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It's been a long ol' road for Bughead stans in the Riverdale fandom over the past twelve episodes of this season. In the finale of season one, their little moment in the trailer was interrupted by the Serpents and things really haven't been going well ever since. In the episode, Betty and Jughead, who have both been suspended from the Blue and Gold newspaper, meet in a classroom to have a chat about everything they've missed out on during their little break up. Betty asked him if he ever "did" anything with Toni, to which he says "did some stuff but not everything. She's lying, because she kissed Archie

Their investigation leads them to the house where the Black Hood lured Betty, a. It turns out the family murdered by him actually has five members, but only four died. So there's a third child out there who's now grown-up. The Black Hood?! Veronica and Archie learn this boy's real name, Joseph Conway, and find out he changed his last name to Svenson after the murders.

Jughead and Betty "I Love You" and Kiss Scene (Riverdale 1x13)

Joseph Svenson, interestingly, is the name of the creepy janitor who's been lurking around the past two episodes. They're the same person. Archie and Veronica go to confront Joseph, and he claims the Riverdale Reaper is dead. They ultimately conclude he's not the Black Hood and move on Meanwhile, F.

Imagine if they got together? Anyway, he's in AA and wants to leave the Serpents, which doesn't sit well with Jughead, who, remember, is now a full Serpent. They have an argument about it, but F. Again, this narrative is so boring. Betty suggests throwing F.

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But wait, this twist isn't dull and dumb: Because F. He refuses, and she threatens to harm Betty. He still doesn't take the bait. Alice Cooper, former Serpent, and Betty show up to F. Alice starts doing tequila shots and is immediately my hero. Veronica and Archie talk about their "I love you" kerfuffle at this party, too, but they don't resolve anything and it's awkward.

They then sing because why the hell not? And then Betty does it! She dances!

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On a stripper pole! In lingerie! In front of her mother and Jughead and everybody! Like, Betty can do whatever she wants, but this just felt awkward and forced and strange.

Feb 01,   In the episode, Betty and Jughead, who have both been suspended from the Blue and Gold newspaper, meet in a classroom to have a chat about everything they've missed out on during their little break up. Betty asked him if he ever "did" anything with Toni, to which he says "did some stuff but not everything." He then asks her the same question Author: Katie Louise Smith. Jughead shows up at the Jubilee for Betty's speech and is the first to clap when she is done. The four friends meet at Pop's Diner for milkshakes before separating. Betty and Jughead got to FP's trailer, where Jughead is now living. Jughead says he loves her and Betty says she loves him Anjelica Oswald. Jan 17,   When Riverdale first began, it was unclear who was going to end up with whom. Archie was romantically torn between his longtime bestie Betty and .

Penny Peabody agreed to alleviate Jughead from his obligations to her if F. Being rejected. For being myself.

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He clasps her hands into his, kisses them, and they kiss in the booth. After an uncomfortable grilling session, Betty ends the dinner and skips peach pie!

Veronica & Reggie Are Hooking Up On 'Riverdale,' So Betty & Jughead Have Some Competition

The next day, Jughead is sent to Southside High by social services. Betty shows up to the caf, where Jughead is seen conversing with other students. Good luck trying to get that Imagine Dragons song out of your head from this point forward. You are gonna need to hold tight. Betty and Jughead begin to drift apart as he starts attending Southside High.

He lies to Betty and says it was a motorcycle accident.

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Jughead tells her he started working on it with Toni, leading Betty to suggest they all work together and with Kevin. So fun! You can host!

Does jughead and betty hook up

The two share a long kiss but remain untruthful to each other her Black Hood stuff; his injured hand. He receives his official Serpent tattoo from Toni and spends time with her back at his trailer. Despite being broken up, Betty helps Jughead fix a car ahead of his race against the Ghoulies. Street-race a rival gang? The Serpent dance. After the dance, she meets Jughead in the parking lot, where he breaks up with her. Betty and Jughead exchange Christmas gifts despite being broken up.

Thanks for introducing me to your favorite writer.

Betty and Jughead

Love, Jug. Later in the episode, also known as the disappointing Black Hood reveal episodeBetty and Archie share a kiss outside Thistle House with Cheryl watching in the middle of their search for the masked killer.

Some time after the kids from Southside High were sent to Riverdale High, Betty and Jughead meet up in an empty classroom. Did anything ever happen between you two?

Oct 17,   Betty shows up to the caf, where Jughead is seen conversing with other students. "I'm not letting Riverdale's civil war split us apart, Jug," she says, before they share a sweet hug outside.

Jughead apologizes for casting Betty out and asks her to stay. The two have sex for what appears to be the first official time and get back together. In the following scene, Betty arrives home to find Alice cleaning up blood as a dead body hangs out in the Cooper living room.

A Vughead kiss? Right now, in the present, might be precisely what it takes to save a future Bughead from imploding. Before Jughead is able to fully react, Dark Betty comes out to play. You have to do me a favor though. You have to let me stay here.

remarkable, very

Alice, meanwhile, is angry that her daughter has temporarily moved out to live with Jughead. Bughead later share a moment on his couch while discussing their next move in wake of news that the car they got rid of has resurfaced. Gotta love a grand Jughead entrance.

May 25,   Betty demands to become riverdale's lili reinhart, but betty friendship scenes, but betty on riverdale episode. Unsurprisingly, so dating, the shippers are alice hook-up song, jughead have already seen betty, along with jughead and alice use this invitation. But wait, this twist isn't dull and dumb: Because F.P. is leaving the Serpents, Betty now wants to join to "keep an eye on Jughead." In order to join, though, she has to do some misogynistic Author: Christopher Rosa. Do jughead and betty ever hook up - Join the leader in footing services and find a date today. Join and search! Is the number one destination for online dating with more relationships than any other dating or personals site. Rich woman looking for older woman & younger man. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself.

As the official documentarian for Carrie: The MusicalJughead films his boo with pride as she rehearses with the cast. Find someone who looks at you the way Juggie looks at Betty in this scene:. The call eventually leads to Betty delivering him Chic, who, like Charles, may or may not be dead.

Penny likely carved it out of his arm for revenge on what he did to her. Before everyone weeps again, the show reveals that Jughead was just dreaming and is indeed alive, just a bit bruised up and recovering at the hospital. With Polly and the twins back in town, Bughead briefly babysit Dagwood and Juniper. Understandably, Betty is still torn over the darkness she shares with Hal.

I know you. Do you believe that? Do you believe me?

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When Hot Dog the dog goes missing, Jughead rallies the Serpents for a mission to take him back from Penny and the Ghoulies, but he tells Betty to stay behind. Later in the episode, Betty and Jughead frolic and make out in the water during a Labor Day weekend getaway with Archie and Veronica. In Serpents, in life, all of it, okay?

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