah, he likes boys. But there's one boy in particular that's caught his interest - a stupidly attractive son of Apollo who seems oblivious to his own charms.

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Annabeth takes everybody to their first Pride Parade and everybody is queer. Yet, this is what he had to do.

- | unleash So lately, I've fallen in love with the pairing Percy/Reyna. And thus, this story was born. Hope you enjoy, and please review! Reyna's POV: "You all raised me as praetor for a reason. I will fight to defend this camp with my life. But these aren't enemies. I say we stand ready, but do not attack. Meant to Be (A Percy x Reyna Fanfic) - Things just aren't the same between Percy and Annabeth anymore. They end on good terms and Annabeth and Leo wind up together. This is a love story between Percy and Reyna. Sorry if it's not that good. #fanfic #- #hoo #pereyna #pjo #romanceReviews: 2. 1 - 20 of Works in Nico di Angelo/Percy Jackson. Navigation and Actions. Pages Navigation. Anzolo by AquaEclipse. Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms - All Media Types, Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rick Riordan, The Heroes of Olympus - Rick Riordan, The Trials of Apollo - Rick Riordan. Teen And Up Audiences.

First mission? Infiltrate an illegal arms dealer's crime family, working the way up.

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Retrieve the Master Bolt, and arrest the boss. His partner is both strict and a pathological rule-breaker, and he's the rookie with nothing under his belt except for schoolyard brawls.

She's got missions under her belt and lies to spare, and Percy hopes that he isn't caught up in one. With her ties to powerful people, she could use them as assets, or get them both killed. In a world of Futanari women taking the place of normal ones and males taking pregnancies and submissive positions in life, how will Percy take the news that Reyna wants him as her little doll.

This is your classic Percy Jackson betrayal story, but with slow ates, and the chapters won't be very long. There will be added plot twist, and Chaos might or might not be involved. Anyway, please vote and comment!

Romance (CHB)

This takes place after Blood of Olympus. Trial of Apollo does not happen! Also includes Solangelo, Jiper and Caleo! Percy Jackson was taken as a baby from the hospital and experimented on through out his life. One day he meets a flock in The School, and together they're a family, but what if Percy wants something more from some of his flock members? And what happens when we throw a few demigods into the mix?

Oh, and let's not forget that 'The School' aren't ready to let him go, not when he's their most dangerous and prized experiment. Just wanted to let you know before you read :.

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War is coming to New Rome. When a Son of Neptune, Percy Jackson, arrives at the camp, no one knows what to expect, least of all Jason Grace, his newly found cousin. Determined to survive the coming bloodshed, the legion adapts to this new and dangerous duo. With a dark future on the horizon, only the Fates know what is coming.

Annabeth Chase What did people think of when they heard that name. A girl with an awesome personality. I was a girl with an unfinished story. What does that name mean to you. What do you think of?

Mortals Meet The Seven + Will, Nico, Calypso, Thalia, and Reyna Story 1: One-sided romances. Eliza, Katey daughter of Athena, No You. Tags - Humor Short Stories Calypso Percy Jackson Mortals Percabeth Annabeth Chase Nico Di Angelo Leo Valdez Jason "I'm Sophie. You must be Annabeth. Is it true that you're dating Percy?" "Yeah. I. Donate at least US$10 and you'll become a member of the OTW! Receive a special member icon and vote in OTW to your generosity, we reached our goal on day one! We've raised US$ , exceeding our goal of US$ ,! Percy and reyna dating - - Want to meet eligible single man who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, online dating can provide. Find a woman in my area! Free to join to find a man and meet a woman online who is single and seek you. Register and search over 40 million singles: voice recordings.

You see this started when I met them, when I moved to Goode High. May 31st. Percy wears a mask so much he believes the mask is himself. Bound to the mask, he hopes someday, someone would eventually take it off.

And he did find someone who wore a mask, just like him. Written as a prompt for SpartanBoy and a birthday gift for Mari. Eventual Preyna.

Percy was a young and tortured son of Neptune. Mercury finds him and offers him a new home in a very unlikely place, the underworld. Percy is trained to the be the most powerful demigod to ever live and is sent to Camp Jupiter by Lord Pluto. Piper and Percy are trying to get over there break up with Jason and Annabeth. What will happen when Piper and Percy start dating and have to deal with truth or dare, friendship, even Tartarus, and worst of all high school? #cheater #- #jasongrace #love #percyjackson #percyxpiper #pipercy #pipermclean #romanceReviews: 3.

Smutty harem fic. Aphrodite gives Percy his godhood, and he is now the god of sex. What will he do with his powers?

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