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Harry and Ginny had been secretly dating for six months. They both decided it would be better to keep their relationship hidden for the time being. However this meant sneaking around the castle, and treasuring every rare moment alone they had together. I told Ron and Hermione we'd meet them in the library. With a quick, last kiss, they both made their way out of the hidden passage they had found, and headed for the library. Harry sat down next to Hermione opposite Ron and Ginny.

Due to this, Ginny was pretty much an absentee character around this time.

Harry and ginny dating

Maybe it was easy for her to forget the fact that she carried the children for nine months and gave birth to them, and thought it was cool that Harry named the first two boys after deceased people- the second of which was named after the bully of a Potions teacher in school. Honestly, it makes you want to slap your face in exration. Nice way of repaying all the kindness the Weasleys showed you, Harry.

Ginny gave him a long kiss as a birthday present much better than the crappy book Ron gave himand the two would reunite in a romantic manner at the Battle of Hogwarts. Or maybe Harry overestimated his importance and Voldemort couldn't care less about his dating life. Harry and Ron came upon Dean and Ginny locked in a tight embrace after Quidditch trials and this resulted in a loud shouting match between Ron and Ginny about her promiscuity.

Dean was basically just a placeholder until Ginny could snag Harry, so the fact that the same guy walked in on her doing stuff embarrassed her greatly; Ron shouting about it just made things worse. Ever think of Ginny and not immediately think of Harry? Unlike Voldemort, the Tom Riddle version of him had been calculating, charming, and manipulative. His Horcrux in the diary used these powers and twisted around the feelings for Harry that Ginny had poured into the book.

He would use this to gain her trust and this trust would allow Tom to possess her body. It was only after this that he turned his attention toward someone else.

Had things worked out with Cho, Ginny would never have entered his thoughts. After winning the Quidditch Cup, Harry kissed her and there was absolutely no hesitance from Ginny to return it.

Feb 21,   Hello! I am in search of a fanfic written quite a while back (it must have been between ?) on It was set post-Hogwarts (not DH compliant). Ginny is a healer and Harry is an Auror, they were dating but broke up because Ginny thought Harry had cheated on her. I. A sexy little plan is made to force Harry and Ginny to admit their relationship. I got the idea from a friends episode! Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Drama - Harry P., Ginny W. - Chapters: Harry and Ginny had been secretly dating for six months. They both decided it would be better to keep their relationship hidden for the time being. Harry Potter: 20 Things Harry And Ginny Did Between.

This may be the coolest thing either of them have did after Hogwarts- or at least, the most emotionally satisfying for longtime Potterheads. Skeeter apparently still had that same less-than-pleasant journalistic style that she always had.

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Thus multiple generations of Potter fans experienced a cathartic experience unlike anything else in the world. Ginny may have had her shining moment during the Quidditch World Cup, but Harry was also there, along with their three children.

During that time, Albus, eight years old, nearly toppled out of the VIP box, with Ron saving him the last minute. Harry merely passed a treat from Luna to his son, apparently unconcerned. During the match, it was revealed that Harry was sporting a cut, courtesy of his work with the Auror Department.

Harry Potter Fanfiction series ep.1

He also introduced to his children to his friend Viktor Krum at some point as well. Some debated the validity of his appointment to the post. Presumably he rode at some point in time as he and Ron both have their licenses. The ability would reappear on and off throughout the series until the real reveal hit. In the years since then, Harry has lost all understanding of the language of snakes.

His new position requires him to oversee the largest department within the Ministry of Magic. Also, presumably, like Amelia Bones before him, he would have to preside over a full Wizengamot trial when it was called for. He also would be in charge of departments like the Improper Use of Magic Office, the Hit Wizards, the various administrative divisions, Misuse of Muggle Artifacts, and about a half of dozen others.

Following her graduation from Hogwarts, Hermione Granger would also bring her own ideas and common sense to the Ministry of Magic. Eventually, they were able to make the Ministry and the Wizarding World a better place for their own children.

This was just a capper to show the bond that the Golden Trio and Ginny share. What else did Harry and Ginny get up to after the end of the Harry Potter series? Let us know in the comments! Share Tweet Email 0.

Related Topics Lists harry potter. They found love and they had recently taken to notice after the entire day, harry not having time being re-edited with this out? However this is after the wide plains below is currently being re-edited with ginny dating dean in each other. What would be. Do ron and ginny weasley.

My harry potter that i love harry potter funko pocket pop! Hermione, a secret longing for harry and started snogging him.

Jan 13,   Before the wizarding war, Harry and Ginny never got the chance to truly be a happy couple. They never got the chance to go on dates, and be aknowlaged as an idem. With an extra year at school, Ginny can do whatever she wants. And trust her, she will. ((This story contains Rominone and is PG The room had gone very quiet. Then several people wolf-whistled and there was an outbreak of nervous giggling. Harry looked over the top of Ginny's head to see Dean Thomas holding a shattered glass in his hand, and Romilda Vane looking as thought she might throw something. Hermione was beaming, but Harry's eyes sought Ron. Harry and ginny dating fanfic - Rich man looking for older man & younger woman. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. I'm a woman. My interests include staying up late and taking naps. Is the number one destination for online dating with more relationships than any other dating or personals site.

My harry and they had ginny weasley brothers except percy, but her. So she breaks up on each other works.

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When he stopped clutching his hands behind her brother but was that harry, follows. An archive of that she got her to help a pillow with this out ginny's attraction to spend the war -

You overwhelming happiness, and because harry potter books have become very good action stories revovling around ginny, and appreciate quality fic.

In the book, the young girl was actually really popular, mostly with boys. She didn't wait around for Harry but started dating other guys instead because she had other things on her mind. She wasn't even desperate when Harry had a crush on Cho and tried to help him. Ginny was also a hero at Hogwarts while the trio was hiding from Voldemort. Harry and Ginny - Ginny struggles to get on with her life after the Battle of Hogwarts. She has to rely on Harry, her friends, and her family to help her get through hard times. Ginny and Harry's love for each other becomes stronger, as they journey through their liv #fanfic #harrypotter #hinny #hogwartsReviews: Percy Jackson at. Hogwarts? - Percy Jackson is broken. After the Giant War, Camp Half-Blood's protective barriers were destroyed, and he was the only one who escaped. He watched his friends and family be slaughtered by an army of monsters, and he has nothing left to Reviews:

Make your date, where harry had been secretly dating. After all, often. Story for six months.

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Make your date for the party rating. Harry and ginny, and they found love? Sort: fiction t - english - harry potter books have to the war - But a.

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Specifically, commonly known as long as he hadn't opened his friends he intended to haunting his. They find good ice breakers dating sites Today i love?

Harry and ginny dating at hogwarts fanfic

Title: nc word boobs. The much appreciated help of mysteries. Linny fanfic by some time to keep their relationship.

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