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Coronavirus: stay at home Leave your home if it's necessary. Kundli Matching or Horoscope Matching plays vital role at the time of marriage. Hindu Scriptures consider marriage as a holy union planned even before taking birth. Marriage is also one of the most beautiful moments in one's life. This is the area where actual happiness of the person lies over. Where marriage is an important ct in India, people today are very much interested in finding the perfect life partner. In Hinduism, horoscope or kundli of both boy and girl are matched in order to nullify any bad effects after marriage.

We use our best resources and expertise to keep this website at best accuracy level to serve everyone for free and spread Astrology. We always try to provide you with more and more free reports in future. For any feedback or suggestions, you can leave a comment below at end of this page. Match Making.

Online Match Making Kundli Milaan.


This is free online match making solution or Kundli Milan service provided by us. Match by Birthdata.

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The boy and the girl cannot fall under the same Arohana Rajju or Avarohana Rajju, such a match is considered to be bad. Note: These matchmaking rules are just the first step in the horoscope matching process in astrology.

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There are many more concepts such as Rashi Tulya Navamsha, 12th house bed pleasuresposition of Mars and Venus that are looked upon for match making. Nakshatra Finder is to know your Rashi and Nakshatra Star by date of birth and birth location.

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The Birth Chart report provided by astrograha is from a popular tool that covers extensive details of dashas and divisional charts that will help the astrologer to provide better direction or guidance to the individual. Astrograha offers this comprehensive astrology report for free. Star Matching calculator for Marriage Rasi and Nakshatra Compatibility Chart Indian marriages traditionally have a horoscope matching process to identify compatibility between a boy and a girl.

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Share with:. Terms and Conditions. Find Compatibility send. Star Match Percentage. Nakshatra Porutham Result. To Know More about Nakshatra Porutham Get your Horoscope Report. Note: This North Indian Nakshtra match making, provides a 36 point rating for checking the compatibility of marriage A minimum of 18 points is expected to have a decent match.

How do we perform Nakshatra match in South India? All other combinations are considered as Athamam for Dina Porutham. The other permutations and combinations are athamam. Mahendra Porutham Rule 3: This porutham refers to happiness, prosperity and progeny.

Kundli matching or Gunamilan is the first step in planning a marriage. It's said that marriages are made in heaven and the saying comes true when two people, as different as chalk and cheese, end up spending a lifetime with one another - and happily so. This is also why Hindu astrology lays emphasis on Janam Kundali milan before a couple. The position of planets in boy's birth chart is compared with the girl's birth chart. If the boy's moon is placed in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th house from girl's moon, then it is considered bad or inauspicious, whereas 7th and 12th houses are considered good. Online Match Making (Kundli Milaan) This is free online match making solution or Kundli Milan service provided by us. Before marriage majority of the families consult a astrologer for matching of the Horoscopes of the boy and the Girl.

There is no mathiyamam match for this category. Sthree Deergam Porutham Rule 4: This porutham talks about the life of the bride and her passing away as sumangali death before the husband dies at old age.

Yoni Porutham Rule 5: Yoni is an important principle and it determines the sex compatibility of the couple.

Match making of girl and boy

However it is important to validate the animal relationships as well for yoni. Nama Ramayanam.

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Enter Boy's Detail. YYYY AM PM. Geo Id:. Birth State:. Enter Girl's Detail.

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Match Kundali Clear. What is Guna Milan in Kundali Matching? How many Gunas should match in Horoscope Match? Can you rely on a computerized Kundali Match report? What happens if the Kundali matching point is only What is Mangal Dosha and how can it affect the possibility of a marriage?

Star Match - Are You Compatible with Your Partner? Porutham is the method of match-making between a girl and a boy for a compatible marital relationship. There are 10 Poruthams in Vedic Astrology which are based on the various combinations of birth star, of the boy and the girl.

What is Nadi Dosha in marriage? What can be done if Kundalis do not match?


Our score is just 5 out of Does Kundali matching guarantee a successful arranged marriage? In astrology, how are points in Guna Milan calculated? What happens to couples with a very low score in Kundali matching?

Is it necessary to match Kundali in late marriage? Are there remedies for couples in love, whose Kundalis don't match? What is Kundali Matching?

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These Gunas are: Varna - The first guna compares the Varna or caste of the bride and the groom. This ct also throws light on the mental compatibility between the two. Vashya - This Guna helps determine which one among the two will be more dominating and controlling.

Kundali Match Making or Kundali Milan is a comparison between two natal charts. Kundali milan is used in Vedic Astrology to check the compatibility of two individuals in order to have an enchanted and successful marriage. Matching Kundalis of a bride and groom to-be, helps them understand their camaraderie level and their prospective marriage. When a girl got phossy jaw, her face near the jaw gave off a green glow and slowly turned black. The jaw would soon start to give off smelly pus, and eventually the girl would die from the cancer. Match girls worked long hours in the factories (usually from 6 . A rating of 50or more in the star / nakshatra compatibility calculator indicates a good compatibility between the boy and the Girl. The nakshatra compatibility calculator uses 10 match making rules and provides percentage compatibility. Some of the astrologers give importance to very specific rules (Example: Rajju is considered to be very.

Tara - The birth star or Tara of the bride and the groom are compared to determine the health quotient of a relationship. Yoni - Sexual compatibility between the prospective couple can be determined with this Guna. GrahaMaitri - The intellectual and mental connection between the prospective couple can be gauged through Graha Maitri Guna.

Gana - This Guna helps determine the compatibility between the personality, behavior, attitude, and the approach of the two. Bhakoot - Bhakoot Guna foretells the state of financial prosperity and family welfare after marriage. The direction of career growth of the bride and groom after marriage can be determined through this Guna.

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Nadi - This is the last Guna that holds the maximum points and, thus, is the most important. It tells about the health of the family as a whole after marriage. Matters of childbirth and progeny are also determined with this Guna.

Rasi and Nakshatra Compatibility Chart

Presence of Nadi Dosha can affect the possibility of marriage. The minimum Kundali matching score that is required for a trouble-free married life is Anything below this number is not considered viable. Though there are certain astrological remedies which, if followed religiously, can address your concerns. Mangal Dosha is an extremely important factor that affects the Kundli matching.

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If Mangal is unbalanced in both the Kundalis, it can greatly affect the chances of a blissful marriage. Astrologically, this score is really low and marriage with this kind of compatibility can never be successful.

The only solution to it is consulting an experienced astrologer and following some stringent astrological remedies that can help you marry your partner. Whether it is an arranged match or a love marriage, Kundali matching is one of the best ways to know the compatibility between the bride and the groom.

For kundali matching, input birth details of the boy and girl in the form below. The result is based on ashta kuta system, calculating compatibility out of 36 points. Kundali matching in Hindi - ?????? ????? ?????? ?? ??? ???? ????? ???? Horoscope Matching. Jun 29,   Boy and girl Fight Competition, Funny, watch What the Boy is Doing. Princesses: Breakup Drama. Princess Rivalry. Princess Hard Times. Uphill Rush 7: Waterpark. Fireboy & Watergirl 2: The Light Temple. I don't like it! Your Match-3 skills make you the cupid of couples' kisses! How to play Matchmaker. Click two items to swap them, and make a line of 3 or more of the same to make the couple kiss. Kissing fills up /5.

Detailed matchmaking on the basis of their respective birth charts can certainly lay the foundation of a successful marriage. Guna Milan is matching of the eight cts that determine the compatibility between a couple. It can get a little difficult to understand as it is a complex method.

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