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In my mind I had already dumped myself several times before Lizzie finally got round to doing it. She rolled her eyes, a reaction I was used to getting whenever I translated something, quite unnecessarily, into economic language. A few days passed. The initial shock began to wear off. Perhaps we weren't right for each other after all. Anyhow, I shouldn't really have expected it to end any other way. Yet, as an economist, I had always prided myself on my ability to think rationally and get myself out of even the most complex of problems.

With this in mind, perhaps we should not totally blame the more "selfish" and "heartless" participants, and instead think about how we can create a better dating ecosystem where dishonesty is not an optimal strategy. Q: Hold on, are you saying what I think you're saying?

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Are you basically saying I definitely could've explained this whole concept in that one line Powered by Blogger. Supply My Demand Exploring the crossroads of love, life, and economics. For those who like diagrams-in a perfectly efficient world, dating would look like this:. Tags: econofdatinggamesweplay. Newer Post Older Post. You Might Also Like. Newer Stories.

Economics of dating supply and demand

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This paper emerged as an attempt to use system dynamics to model supply1 and demand. Classical economics presents a relatively static model of the interactions among price, supply and demand. The supply and demand curves which are used in most economics textbooks show the dependence of supply and demand on price, but do not. Aug 07,   Economics teaches us that when there is excess demand for a good, its price rises. According to this model, excess demand for grooms should have . Feb 09,   Keynesian economics and love, it turns out, have rather a lot in common: they both work not by balancing budgets, or reducing supply to increase prices, but by inspiring William Nicolson.

Economics of Dating Talk is Cheap. Note: imported from previous blog Q: In Note: imported from previous blog Q Wine Notes: Four Common Varietals.

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Drink and date responsibly. Whoever said "all men age like fine wine" was grossly misinformed. While only a select few men ar Economics of Dating On Free Trade. Economics of Dating Tangibles vs Intangibles. A series where I attempt to explain basic economic principles through the dating scene.

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Rule 1: Don't take anything I say too seriousl The Art of the Date according to a certain American president. What do smart, suave, and sophi Economics of Dating Absolute vs Comparative Advantage. Note: imported from previous blog Introducing a new series where I attempt to explain basic economic principles through the dating scene in Hong Kong.

Rule 1: Don't ta Good Wine Gone Bad: What can bad wine teach us about life? Why Care About Bad Wine? Damp cardboard, wet dogs, expired vinegar When it comes to marketing ourselves, it looks as if playing hard to get is, in part, as for Rolex watches, an effort to maintain our status as luxury goods.

We want to brand ourselves as someone that only the very best could be with. For one's affections to come too easily makes the recipient feel that just about anyone else could have, or already has, been in their shoes.

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However, as I discovered, playing hard to get in the initial stages of courtship - when you are trying to meet someone in a bar or at a party - doesn't really work. There's so much competition that any attempt to increase your price may actually make you less attractive. I thought I had played it perfectly, but I found her later chatting up someone else. Clearly, if other guys are offering similar goods in terms of their looks and small talk, but are not playing hard to get, they are offering a better deal.

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I realised that you can only play hard to get once the woman actually knows and likes you. This is because by then you have differentiated yourself from the other men on the market, so you gain more control over your market price.

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As you come to be seen as an individual with unique characteristics, rather than one of many men trying to get some attention in a club, the market structure changes from one of many competitors selling homogeneous goods to one of a handful of competitors.

Playing hard to get is suited only to at least the second or third date, because only then is demand sufficiently inelastic for a woman to tolerate, or even be attracted by, a rise in price. A few months after Lizzie dumped me, I met Sarah: nice, fun, pretty.

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I mustered the courage to ask her out for a drink. The date went well. Be cool, too, establish a monopoly, restrict your supply.

I liked Sarah. How was I supposed to communicate this to her without actually saying it? Economically speaking, a signal is a visible cost incurred by an individual that reveals information about their preferences or what type of person they are.

As most men are willing to part with their cash to impress a woman, spending money in itself is no way to reveal that you really like someone.

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Instead, a carefully considered choice of restaurant, perhaps one that shows some kind of link to something you discussed at your last meeting, is much more effective as a signal of genuine interest.

Similarly, choosing a lunch date rather than a dinner date says, "I have no intention of trying it on with you, this time. That said, evidence of too much planning can be an oversupply. Or, to put it another way, it can be just plain creepy. So you need a costly signal that can convey information about your preferences, without diminishing your market value. It would be a lunch date in the park.

We'd pick up a sandwich from a local deli and laze around on the grass, chatting. Sarah seemed to like me for the complete package, for all my various imperfections as well as my good parts.

Our relationship made my life better in practically all areas. But as the months passed, Sarah's tolerance of my misdemeanours seemed to diminish.

Supply and demand, in economics, relationship between the quantity of a commodity that producers wish to sell at various prices and the quantity that consumers wish to buy. It is the main model of price determination used in economic theory. The price of a commodity is determined by the interaction of supply and demand in a market.

Being with Sarah cost me time, money and emotional investment. It also cost me the things that I couldn't have because I was with her, such as nights out with my friends and the chance to meet other women. Those missed things are what are known, in economic terms, as opportunity costs.

With these, we have to look at our spending decisions relative to what else is available to make sure we're getting the best deal for ourselves.

Dec 29,   This is the second in a series that looks at the economics of part one, read Supply & Demand: Friendships. In his seminal work, Principles of Economics, published in Author: Farah Averill. Tags demand Gary Becker internet dating love marriage supply utility Elaine Schwartz At the Kent Place School in Summit, NJ, she has been honored through an Endowed Chair in Economics and the History Department chairmanship. From Oyer's economics perspective, this is a simple problem of supply and demand. That's why online dating really is a godsend for single people hunting for a relationship. It used to be that you met someone at a bar, a party, or at work.

Now I just needed to apply this thinking to my predicament with Sarah. If I were to take Sarah in complete isolation, I would say I was happy. We were a great team, we had put a lot into the relationship and, though the returns on my investment were diminishing, we might still be able to get a lot more out of it. But when I looked at what I was missing out on, I wasn't so sure. The words "We've put so much into this" struck a chord. That time had been and gone; it was a sunk cost.

What I should have asked was, "What do I want to be doing right now?

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In the same way, my attachment to the time that Sarah and I had already spent together, and the bond that had formed between us as a result, shouldn't cloud the fact that what I was missing could make me happier.

I needed to stop asking, "Given that I am in a relationship with Sarah, what reason do I have to break up with her?

Two nice, compromising people could stay together indefinitely if they continued to ask the former question rather than the latter. They would trundle along together, amicably, for their whole lives. And yet they could still be missing something, and be completely oblivious to it.

3 Insights About Dating From a Stanford Economist

I was only in my 20s. The time for me to say "You'll do" was still a long way off.

Supply My Demand. Exploring the crossroads of love, life, and economics. Economics (of Dating) Talk is Cheap AM. A series where I attempt to explain basic economic principles through the global dating scene. (Note: imported from previous blog). Supply My Demand. Exploring the crossroads of love, life, and economics. Economics (of Dating) Tinder and the Art of Adverse Selection AM. A series where I attempt to explain basic economic principles through the global dating scene. (Note: imported from previous blog). Dec 29,   In the marketplace, new products are often more in demand. The value of this new product will be high particularly when supply is low. By limiting the number of Author: Farah Averill.

It was time to liquidate my investment and buy back into the market.

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